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Hang up on them immediately!!!

In May 2010, I received an unsolicited call from TES with a pitch to sell my timeshare. I expressed immediate concern as I had 3 other companies try to sell my timeshare - I paid their upfront fee and never sold my property. They assured me they were legitimate and would also help me recover the fees I had paid to the other companies who did not produce. We had some medical bills that needed to be paid due to a motor vehicle accident that were not covered by insurance, so, at that weak moment, I agreed. I also explained to the sales rep I talked to that the medical bills and a couple unexpected bills were the only reason I was trying this method of sale one more time. He assured me they were different, they actually made their money on the financing for the new timeshare owners so their main interest was to turn the property over as quickly as possible. I was given a timetable of 60-90 days. I was told I could call every day if I wanted to check on the progress of my sale. That made me feel better at the time, but when I realized that I was often on hold over 30 minutes each time, and then transferred to an answering machine which no one ever returned my messages I was less pleased, but still optimistic. I also tried the tactic of dialing in random extensions to see if I could get a person. I never actually talked to a live person, but left a couple of messages on random peoples answering machines that were never returned.

I am at 7 months and still have not closed. I have spoken to a wide variety of representatives at TES: Jasper, David Locke, Patrick Dean, Constance and someone who identified himself as a manager named Ron to name a few.
Along this long process, I had been told the blame lay with my management company who had been sent 3 estoppel letter requests which they were not fulfilling. I called my management company on 3 different occasions and had been informed that TES had not sent the required documentation even after additional description of required documentation was forwarded to them. Out of desparation, I asked TES to fax me the package and I would submit it to the management company myself to get this process finalized. They agreed. The next day, they sent me a one page fax which was just the transmission report frtom one of the requests they sent.
I called TES again (most times waiting on hold in excess of 30 minutes each time) and was told after review, they could not send me the documents they faxed to the management company because it contained personal information for the buyers.
Fine. I drew up my own request for the estoppel letter and forwarded it to my management company by fax, regular mail and certified mail. I also faxed and sent a certifed copy to TES so they could document the request. Then in the first week of December, I confirmed by phone with David Locke that the estoppel letter had been received and my file had moved on for title work. I directly asked him when I could expect this to close and this process to be done. I was told it would be funded by the middle of January. I should have a check in hand by the 17th of January. I specifically asked if that was 2011 and he said it was. I have tried time and time again to call them these last couple of days to make sure everything was fine. No one answers. I was on the phone 13 minutes, 17 seconds with it just ringing and no one answering before I hung up immediately prior to writing this complaint.
I had hopes of being one of the few persons to have something fabulous to report about this company. I'd had enough bad things happen to me in my recent past, I thought I was due for something good and this would be it - didn"t work that way.
The universe will even things out, but don''t waste your time or effort with these people.

  • Ka
    Kay Carpiensciousness Feb 03, 2011

    The reason no one answers the phone is because TES shut down. You wasted a lot of your own time with your "management co." because they never had your timeshare sold to begin with. The money you paid for the DCP packet never went to that, because they was no buyer to begin with. LOL! The owner of this company, Chris Elsis, is now in a drug-rehab facility for cocaine abuse. That's where your money went. Up his nose.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated Timeshare Owner Feb 23, 2011

    I feel as if your telling my story all over again. Dates match almost exactly as well. The only difference is that our bank was charged a second time for the $1850 five months after the process began. It didn't show up as a charge under Timeshare Express Services as the original did but it was a similar Travel Broker. Check with your bank/credit card company and see if they will dispute the charge for you if payment was made using a card. Good luck to you.

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Timeshare Express Services — Fraudulant company

I received a phone call from this company (suspect my number was given to them by RCI) and they stated they...

Timeshare Express Servicesstole my money

They called me and said they had a buyer. (I am an idiot for believing) Got down to the wire and all of a sudden the buyer had a IRS tax problem. Now I cant get through to them to talk to anybody. When you call them you are put on a hold waiting list and when it gets to your turn they are unavailable and leave message.

  • To
    Tom McDaniel Sep 26, 2010

    Timeshare Express said the same thing to me. These people are scammers. Wish there could be a class action suit filed against them.

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  • Ju
    Julie Rickard Sep 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Time Share Express Services stole $1400 from me. They are ruthless liars. Does anyone know how to prosecute them and possibly get our money back?

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  • Ri
    rich 14 Dec 09, 2010

    call 888-647-6191

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  • Br
    Brian.S Jun 30, 2011
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    Verified customer

    We got the same story!! They got me and my wife for $2, 500! The company needs to be shut down!

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Timeshare Express ServicesResale

My wife and I were interested in selling our timeshare when we received a call from timeshare express services. We thought what were the chances of them knowing that we were interested in selling. Well after talking with them we agreed to list our timeshare with timeshareexpressservices.com for one year. They wanted $2, 000.00 but they agreed to sell it for $1, 400.00

My wife would call timeshare express services at least twice a month and the first few times she was told that they had a buyer and that they were waiting for some paperwork from the timeshare people. Months went by and we could never talk to the same person twice. (Seems they have a really big turn over.)

Finally one year later they haven't sold my timeshare and I believe that they never had a buyer to begin with now I'm hoping that I can get my timeshare back. I'm sure that I can kiss my $1, 4000.00 goodbye. It's obvious that this company will take your money and hold your timeshare for a year and cry "Best Efforts" clause in their contract. I guess what really burns me is that we were told time after time that our timeshare was sold and that they were waiting for some sort of document which we found out was a complete fabrication.



  • Ma
    Marie Brobston Aug 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also was solicited by phone with the promise that they had buyers for my 2 timeshares. They sent me paperwork to fill out and to notarize and (by the way that will be $1850) and said they needed the paperwork as soon as possible. Well, it has been 2 months and I have heard nothing. Calls are not answered, today I was on hold for 50 minutes and when my call was answered the person said hold a moment and never did come back on the line.

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  • Pe
    peterb327 Sep 07, 2010

    same deal i got...has a buyer...guaranteed sale...1850 bucks...now they don't even answer the phones or return calls. how can they get away with this?

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Timeshare Express Services — Fradulent claims/statements

Agent will call you and tell you that they have a buyer for your condo/timeshare that you have listed for...

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