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7:46 pm EDT

Volvado Watches cost

I thought I had selected a free gift of my choice (watch). All I had to do is pay shipping and handling of $29.00, which I did. I was looking at my bank statement and noticed a debit was made for $95.00 for the watch. I called the company and was told that if I did not op out of the deal in so many days I would be charged for the watch. So I did not get anything free. I paid for shipping, insurance, an "elegant" carrying case, and warranty.

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2:02 am EST

Volvado Watches misleading charges

Unfair business practice of hiding important charges in very fine print so you would not think to look for. If you can't be up front and o nest you have no busyness running a company. The law should make companies like you put all information in plain site and in large letters and make you pay every cent that you scammed back. Any product that you have that is wearth selling should not have to stup to hiding things in fine print just rip people off of their hard eared money. Companies that do busyness like this should be closed DOWN. O and I would like my $95 back for being mislead in a cowardly way you found to make money at poor people's expense.

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1:21 pm EST
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Volvado Watches is really a scam. Said I could get a free watch for just the shipping. Figured it was just a cheap watch. Watch came and I put up on a shelf. This morning my bank account was charged $95.00. They told me I had joined a membership and would be getting a watch every 30 days.

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