Valpak Complaints & Reviews

Valpakadvertising through mail

Ridiculous- they send out hundreds of thousands of envelopes per month & when I call to get myself removed, they get [censored] on the phone. Asked if I tried to use their crappy website. Told them I had many times before, but their website is either always down or showing problematic code.

Additionally I've had friends advertise w/them - to no avail. They got NO problems taking $ - & all they actually care about is their bottom line - not their clients.

Valpakmisrepresentation and non performance

Valpak was contacted by me for an ad campaign. The price sounded good and I was given a promise that I would obtain at least 4 new accounts per 10, 000 mailers. The VP of Sales agreed verbally to this number. This was much less than I thought, but I agreed to this number as I would at least break even. I had paid for 20, 000 to be sent out first week of June.

The President of the company and others also misrepresented the known percentage of people in those sectors who would actually open and look at the mailers. I was told at least 80% open and look at the coupon mailers. This is an obvious LIE, a complete misrepresentation of a vital statistic I needed to make a good business decision. If 80% opened up 20, 000 mailers this is 16, 000 households that would be looking and if that many would look I would have some decent amount of interest. My company’s product is one of a kind and many would be interested if they actually saw the mailer. As of today, three weeks after the mailing I have NO new business from their supposed mailing.( I can only assume all 20, 000 were mailed).

Valpak was also very aware that I had no money for this campaign if it would not work out to at least recoup the original amount. They have refused to give any refund or do anything whatsoever to deliver what I paid for. My last call to Patty in Doug Franklin’s (Pres of Cox Media Group) office resulted in her telling me I should not have gambled with this, then informing me someone from their Legal Dept would call me soon, also being rudely hung up on, as if I am the one doing something wrong. The only thing I did wrong was trust they are honest and decent people providing a good service that works. I had no idea this was a gamble as she stated, and if I wanted to gamble then the racetrack or Las Vegas is where I would go. I believed this product to be a calculated risk which is much different than a gamble. A gamble always benefits the house, so her mistake on wording did not escape my attention. She unknowingly has really admitted that Valpak does not deliver what they propose in many, if not for most of their business. I can only assume the misrepresentation and promises of minimum business will continue until they are told to cease, or else, desist.