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13 July, 2016
My VA doctor just retired, which stinks because I liked her a lot, she had finally got my pain under control. I injured my lower back (L-4-5 discs) in 2001, my arches (plantar fascitis), my shoulder (damaged cartilage), and my elbows (tendonitis) while training (active duty) in the Army, I served another two years before being medically discharged for the injuries. I've been in the VA system since 2004 and was finally rated at 80% disabled after fighting them for about 10 years.
I've been prescribed pain medication through the VA for about ten plus years now and it helps me to keep working through considerable pain. I'm not some druggie or dropout, I was an Intelligence Analyst in the Army and held a Top Secret security clearance (and could have it reinstated now if the need arose), I went back and finished college after I was honorably discharged because of my injuries. I don't drink or smoke and I don't use illegal drugs.
Now the VA has appointed another (new-hire) doctor who has cut my pain medication, then lied through his nurse when I complained that it was the wrong amount; she said it was "a mistake." I called and asked why it was changed and was told I'd have to wait to talk to the doctor when I saw him. I waited to see this new doctor about nine weeks, stressing out the whole time, and when I saw him yesterday, first he grilled me about me requesting a different doctor when this same thing happened to me several years ago, smirking the whole time like he knew the other doctor. Then he told me I was prescribed way too much pain medication and that he'd give me one more re-fill, he never corrected the amount though, then told me that I'd have to go to the pain management clinic, and would have to consider surgery. Since my back injury I have talked to literally dozens of doctors, both in the Army and the VA, about the pros and cons of surgery, I even got a fee-basis letter in 2010 (from the VA) saying I could get surgery done by a civilian doctor, but when I set it all up and was ready to have it done, the VA backed out and said I had not filled out the proper forms and that they were denying it. I have agonized over surgery for years, I even let the VA give me an epidural cortisone shot that they botched; I've had migraines ever since that shot, and my pain has doubled! I didn't even know what a migraine was before that shot.
So this new doctor did not even review my records before he saw me yesterday, he just glanced at it, I'm sure. He didn't listen to a word I had to say the entire time I was in his office, he just kept telling me what I had to do and cutting me off when I tried to go over the list I'd made before seeing him. I also had a blood test done before the appointment for a cholesterol check, which showed it as borderline high, so he basically said I would need to take Lipitor for the rest of my life or I'd be dying; he never warned me of the potentially terrible side-effects, or even let me consider changing my diet, just take the pills.
I'm still stressed out about the appointment! I need the pain medication because I have pain every day and without it work is terrible, what can I do? I just typed in "file a complaint against a VA doctor, " in a search engine before I came across your website; now I'm thinking that I was flagged years ago when I complained about a different VA doctor I left. What can I do? I want to talk to the patient advocate but I'm afraid they'll just side with the doctor and make my life even more miserable. I have no issue seeing pain management, they will probably be helpful, it's this new doctor, I don't want to see him again, he's already made up his mind about me.

Veterans AdministrationVeterans Administration Doing Their Best To Kill Me.

Hello. My name is Paul. I am 55 and I served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the '70's. In 1977, while on active duty, I was injured and broke my right femur. I was stationed at Parris Island and was brought to the Beaufort Naval Hospital. At that time, they did a surgery to insert a 42 cm rod inside the femur. To do this, they did a surgery on my right hip in order to drill a hole in the top of the bone and they also did a surgery on the side of my right leg in order to make sure that the bone was set properly. I was released from active duty on schedule and honorably discharged, not for medical reasons. In late August, 1978, the V.A. Hospital in Providence, RI, did a surgery to remove the rod from my femur. This required them to make an incision on my hip in order to put a hook into a hole in the top of the rod so that they could tap it out. After the surgery, the incision became infected and I was in the hospital for several days.

After that, I lived a fairly normal life. I went to college and graduated with two degrees, one in computer science and the other in accounting. From high school I was always very athletic and I continued to participate in athletics during and after the Marines. There were no issues. I worked in computer programming until 1997 and then went into the mortgage business for roughly 10 years. I moved to northern Kentucky, right across the river from downtown Cincinnati, OH, just over 10 years ago, mid-February, 2002.

