Rick Hendrick - Charleston, SCCheating and lying to customers!

Our check engine light had been coming on for 100 months from the day we bought our Crysler in Feb 2006.We took it back and they put a gas cap on it and said it would be ok. It was not. It would come on and go off for 10 months until we had another problem. The electric window switch went bad in the right rear door. We took it in to have it fixed and had an oil change and told them the engine light was still coming on. They fixed it and charged us a total of 800.00 and a few dollars. The car was in the shop for 3 to 3 and one half ours. The bill said the total hours for the repairs was 5 and one half ours. How can that be? When they changed the oil they put 6 quarts of oil in the engine and it only holds 5. So when we got home I had to drain a quart out so that it would not do damage to my engine seals. We had insurance but we ended up paying the 100.00 deductible plus 367.00. I emailed them and got no respond so I called them and they said they would give us half of the money that we paid back. Is this fair? I believe the people who owned the car before us had the engine light problem and traded the car and we got stuck with the problem. They took advantage of us and we know they did. We are not stupid.


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    iabhornc Jun 21, 2007
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    I totally agree. My advice to you is just to avoid doing business with Rick Hendrick (a North Carolina based business). I even went storming out of a Rick Hendrick place in Fayetteville, NC. These people indeed try to rip you off. If I wouldn't have left the dealership I probably would've been fooled into buying a car I really did not want. I even had issues suggesting the order of one with the features I wanted. These CAROLINA ###S are too incompetent to do a damn thing right. That and the fact they are a bunch of CORRUPT GREEDY ###!

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