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Victoria Vitale-Lewis, MDMy terrible nosejob

Victoria Vitale-Lewis, MD did my nose job about a year ago. I told her I wanted a natural looking nose with the hump smoothed out a bit. Instead, my nose looks like a ski slope and I have this little tiny turned up cutesy button nose that looks absolutely silly. She is rude and inconsiderate and does not listen to my concerns. I would not recommend her to my enemy!

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    • ms. Lillian Dec 16, 2009
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      Verified customer

      Too former employee of Dr. Victoria Vitale Lewis. BRAVO! I am so happy to see you post about a surgeon your conscience knows, ruins womans lives, alters there faces and then hides from her inadequacies, and accountabilities. I wish an honest employee like you would have pulled me aside ans said RUN!!! I could see her staff's fear in there eye's when I came into her office for follow-up's.After the fact, too late for me. They were lost as well and way to late by then.
      You have no idea the pain and emotional suffering, depression and loss you go through and mourn. I have been through Hell as a result of her inexperience and unskilled hands. I'm a different person today, appearance and mentally. Counseling has helped some and It was counseling for "Deformities". Something woman never think of, going into this enhaunced appearance decision. DO YOUR HOME WORK !
      My own family did not recognize me, and she "raped me" of my "genetic identity" and yes, that pissed me off and sadened me a great deal. It's been nine years and still mourning my loss.
      Enough that I'll tell anyone pondering plastic surgery to step back from this butcher. I have even wrote a review of my procedure on HER WEB SIGHT. Bet it wasn't there for long. She has never admitted wrong doing in my un-natural and altered appearancwe or told me she was sorry. I deserve at least, I'm sorry for making you look totally different than your genetic family, your own children.
      My eyes are Wide and Round now, not almond. It MAKES a HUGH differences in overall appearance. Plus they do not stay closed during sleep and that alone brings it's own hell.
      Her marketing team should be commended. With all her screwed up procedures and trust me she is all over cyber Web space world, in a negative way ( as she should be) they continue to market her Skills. What a horrible mistake.Her ratings are not good. Do some searching and homework. PLEASE, I beg you to not go to this doctor.
      My God, how does she sleep at night? She herself looks like a freak with all her own surgeries, and any man she "must" have in her life is bought with money, not earned from a skilled surgeon but rather, a very insecure unskilled quake. I think she is on a power trip as well as struggling with failure in most of lives purpose and accomplishments.
      I wish I'd of held her more responsibly, accountable, but once you loose trust in a surgeons abilities and skills you "Run" . Reversion is costly and not always available for your area of interest. One thing is for sure, any reversion you want done, must be in SKILLED HANDS, not this woman's.She's lost in that skill too.
      I'm sure she has bought her boy toys with money from woman walking into her Web if unskilled abilities and deceit. Promising one thing and giving another.
      Walking out of her office looking like a monster.
      What she promises you'll never get, but a deformed freak face may appear.
      I have more than a few before and after pictures to back up my claims. I once looked like and did model. I'm not one bit afraid of any recoil on this subject or challenge of claim from this so called plastic surgeon.She literally ruined my appearance . Went from soft and pretty to hard and unattractive, no expressions of emotions. She Raped me!
      STAY AWAY, she is dangerous!!You will end up deformed!!!
      I believe in Karma and she'll get hers. She will mess up the wrong woman one day. I'd video tape every minute from beginning consultation til end of the last stitch she applies and then when you wake up looking like Frankenstein, SUE!
      Breach of contract since malpractice protects plastic surgeons. We are vain when we elect this, and that protects her and other like her.
      It's not neglect, just inabilities in skills after 26 years. Give it up Victoria, you should be ashamed of what you do to your clients with no remorse. STOP CUTTING INTO PEOPLE. You apartently lack the skills of a artistic and skilled perfectionist in the plastic surgery world.
      Those you pay to write good reviews are foolish to back your inadquacies.
      As for me I do my best to get the word out on this plastic surgeon and will until I DIE! She can't do this to another, not what she did to me. Before and after pictures attached.


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    • Ku
      kula0731 Sep 14, 2009

      Well when I was 18 years old I decided to have a breast enhancement. Went to Dr. Vitale Lewis and decided on a full C, considering I only weighed 115 pounds. ( This was 5 years ago) When I was in the recover room my first comment was " I look like Dolly Parton" Apparently, when I went for my first visit she gave me 500cc and filled them up to the max to 600cc. When my bar size large dd. I was never happy with the results but being young thought I had to live with uneven breasts bc I could not afford to fix them. 5 years have pasted, went to get a second oppion with a well known dr. in vero beach and he wouldnt even preform my surgery. Said both of my implants had "bottomed out" because they where so heavy for my body. (meaning my left breast hangs 3 inches bellow the other) Said this is the worst case he has seen. And refered me to a reconstructive Dr. in Orlando. I went back to Dr. Vitale Lewis this past week, just to show her what she did to me. When I took the robe off she didnt know what to say. Her actual respond was Well let me think about this for a second. She proceed to tell me that my breast will never look "normal" and I will never be able to go bra less. She also tried to make it seem like she did a wonderful job and almost was blaming me for her crappy job. The nurse came back with a quote of $9000.00 to fix my breasts. And she said I needed a major breast lift ( i am 24) As I was getting dressed Dr.Vitale-Lewis came in and said she would take $1900.00 off the surgery which then it would cost $7100.00, there is no way in hell I would ever allow that woman to lay a finger on me. She kept saying if she fixes my breasts its going to be a 5 hour surgery and it will be very risky bc my chest muscles are damaged due to the heavy implant, then said but there is no gurantee that the surgery will hold for a few years. I am in the process in getting a lawyer and see what my rights are. If anyone is considering have any procedure done do not GO TO THIS DOCTOR!!! In the meantime I have my surgery date scheduled to get my boobs fixed with a wonderful doctor in Orlando, which is going to cost me $12000.00, for the mistake she made. She is a monster!!!