But, about 10 years ago, I started having some pain in my right hip and a friend of mine noticed that I was limping even though I hadn't noticed it. So, I went to the V.A. Hospital in 2003 and the doctors told me about something called "tissue ossification". They did an X-Ray and told me that on the top of the femur bone, where the hole had been drilled, there was some extra bone growing, almost like a knuckle sticking up. And, free-floating in the flesh near the bone was additional bone growing. They told me at that time that there was no surgery that could be done to improve it and said, in fact, that if they did a surgery, it would only make things worse. That was back in 2003.

I was still somewhat athletic and active. I wasn't running, but I was still working out at a gym and keeping myself in decent shape. I had bowled during the '80's and into the '90's and from my 4th year, where I averaged 207, I maintained an average over 200 the rest of the time. After I moved here, I started shooting pool and began shooting in tournaments within a year after I started.

But, severe problems began about a year and a half ago. Whereas the pain was manageable and I could sleep, now the pain increased whenever I sat or when I laid down to sleep at night. Over the course of this period of time, I may have averaged 3 hours sleep per night. Also, my ability to walk has been reduced to almost zero. I do walk, but with a cane, and if I try to walk, even a block or two, my hip swells and the pain increases dramatically. Because of not sleeping and not being able to be mobile, my health has suffered dramatically. Whereas I was a "young" 50, now I'm a crippled 55. I began having chest pains in the first week of this new year and I went to the V.A. Hospital here in Cincinnati. After 4 days, they determined that I had no trouble with my heart and they discharged me. The chest pains have not diminished since and the hospital has done nothing about it and now it's two months.

This is background info to all that is actually happening with me now.

I was receiving a 20% disability check, $243 per month. On November 1st, my check was $57.01. They took out $185.99 for medications. I called immediately and they explained why it was taken out. I let them know at that time that this was causing a severe financial hardship for me. They assured me, going forward, they would take out no more than $25 per month for medications. On the day after Thanksgiving, I went to the V.A. Hospital and spoke with a woman named Mary in the Billing Department on the first floor. She told me that I needed to get her financial information going back two years and they would not take any more money out of my disability checks. She also told me that money that had been taken out would be refunded back to me. I spent 7 hours on the phone with the IRS and finally spoke with someone who could send me a letter that I could bring to the V.A. and this took over 3 weeks before it arrived.

In the meantime, my December 1st disability check was, again, $57.01. Now I was put into a situation where I could become homeless. I made several phone calls that day and on the following day, I was called by a man whose name I did not get, but he stated to me that there were "apparently two mistakes that were made". First, he told me that the V.A. took out more than I actually owed and now the V.A. owed me $53.86. Secondly, he told me that apparently I wasn't told that when they're going to only take out $25 from my disability checks, it takes at least 30 days to process. That's correct, I wasn't told this. So, now the V.A. owed me some money, but even getting back $53.86 added to the $57.01 wasn't going to help me avoid becoming homeless.

On Wednesday, December 7th, I spoke with Linda D. Smith, the Director of the V.A. Hospital in Cincinnati, at roughly 4:00pm. After I explained to her how this could potentially make me homeless, she stated, verbatim, "We won't let this happen." To date, she not only has not lived up to that statement, but the V.A. has done nothing to help me with this. This is a fact, they've done nothing.

In the meantime, in late December, the letters arrived from the IRS and I brought them to Mary in the Billing Department. When I asked her about the refund of money that had been deducted from my disability payment, she stated, verbatim, "We don't do that anymore". I reminded her of what she told me on the day after Thanksgiving, when I was there at the V.A. Hospital and asked when this had changed and she couldn't answer. I gave her my documents and asked that a Billing Manager call me. Marti Shiles called the following day. I explained everything to her, she said that she would make some phone calls and would call me the next day. She didn't. I had to make follow-up calls to the Billing Department and asked them to have her call me. She still didn't.

On Monday, January 2nd, I began having some chest pains, but it didn't seem overly bad. However, the following morning, the pain had increased dramatically and I went to the V.A. Hospital. After about 8 hours in the emergency area, they admitted me and I was transferred to the 6th floor. They did the blood tests and a nuclear stress test. On Friday, mid-afternoon, Marti Shiles came to my room with the Patient Advocate. At that time, she explained that they "can't" refund the money back to me. I explained that I don't appreciate being lied to and that when the V.A. tells me that they "will" refund money to me, I expect that money to be refunded to me. Mary is a V.A. employee and she made the statement. Because of her statement, I spent time, 7 hours, on the phone trying to reach someone at the IRS who could send the information that was required. I did my part, I expect the V.A. to do theirs.

