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Right Way Shipping - Moveuae review: Fraud

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BE CAREFUL dealing with Right Way Shipping. He claims a long time in this business and that shows why he is still in business, all FRAUD. He is such a crook that you can't imagine. Smooth, polite, caring, honest, knowledgeable, and behind all of this a Poisonous SNAKE. He refused to pay what he owes to companies overseas, never responds to emails neither phone calls after he gets paid in full. He is too generous that he offers you INSHURANCE that is invalid since he is personally offers it.
Watch out, he goes by different company names. Read all paper work back and forth before you sign, let him stamp every single document. He would come and give you a quote and somehow by the time things are loaded, he would claim there is extra charge then he would take your shipment and it would stay in his warehouse until you pay what you have not agreed on. try contacting MSC to find out the actual price it is costing him to ship your stuff. Do an online search to find out how many families were hurt by him.

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Jun 28, 2014 3:13 am EDT

My name is Andrea Di Mare holder of costarrican ID number : [protected], I used to live in Dubai and at the moment I move back home I contact this guy Mr, A. L. (owner of Right Way Shipping llc) because it was one of the firsts in the google search I made to ship my stuff back to Costa Rica. It has passed already 10 months and nothing never came.
He don't answer my calls, mails, nothing...
I payed him almost 3000 aed in Dubai, then I sent him US$600 to "complete" the operation.
I really hope this criminal get what he really deserves.