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WC Mon Funsourceunauthorized charges

It started two months ago when I noticed it for the second time on My transactions. I knew I NEVER agreed to any monthly fees cause the money I leave on my card is for my bills and then it took my water bill off? Really.. hopefully I can get both $24.95 back cause i need it bad. It's happen to me twice and usually after I tell my bank I didn't know about that purchased they won't do nothing. So yeah my $50 back please.

unauthorized charges

WC Mon FunsourceUnauthorized charges

I never used this company before, but today they charged my credit card without authorization. I never allowed them do use my card, what a criminals!

  • Sl
    sl1213 Sep 02, 2012

    Funsource will send you an email like the one I copied below.
    I never sign in with them for any services.
    I assume that they had my cc information from one of this sources I paid recently:

    These are the only new payments that coincide with the dates they said I sign in for their services.
    If I haven't sign in for their services they obtain my information from another source and the mentioned vendors are the only ones whom I shared my CC number/address etc.

    If you are a victim.. is better to return your debit card/CC and ask a new number. If this doesn't work. Close your bank account.
    It can be inside fraud. Someone is giving this fraudsters cc information.

    Email you will receive:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "FunSource" <[email protected]>
    To: nnn
    Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2012 02:01 -0400
    Subject: FunSource Monthly Membership Fee

    > Dear nnn:
    > This email serves as your notification of an upcoming charge to your credit/debit card for your FunSource membership program.
    > Whether it's playing games with the family at home or enjoying an evening on the town with friends, FunSource delivers good times at affordable prices. Check out the savings below:
    > * Super savings on popular attractions and recreational activities.
    > * Bonus certificates and coupons to leading fast-food and casual dining restaurants, plus savings on gourmet food from Hickory Farms, Omaha Steaks, Pfaelzer Brothers, and others.
    > * Up to 20% off room rates at select hotels, and great deals on car rentals.
    > * 20% savings on salon gift cards and $15-off spa certificates.
    > * Discounts on movie tickets, and 5% cash back on tickets to shows and events.
    > * Great deals on movie rentals, DVDs, music, games and more.
    > * $65 in Cash-Back Awards, including Night on the Town, MediaBuy Back Guarantee and Pay-Per-View rebates.
    > * Loyalty Rewards - like free restaurant gift cards, movie tickets and gifts.
    > * Fantastic buys on electronics, sporting goods, and outdoor gear with FREE Shipping & Handling on every item.
    > The monthly membership fee of $24.95 will be billed to your credit/debit card on or around 9/4/2012. If you would like to continue, do nothing, and the service will automatically be extended for another month. If for any reason you would like to cancel the program, either call 1-800-669-6975 or go online at Please contact membership services at 800-669-6975 with any questions.
    > Sincerely,
    > Membership Services

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  • Ed
    Edith416 Dec 05, 2019

    This company fraudulently charged my elderly in-laws too! Getting the charges reversed has been a nightmare. Bank of America has been absolutely no help - "They company promised they would credit the account, so Bank of America considers it resolved." Check your statements EVERY MONTH. They apparently start at 1.95 to see if the charge goes through, then charge 24.95 every month till you catch it and "cancel" the service. They refund nothing.

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