Last year, in March, I started a petition to have my disability increased. I could barely walk. I've lost sleep because the pain increases when I sit or lay down and my health is going into the toilet. They sent a letter for me to come to the V.A. Hospital on the 24th of March for an examination. The lady "doctor", and I don't believe that she was really a doctor at all, examined me and during the examination she literally pulled a string from her lab-coat pocket to measure my right leg versus my left leg. Then she held the string in front of me to show me and said, "See, they're both the same length". I asked her what that has to do with my right hip and she patted me on my shoulder and said, "Don't worry, I'm on your side". On June 30th, I received a denial. On the letter explaining why it was denied, they wrote, "You can walk at least a mile and you can stand for hours". I can do neither. In fact, there are many employees at the V.A. Hospital who know that I'm not able to do either of those things, from first-hand knowledge. So, on the day after Thanksgiving, I also met with Roger Mente who is the Senior Benefits Officer at the V.A. Hospital in Cincinnati, and started an appeal of their decision.

How can I not be more disabled than I was 9 years ago, when I could walk very well then, I was in great shape then, I was working out at a gym then, and I could sleep at night? And, how can they state that "you can walk at least a mile and you can stand for hours"? Where did they get this? So, I was told that my appeal could take anywhere from 9 or 10 months to a year. Who knows, maybe longer.

I haven't worked in over two months, since I was hospitalized with chest pains. I can't sleep still and every step is terrible pain. People at the grocery store have come up to me to see if I needed an ambulance because I was still having the chest pains. I had to let them know that the V.A. Hospital said that it's not a heart attack.

And now to the clincher. I made it through February, including that leap day, the 29th, and still could eat. But, this past Thursday, March 1st, I waited for my mailman so I could get my disability check, cash it, and get some food. I had 5 slices of bread and 4 eggs and not one thing more for food. It didn't arrive. I called the local postal processing center on Dixie Highway in Erlanger. They did not have my check there and I was told that "anything that comes in, it gets put onto the trucks for delivery". I called the V.A. Benefits toll-free number. They said, "Your disability check for $251 was processed and mailed". I called the V.A. Hospital. One person I spoke with in the Benefits department there said that "a number of other people had called regarding the same thing".

It wasn't in the mail. I had two egg sandwiches, 4 eggs on toast, on Thursday. My check didn't arrived on Friday. The mailman did not have it and it wasn't at the post office. It didn't arrive on Saturday. And, it didn't arrive today, March 5th. The last time I ate food was Thursday. Since then, I've drank coffee and ice water and taken my vitamins and medications. I was told today that the "only" thing they can do is put a tracer on the check and it will take "anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks" before they can send me my money. I have exactly 28 cents, less than an 8th of a tank of gas in my car, and no food. They suggested that I contact some agencies, Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, and others. I already had the list and had contacted these groups in December, when I didn't receive my disability check minus $25, but instead received $57.01. I now owe rent money since mid-November, $75/week, and I'm about to become homeless.

I've called Washington, DC, to their headquarters to see if there's anyone who can do something about this. There isn't.

So, to recap.

I can't even walk a single step without pain. I can't hardly sleep at night because of the pain in my hip. The V.A. denied a disability increase and lied on the letter listing their reasons. Linda D. Smith, Director of the V.A. Hospital in Cincinnati assured me that "we won't let this happen" when I told her that the V.A.'s actions would make me homeless and to date, she has done nothing to live up to her word. The V.A. has not refunded money that the V.A. told me they would when I did what they required. The V.A. has done ZERO regarding my chest pains except to rule out a heart attack. And, the V.A. did not send my disability payment on the 1st of March and now I haven't eaten since then and they intend to do nothing about this.

After a year and a half with very little sleep and having nothing but pain every minute of every day, I've made my peace with God. I expect to be dead soon and the V.A. can take full credit for everything that's happened to me in the last several months. I created a new Yahoo email address for the purpose of writing this, [protected] I may or may not be able to respond to any emails after today. But, if you do, I can provide evidence that proves everything I've stated is true, 100% true. There is no exaggeration in anything I've posted.

I also have sent emails from my "regular" Yahoo email address to Linda D. Smith and Mr. Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and I've also included members of the media in those emails.

