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4:52 pm EST
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I purchased a CSW3910 Sentry Safe from Costco over 2 years ago and the handle broke last week. The handle broke because I forced it hard when the safe was locked. I contacted Sentry thinking they would not or could not help me, but to my surprise they not only still made the safe they sent out a replacement handle with instructions without any charge. No...

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5:28 pm EST

Sentry Safes Product quality not 100%

Ordered the Executive Model 24 Gun Safe for around $850.00 on sale. The safe arrived in a timely fashion and was installed according to instructions on a level floor. The rug carpet inside the safe was glued to cheap particle board and was coming undone in several places(peeling from the board), plus one shelving board was broken into, but held together only by the carpet(useless). Big complaint is that the safe door does not have a smooth closer and has a binding feel to it when shutting. It will close, but requires some effort. Nothing blocking the channel groves to inhibit closer. Contacted the company and they did email me back within two days, offering suggestions, all which failed to work. The exterior is nice, and the safe roomy, but it is obvious the quality of these safes have dropped considerably in recent years. Could it because they are now made in China?

I have owned two Sentry safes in the past and was very pleased with the workmanship and preformance of those safes, however it is obvious to me that the quality of craftsmanship is not at the same level that older safes made by this company once were. Had I to do it over again, I would consider purchasing something made in America even if I had to pay a bit more out of pocket. On a score of 1-10, I would give this safe a 4.

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2:21 pm EST

Sentry Safes Poor product and bad customer service

I bought a Sentry fire safe about 3 or 4 years ago. One day it would not open with my user code or the factory code. I called customer service and explaned that the electronic lock would not accept my code. They kept trying to tell me it was the batteries or the battery pack. I had put a volt meter on the battery pack and the batteries were good and sending the correct voltage. All they would due was send me a new battery pack. After recieving it i put it in and the thing still had the same problem (Which I tried to tell them.) I called back and they gave ne their super secret code that still would not work. Finally they said it was the electronics duhh. They told me the only choice I had now was to call a locksmith. I spent a few hundred dolars on this safe now I have to pay a locksmith and buy a new safe. They did offer to give me 20% off a new safe. I am soory but after the preformance of this one and the poor customer service I will NEVER buy anothey sentry safe. And as far as security it It took me 3hrs with a tire iron and a chisel to break into the safe. In my opinion These safes are unreliable and not very secure.

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