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Tata WalkyResetting of phone number

Dear sr,

I procured the tata walky phoneat kandivali and as i have been transferred to pune i was not bale to use the same for about 3 years. Now i am at thane and want to restart my number. i contacted customer care they told to take the phone to tata gallary. when i went to tata gallary they checked the phone and told that the phone is in working condition but number is blocked. the same number can not be started and new number can not be loaded in this set. you have scrap the instrument and procure the new one.
i surprised that why new phone number can not be started on working walky instrument?
in short that if you take walky and change the location you have to scrap the phone? my phone number was [protected] and my mobile number is [protected] my email id is [protected]@gmail.com .

  • Pr
    pradeep63 Jul 18, 2014

    myself is pradeep Y sarode mobile number 9869383222 procured the tata walky from kandivali and after about 2 years i went to pune and hence not able to use the same. Now i posted again in thane ands want to restart the walky. after contacting the customer care they advised to take the walky to tata gallary. when i wnet to tata walky they said that your phone is in working condition but the number is blocked and now it can not be restarted further the new number can not be loaded on this walky. you have to scrap the same and take new walky. my number was022 64129643 . i surpised to note that walky can not be reset . hence if any one procure the walky and relocated to some other location they have to scrap the instrument evn if they want to restart the same at original location it can not be restarted

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Tata WalkyNon Replacement of Faulty Instrument by TATA Indicom

It is to state that I have been using The Tata Walky post paid landline phone since past 10 years. the company had provided the instrument after taking a deposit. In spite of my repeated requests the company have not replaced the old instrument till date. I have been repeatedly complaining regarding the faulty instrument but to no avail. every time the service personnel of the company would come & charge a hefty Rs.75/- per visit do some minor repairing to the instrument & leave. as a result of which i have not been able to use the phone instrument at all for more than 1 minute at a time.the phone would invariably dis connect after 1-2 minutes.in this regard i even talked to the service center & Mr. Jairath had issued me request no: [protected] then, after some time some one named Mr. Deepak called me on my mobile from no: [protected]. the fellow talked in the most un professional manner & told me that they are not able to provide any better service to the customers & they are not ready to provide the new instrument in place of faulty instrument.this leaves me with no option but to cancel the services as i cannot use the said instrument.
it is deeply regretted that a service provider like Tatas behave in such a manner with such a old customer.


  • Sa
    Sam Patel Oct 03, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I resident of Pereira Nagar, Thane. First of all regret that every time we have received your monthly bills very late that also after giving call from our side and now this time on 30Sept 06 I have already given my last cheque of 335 at your drop box office near Thane West station as usual and today we receive call saying we have not paid first of all tell your department to be puncutal in sending your bills and I want the reply of above soon for we are not going to pay interest for no fault of ours.

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  • Ar
    arun bhatia Mar 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    respected sir/madam,

    i am arun bhatia, i am a tata walky customer my no is- 6565971.

    my phone is not working since last 10 days.i have complaint three times my complaint nos are-ptc-732937897 or ptc-073300311 or ptc-073300577.

    tata indicom says that u can check the lg service centre i can checked and from lg service center they says the falt is from tata indicom so plz check the fault and solve my problem quickely




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  • Vr
    vrushti Jun 22, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks to complaintboard & tata indicom for resolving the problem so quickly.As my tata indicom no was given as a emergency contact no to schools etc. It was very important to me. Thanks again and sorry for inconvenience caused by me to everybody.

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Tata WalkyGiven an old set on new connection!

I find my self highly cheated by Tata( walky team ), they had given me an old set on my new connection and that too this set is in really bad condition, when ever I called tata customer care, they never sent a service engineer to my home and in turn told me to visit the service center. Yesterday I got a call from the billing department intimating me to pay my first bill, and when I refused to pay my bill, then she acted over my complain and finally sent a service engineer to my home. who in turn told us that he cant replace the set as they don't have new sets in Noida( What is this s**t?) Can you all believe this?

What do we call this cheating or not you are paying money to get an old stuff that to in bad state. No where we were told about this in advance.

  • Gi
    girraj Jan 25, 2009

    could i know about after the make the complain here, u short out or not yet, please tell to me

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Tata WalkyWorst service in Bangalore

It has been more than one and a half months and I have filled up two application forms for the connection. They never bothered to call up for verification and updated the status saying "Address not located". I have even mailed to the nodal officer but was of no use. They prompt others to just update whatever status they get to their mind. Their getting back to me shortly has taken more than one and a half months now and that has not yet happened. Whom do we complain about these services if the people at nodal office itself are so irresponsible? I have never in my life came across such an irresponsible lot working together.

  • Ra
    Rajiv Agarwal Aug 11, 2007

    Tata Teleservices have poor after sales customer services. They don't address the issues and harass you a lot!

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Tata Walky — Tata indicom - cheats!

I am k.keshavakkannan, I bought a tata walky, At the time of booking this connection the phone set supoosed...

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