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CB Car Dealers Review of Rick Case Volkswagen Weston
Rick Case Volkswagen Weston

Rick Case Volkswagen Weston review: Unjustified billing from Volkswagen Credit // Christina Gil

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My name is Christina Gil and I am emailing about a balance that has been sent over to AFNI by Volkswagen Credit.

My Volkswagen Credit account number is [protected].

The bills specifies the following :

$389.11 for outstanding payments

$2,143.00 for wear & tear

My vehicle was leased with Alessandra Stanzione on March 27, 2021.

The bill was received in April with payment being due May 12.

I emailed Alessandra before the bill was due in May. I emailed this employee several times and only found out this month that she was no longer an employee of VW and that in fact never gave notice, but walked out of the dealership. This is extremely concerning and alarming information that is shared by Edwin Paz, an employee of Rick Case Volkswagen himself.

As reference, I only ever made an appointment with Volskwagen EARLY back in 2021 to sign a new lease because I had been offered a "COVID-19" special that involved Rick Case taking in and handling all outstanding balances left on the car.

I 100% not informed that there could be further bills sent after the car had been turned in to Volkswagen. Volkswagen stated they would handle all outstanding balance and certainly did not specify this EXCLUDED additional wear & tear bills sent by VW with ZERO details of the exact wear & tear.

As stated in the invoice from VW credit, not even the last car payment was taken care of by Rick Case VW Weston.

After reaching out directly to Volkswagen Credit, VW Credit then asked me to connect with Rick Case VW Weston.

Due to Rick Case having such high turnover in employees, I had been unable to connect with anyone until this past Saturday 11/26/2022.

Edwin Paz and manager Javier Barriagas met with me at 11am this past Saturday 11/26 in person.

Both Edwin and Javier had zero to no knowledge of my issue and Javier has pushed it back on to Volkswagen credit.

None of them are employees I leased my current car with so neither are able to provide the assistance or customer service needed.

ZERO details on the wear & tear have been provided. This bill has been entirely unjustified for over a year.

I ask that this bill is disputed or that Rick Case Volkwagen of Weston takes ownership of their unprofessionalism , ineffective communication and poor customer service.

Thank you,


Desired outcome: I ask that this bill is disputed/cleared or that Rick Case Volkswagen of Weston takes ownership of their unprofessionalism , ineffective communication and poor customer service.

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