My hope is that this generates enough attention that someone with authority with the Federal Government, and specifically the Veterans Administration, will actually do something to make a very bad wrong a right, for a change. Or, they can continue "as is" and just let me die.

  • Pa
    PaulR070856 Apr 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The latest update:

    Three weeks ago, the orthopedic doctors told me that they want me to see a back specialist. I asked them why and they said that they thought that my pain might be caused by my back.

    I told them, "If the pain started 9 years in my right hip and it's always been in my right hip, why would it now be my back?" They said they think it's possible.

    So, this past Friday, April 6, I met with the back specialist. He did a full examination of my back, including Xrays. He called me on Saturday, the 7th, and told me that there was nothing at all wrong or out of place with my back and, in fact, everything looked great. Good curvature of the spine, no discs out of alignment, everything good. (I was very surprised that he called me on Saturday)

    I have a hearing regarding my appeal coming up on Thursday morning. I'll have the doctor's information with me when we discuss the pain, lack of sleep, and all of that related to my service-connected hip.

    They need to make good on this, but I won't be surprised if they still try to deny my claim. Afterwards, I'll post what happens during this hearing.

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  • Pa
    PaulR070856 Apr 16, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This past Thursday I had my hearing on my appeal of their denial of an increase in my disability. So, here's what happened.

    First, I was given the option to have it as either a formal or informal hearing. After it was explained to me what the differences are, I chose an informal hearing.

    I was given the opportunity to "tell my side of the story". I explained that the pain in my hip started 9 years ago, the V.A. doctors told me about the extra bone growing in the flesh near my hip joint (called tissue ossification), and they explained at that time that there was no surgery that could correct the problem. In fact, they told me that it would only make life worse for me if they did a surgery.

    I explained that the pain has always been in the same place, but that it changed about 20 months ago when it would worsen whenever I would sit down or lay down at night to go to sleep.

    I also explained that the orthopedic doctors at the hospital wanted me to see a back doctor because they felt that the pain was being caused by my back and not this extra bone growth. And, I explained that I did see the back doctor, who did a full examination of my spine, top-to-bottom, and told me that there is nothing wrong with my back at all and it is definitely NOT causing the pain. He also surmised that this extra bone growth could be interfering with a bursa in my hip area and that this could be causing the pain.

    I was also told that the previous examination, last year in March, was done completely wrong. First, the lady was NOT a doctor at all and second, she didn't have my records to review prior to the exam. In other words, THAT FIGURES!

    Now I'm scheduled for another exam in early May and this time it will be done by a doctor. I'm also being scheduled for an MRI for my hip so that they can see what's causing the pain (like they couldn't think of that previously).

    This has been just one big mess from beginning to end and it's no wonder that I'm as frustrated with them as I am. But, I will continue to publish and broadcast this entire affair everywhere on the internet that I can. I have no need to feel in any way embarrassed by this and I don't care if the world knows. The V.A. just has not done what they should have done from the beginning and I'm astounded that I actually have to wage a war against them. But, if it's war they want, it's war I will bring to them. That's one thing I got out of being a Marine.


    They should have thought about that long before it got to this point.

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Veterans Administrationundertrained doctors

I had a sigmoid done in November of 2000, the doctor that performed the procedure burned a large hole in my rectal wall while removing a cancerous polyp. VA admits no wrong doing on their part.

  • Bo
    Bonnie Kapischke Jan 09, 2013

    These so called doctors at the Milwaukee V.A. hospital have absolutely no interest in helping us veterans. I had a similar experience with a major lower back problem and after being Xrayed the doctor told me their was absolutely nothing wrong with my back. She put in the official record that my only purpose for my visit was to obtain narcotics. Upon arriving home I made an appointment with a doctor at our local hospital and an MRI was ordered. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had surgery at St Lukes hospital in Milwaukee on May 9th of 2011 and the problem was fixed. Upon writing a letter to the administrator I received a reply that their investigation showed that protocol was followed and no action was taken.So I guess protocol says its OK to deny a veteran the help he needs. I wouldn't send my dog to the Milwaukee for treatment and they don't give a crap about us vets. We are just fodder for the wealthy in this country we can go fight their wars so they can make loads of money from the conflict to line their greedy pockets with. I hope they all rot in hell. Bonnie K.

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Veterans AdministrationNeglect of Veterans


My name is Mark Hoggan, I would like to say a few words on the neglect and abuse of Veterans by the Veterans Administration Hospital.

