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CB Solicitors Review of Rick Tomaska Rare and Collectables TV
Rick Tomaska Rare and Collectables TV

Rick Tomaska Rare and Collectables TV review: rare coin comparisons

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11:46 pm EDT
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Tonight I saw blatant fraud. Rick Tomaska was selling a set of 2001-W to 2016-W NGC PF70 UCAM Silver Eagles for about $2600.
He showed ebay sales for coins that were not part of the set he was selling. It wasn't an apples to apples comparison.
To the novice, it would be easy to miss the fraud.
How do you get away with showing coins for sale on eBay with high prices but those coins aren't in the set?
You showed an Edmund Moy signed label with a population of 8 as a 1 comparison. He showed proof silver eagles from the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set in NGC PF70 as a comparison.
Neither of those coins were in the set he was selling for over $2500.
How is that legal?
And you claim you have dealers asking 2 and $300 for PF69 grades.
That's a lie. You can get all of those pr69 silver eagles for under $100.
Some for under $50.
Doesn't the FCC have rules against this kind of fraud?

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