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Wc Mon Budget Saversscam

I purchased Keranique hair products - after an aggressive saleslady called and wouldn't get off the line for almost 20 minutes until I agreed to their trial offer. A week later I get a call thanking me for my Keranique purchase and gifting me $100 for fuel (from a company TLG Shopper) and a second "gift" of budget savings coupons. My credit card was debited twice for $1 for the two "gifts" - as the telephone saleslady indicated it would - but those gifts NEVER arrived. I'm now going to try and call the companies to cancel whatever nonsense they were selling on the phone to avoid getting the monthly automatic deductions of $19.95 - to be deducted twice for two gift offers. The odd thing is, I distinctly told the saleswoman from Mon Budget Savers I had no clue what it was she was forcing me to buy (another aggressive sale that wouldn't get off the phone until I gave my credit card info for a simple $1 debit), and that I would need to read the details of their complicated sales from whatever written info they sent together with the gift offers. We almost got into an argument on the phone. Lesson learnt: trust your instinct. This didn't feel right at all & I should have just stuck to my guns and put the phone down.

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    Anonymousx1 Oct 23, 2012

    I am a former employee that sells these discount savings programs. Unfortunately because your Keranique is not a sensitive product by their company they have up for about 5 rebuttals which means you saying no 4-5 times and they can keep trying to convince you otherwise(should be 3 if youre upset) before it's too risky for them to process for fear of a lawsuit. There are 3 programs with scripts that all sound the same so you cant tell the difference. 1st is Budget Savers 1$ is billed 1-5 days then 14days from when your dollar is billed 14 days begins, after 14 days if you dont cancel youre charged 29.95 until you do, you receive forms to claim gas vouchers that are over the course of a year equal to 100$. So 4 25.00 vouchers used quarterly. 2nd program Shoppers Advantage its 1$ billed within 3-5 days if you choose email your trial starts within 5 business days or if reg. mail it's 2-3 weeks until you get it that your 30 day trial begins, then after 30 days youre charged 21.95 until you cancel. For continuing with this program a 2nd month you are able to claim a 25.00 american express gift check but you need to remain a member in order to receive it. 3rd program Great Fun is from same company as Shoppers Advantage "affinion" same terms as above 2nd program but 19.99 a month until you cancel. This programs incentive is two 20.00 SEMI ANNUAL visa gift cards. You need to be a member with their program for an entire year in order to receive them.

    Unless you specifically ask how things work they dont disclose this to you until youve been charged and receive your members packet in the mail. All I need to say is either you guys need to ask the right questions or listen a little better. If they tell you something, you say ok, give your credit card youre gonna be charged.

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Wc Mon Budget Saversnever heard of them taking money cc

Do not use my cc often, checking on a charge I made in June2012 and found a charge for 29.95 for 3 months from this company. Do know who or what it is and how they got my cc#. telephone # keeps telling me to go to no live person to get this handled or cancelled. HELP

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    Marianne Ackley Jul 01, 2012

    Call 1-800-475-1942 but I'm in Easter time and you can't reach them till noon. This number is also to cancel a subscription. Otherwise you'll have to go to your bank and cancel your card and get a new one. Otherwise disbute these charges to your account with your bank. You should get credit. But they'll keep charging unless you cancel the card. This is a BudgetSavers company, They send you coupons in the mail each month to save you money. Scam!!! They told me it was a good deal and I'd get 100.00 in free cash cards. The envelope came and no gas cards. What a joke. I had ordered off an informercial and this is what happens!!! Good luck! ;)

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