I recently went to my local VA Hospital in Salt Lake City and after telling my story to them I was diagnosed as suffering from “Depression”. I was actually depressed and considering suicide. This much is true. I like many other people in America really do suffer from “Depression” I was then sent to the Psychiatric Ward of the hospital and was kept there for 2 weeks, because I was suicidal and suffering from “Depression”.

The VA in it’s eternal wisdom decided that to treat my “Depression” it would lock me up in the “Psych Ward” because I was suffering from “Depression” seriously? I am not a doctor or a nurse but I don’t think locking someone up and treating them like a “Mental Patient” can be good for people with “Depression.”

Don’t get me wrong I think that people with “Depression.” Should be helped and can be patients in hospitals, that is not my point. I believe that people with “Depression.” Should not be locked up like they are crazy, THEY ARE NOT CRAZY!!!. They suffer from a truly debilitating disease. But are treated like “Mental Patients.” And are sent away from the VA hospital because it is too full of “Mental Patients” to some other contracted “Treatment Facility” where they are over medicated by a nurse and neglected by under qualified medical and treatment staff.

This place is called “Highland Ridge Hospital” in Midvale, Utah. It leaves Veterans sitting around receiving very little treatment. While I was there they tried to put me on medications other than the ones I was put on at the VA, and tried to make me take them but I refused because I will not take anything that was not prescribed by a doctor. They have an APRN who thinks he’s a psychiatrist, prescribing medications to “Mental Patients”.

The administrator, who says he’s a veteran, as does the APRN, treats people with little regard and over medication that borders on serious abuse and neglect. Neither of who should be working with people who have serious illnesses and need real treatment. They are not to be treated as baggage, left lying around and heavily medicated. Veterans should be treated with respect and receive the help they need and treated by a for profit second-class facility that supposed to be treating addiction clients.

  • Ch
    Charles Diehls Apr 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My primary care physician wants me to take Chantix to stop smoking but says the decision isn't up to her. To me this is another example of misplaced priorities in the veterans administration. They need to be straightened out. Nothing is more important to my health than quitting smoking.

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  • Ve
    Veteran 11134 Feb 27, 2010

    I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with Mr. Hoggan. I am a veteran who was also sent to "Highland Ridge Hospital" recently for "depression", But mine was to the point that I was suicidal as his might have been. The staff there was compassionate and talked to me a lot about what they could do. They told me I would only be there for a short time and then back up to the VA. They had a nurse whose only job was to help me get into the VA services I needed when I left, and that is exactly what he (they) did when I was ready. I didn't meet the administrator, but the care I got was far better and more comfortable than any place I've ever been in the military or the VA.

    As for Mr. Hoggan, be thankful that the VA is taking care of him, after his "treatment" he is still alive and able to complain! Overall, the care I get is far better than the those with just insurance. The VA is full of dedicated people trying to handle the aftermath of those of us who served this country and were damaged through that service. Thankyou VA, and thankyou Highland Ridge Hospital!

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  • Os
    ossuaryofminds Mar 04, 2010

    Need to stop being a ###, and pay for a quit smoking aid by yourself. The military didnt make you start smoking. Your complaint is frivelous. There are REAL issues the VA needs to attend to.

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  • Ve
    vets son Aug 25, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i would agree from the way the va treats my dad not giving him help for his bad back are the agent orange he was expossed to they dont care about all the vets if they did my dad would have been help along time ago he is still fighting for what he is aloud for doing his dutys

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  • Ar
    ArmyWife76 Oct 17, 2010