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    • Fo
      formeremployee1 Sep 04, 2009

      Dr Vitale Lewis is not interested in the after effect of her surgeries. I have first hand experience with patients she would literally refuse to see, WHY? Thats simple, because this is a person who is so OCD and SO afraid of rejection it is easier for her to hide when things dont turn out the way they were planned. I worked for this woman, I saw her hide, I saw her refuse to see people she botched, I know she has been sued more than once and yet she is like the teflon don, pays people off rather than admit things didnt go right. I quit my job working for her because she is a dispicable human being. She cant take care of herself, she cant live without a man to dote on her, she cant function unless her "world" is perfect. I would not reccomend her to anyone. Do your homework, really do your homework...

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    • Mi
      Miss Vicki Jul 29, 2009

      moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and looking somewhat tired, with bags under eyes. I went to Dr. Vitale-Lewis to improve my appearance and look somewhat younger again. A have always had pretty eyes, almond in shape and told I looked like Sophia Loren. My upper weren't that bad, but thought the removal of some fat, (never over 3 mil) wouldn't hurt. I remember stating to her the evening of my surgery, “please don't mess up my eyes, they are the window to your soul and my best feature.” She smiled with confidence.
      My oldest daughter picked me up from the surgery, and immediately knew something was wrong. My eyes were surely swollen, and bursed, more than any photos she had seen regarding upper and lower eyelid surgery.
      One week later my eyes were still swollen shut and bruised. Dr. Vitale- Lewis put me on Steroids and that reduced the effects. Weeks after the surgery, my eyes would not stay closed entire night during sleep. My daughter again was the one to notice, along with the altered appearance this surgery produced.
      My eyes were no longer almond, they were round and very wide. I looked like I was scared by something all the time.
      I have hollow eye sockets now and they still stay open when I sleep. My entire appearance was changed to a negative effect, and with every visit I made to Dr. Vitale -Lewis office, I heard the same thing, "GIVE IT TIME". It became apparent after the 4-5th visit, she did not know what to do for corrections, nor was she going to admit any error.
      After conferring with another surgeon, I found out that she cut access tissue from my eyes, leaving a hollow socket. Too much fat was taken out as well, and leaving little skin, or muscle strength, to close eyes for the entire night. I can blink, thank god.
      Since my eyes are wide and hollow, it has also changed my facial features. They are also hollowed in appearance, making face longer in appearance and my once high cheek bones adding to my skeleton look. My family back home did not recognize me when they first saw me. Only my voice indicated who I was. I have gone shopping in stores while visiting my hometown, running into old friends as they pass me by. I do not even resemble who I once looked like and too embarrassed and ashamed of what I look like now. I too, have looked in the mirror everyday and have a stranger looking back for the past 7 years.
      Although I seek for some reversion type of treatment, they are more expensive than the original, and I could ever afford. I did have my own collagen injected into my upper lid, but only 20% stays while the rest is absorbed, so lasting effect was temporary. I've looked at Strip fat grafting, again the cost is too great and no guarantee this would work.
      I've heard all the statements, “why was I so vain, ” and “I should of left my appearance alone“. I remember over hearing my son say one day, “it must be hard for mom, she was once so beautiful and let that doctor butcher her face.” I've cried, thought what did I do to deserve this? Woman everyday have surgery done and it leaves a positive effect.
      I would not recommend this doctor for my dog. She maybe good at some work, but for eye lid surgery she ruined my life, and appearance. Little can be done legally with elective surgery, and unless your left horribly disfigured, juries don't feel for you, and attorneys even less. I may still go blind one day from my eyes not completely closing at night. I have scratched my cornea during sleep at night, and have had to receive medical treatment for it.
      DO YOUR HOMEWORK !!! Do not assume because a doctor is Board Certified they know what they are doing. These postings are a great source of information. If I had pictures I'd up-load, so everyone could see my “before and after“. I stopped taking pictures of myself 7 years ago.
      I rarely go out in public when visiting home. Not that I'll be recognized, but the mental and emotional effects are too difficult to deal with as time goes by, and little hope is left for any correction.
      Beware, of what this doctor performs on you. There are something’s in life, we may never recover from. For me this is one of them.

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    • Bg
      BG1998 Mar 19, 2009

      I had my nose done by Dr. Vitale-Lewis in 1998, and have had great results! After looking at many pictures and checking out the other surgeons in the area, I left confident in her work. I still get compliments about how I look... I would send anybody to see her for surgery. I like when people are direct and to the point, not someone who is going to beat around the bush when it comes to such a life changing desicion.

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    Victoria Vitale-Lewis, MD — Bad Plastic Surgery

    The Feminine Facelift is a hoax! Dr. Vitale-Lewis performed this procedure on me and I look like cat woman...



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