    I am currently having a similar experience with my husband who has also been extremely depressed since an involuntary discharge after over 15 years of service. Not only did he lose his career, that was more like his identity, but he has not been able to find a job. In just a few short months he lost the career he loved, our home (we had to move with 2 weeks notice from base housing), our way of life, and he is now a "house husband" while I desparetly try to support us on my small income that was never intended to support a family of 6. He took a non-lethal dose of sleeping pills. I was not certain at the time if it was lethal or not, but I wasn't taking any chances with his life. After he was transported to the VA they put him in a dirty padded room and just left him there. They watched him with a camera and spoke to him via intercom. This was in the ER as they processed him into the psych war and more than 24 hours after ingestion of the pills. Instead of showing compassion and offering help, they caged him like an animal. On the psych ward they are manipulating him into taking pills. He is telling them what medications have worked well and they are starting him on much stronger medications at much higher doses than necessary. I have told them what medications worked well in the past, but they have refused to try that. I have offered to provide medical records from a psychiatrist that met with him montly for over a year, but they said those records are irrelevant. He is very willing to get help and had only not been in counseling or a support group because he had been told his general under honorable discharge meant he did not qualify for VA services. It took me making a number of phone calls that included calling a Senator's office to find out this was absolutely false. Now that he knows he is eligible for services, he will be happy to go. Even though his 72-hours are up and they do not have a court order to keep him, they are refusing to release him and when asked how they can legally do this they do not have an answer. It is Sunday so they only have 1 attending on call right now. My husband has rights on Sunday too, folks. They are telling him if he refuses to take a sleeping pill they can hold him longer. I believe this is false but with it being the weekend have not been able to speak to an attorney. On Monday morning, the point at which he will have been there for 5 days, I will be speaking with the Utah State Mental Health Board and hopefully finding answers. While he was in the hospital we found out he was selected for a job that pays 6 figures. He has 3 weeks to prepare to start the job (out of state). By keeping him they are not only not helping him, they are jeporizing this job. So here we have a patient who is very willing to get help as an outpatient and doctors who either do not know the laws well enough to provide a clear answer or they are unwilling to. If I cannot get answers on Monday morning, I believe the local news will be very interested in hearing this in detail.

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  • Ec
    ecogenie2 Aug 02, 2011

    Guess I also have a story about my visit to the VA and its doctors. I have what is called untreated gonorrhea. The pain started in the genitals then went to the joints, legs, feet, wrist and hands. They tell me that there is nothing wrong. It is all in my head. I know that they just don't care about me as a person. We are bodies that one day will be dead and gone. My condition is just getting worse and all they do is nothing for me. Can I go to a regular hospital ER for this and will the VA take care of it?

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  • Le
    leftfordead May 10, 2012

    I would agree with all of the stories told by Veterans or of the families of veterans, and in my opinion the VA is a very broken system that throws away money like it's dirty bath water that's easily replaced. As for me I am 90% percent disabled, and will be homeless in the next 30 days as a result of the broken promise of care and compassion for those who served. my only regret in life is not having served my country, but being permanently damaged and left behind by those who say "we serve those who served us" is my biggest regret, f*** the VA! The fact that the soldiers creed states that...I will never leave behind a fallen battle buddy is something the VA doesn't get, and my fellow soldiers would give their lives as to not leave anyone behind. Ask a VA medical provider if they are willing to give their life to save someone who they are sworn to protect? and the answer would be? Shame on the VA, and if I knew then what I know now I would have not served and just taken care of myself as they are so fond of doing. Go to HELL VA, I DID!!! SEE YOU THERE!!! I'll be the crippled guy selling ice water... Don't thank me for my service because it's only insults me further!

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  • Jo
    John D Jaynes May 15, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I have dealt with the VA hospitals in Tennessee for seven years. I have seen young war vets returned from over seas who were all black and were sitting there all day waiting for mri tests. All the mri.s. were down. I was given a urgent appointment at Vanderbuilt's MRI clinic. I told all those young men to write there congressmen before I left and then was approached by one of the staff to come with him so he could shut me up.

    I had to call Senator Corker and his staff helped me with another problem I had with the Murfreesboro VA where I was so neglected it was rediculious and had a seizure [all long stories]. Now at the Nashville campus it's the same old story.

    Though I was rushed there for a ruptured spleen and they saved my life, it seems when it come to any thing else you will wait for ever. I went five months with the use of only one hand and they finally gave permission to have it fixed out side of the VA, which should be the case for all vets. Again I'm waiting for appointments and will probably be blind by the time they find the problem.

    But the worst was seeing these Black men being neglected for the color and race. I have a hundred stories I could tell someone, but no one cares, espically our great leaders and these worthless gov employees.

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  • Jc
    Jc Torres Apr 10, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The VA took neglected my son and took him off my check. How come if his dad does not pay child support it is negligence. But if the VA does not pay its my fault. My daddy uncle Sam don't know the law. They don't know he has to have Medicaid and food but uncle Sam mistakenly took my son off my check thanks daddy. Aka uncle sam

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Veterans Administration — Diagnosed but not treated

I was diagnosed with “inflammation of the bone” in my feet. I was given some salve that doe...

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