Section 8 Complaints & Reviews

Section 8recertification

Last year I submitted all my paperwork for my recertification a few times cause my paperwork was displaced a few times finally I received a paper stating that my recertification was completed and it indicated what I made for the year and my new rent I noticed right away it was wrong cause the of money I made for the year was wrong which meant the amount of rent for my portion was wrong so I asked that it please be corrected and and I summited the nessesary paper to have it corrected but I was told that I had to 1st submit another recertification cause by the time the worker finished my recertification it was time for another one so I did the recertification again and now I received the paperwork and it's wrong again

Section 8violation of privacy, inspection and rent decrease

I live in section 8 housing, I have been requesting for a rent decreasre for 3 months now due to childcare on top of that everytime I leave and come home I have holes in my wall or my belongings are damaged or use, I have called the cops and they never come, so my complaints are not going through, I live in a garden city apt building where my landlords kids are neighbors, I have been harrassed my the daughters and their boyfriends, all im asking is for someone to look into before something happens. I also have to keep my garbage in my house because theres no property garbage outside, I haven't had a paint job since I moved in and section 8 passed the inspection with all the damages done on the property.

violation of privacy, inspection and rent decrease
violation of privacy, inspection and rent decrease
violation of privacy, inspection and rent decrease
violation of privacy, inspection and rent decrease
violation of privacy, inspection and rent decrease

Section 8Emergency move

I have been out of my home since 2/28/14 due to my land lord not fixing a broken pipe; I called section 8 I called landlord no one does anything. I go to the dept all of a sudden I need to move emergency . I have been taking care of my family since on my own . They provided no housing nothing. These people are crazy, they gave me a voucher and said look for a place how rude :(

  • Mk
    MkStItCh May 06, 2014

    Section 8 is a funding outfit for low income people... They do NOT look for places for you to live.

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  • Jo
    Joyce Barber Oct 06, 2015

    why does it take section 8 a long time to complete a transport transfer when I am on a time limit ?

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  • Jo
    Joyce Barber Oct 06, 2015

    why does it take section 8 a long time to complete a portability transfer, when MY TIME IS RUNNING OUT.SECTION 8 is going to make me lose my apartment because they are taking to long to finish or to complete the paper work.IT shouldn't take that long .all they need is about two weeks to finish this process and let me be on my way out. BUT section 8 do not want to take on the responsibilities of a voucher holder losing they apartment, but it is their fault on the matter. Section 8 needs to speed up the process on people work. Please take the time to help this matter in any way you can. THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME OUT ON THE MATTER.

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  • Sh
    shondra g Oct 07, 2015

    To;whom it may concern i shonda gillum is curently out of a place to stay do to the neglact of section 8
    on doing there part as in makeing shore all clients documents or in place do to being unorganized
    and lake of unity and careing enoght to help resolve the problem me and my children had to be homeless
    not very good at all me and my youngest one had to go from shelter to shelter house to house car was taken
    out of a job sometimes no place to go we lost furniture family dog and famly being seperated from each other
    even lost of contect do to sectoin8 it has been on going sence 2008 I'm asking you to look into this case
    i would like for you all to be very understanding to what has happend to use and one of the years in this time frame
    someone was living in my home wail we we;er homeless my client number is # 000034802 voucher number 149559
    my last voucher was issued out on 07/25/2014 expiration date 09/23/2014 date extension expires 11/22/2014
    .thank for your understanding P.s my phone number is 615-480-0546

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Section 8Employee Harrasment

The Section 8 Adviser have been harassing my family members privately questioning them about me and threatening them with losing their own vouchers. In addition my housing Rep will not return my calls and is not complying with its job requirements. I am trying to port out to a new state and they will not respond to my request. The Section 8 office in Los Angeles has complied and I was informed by my case worker they transferred all my paperwork to the Pasadena office, when i call the Pasadena office they claim they have not received anything and I have a stamp from the Los Angeles Office showing everything is complete on their end. So the Pasadena office claims not to have my paper work and will not call me back and when I go in I am told I must have an appointment and the only way to get it is through the phone. In addition to this, My voucher expires in a month and they have been stalling for a month

  • Sh
    Shpungin Oct 17, 2015

    I am 67 years old and for 22 years I never had problems. 4years ago I moved to studio apartment from my one bedroom. First when I plaid to moove, they lost all paper work, second when I got premision to move, they did not pade my apt. Menegment. All paper work went to my old address. After two years of their negligence I still did not got for two years papers to fill out yearly my incom. Now is problem with inspectors. First visit was wrong with my kitchen outlet. When they com second time, they told my menegment I did not had hot voter. I leave in very nice and clean apt and every bay I take shower and cook and wash my dishes. And I have every day for 4 years hot voter. I knew they coming to check my apt. And I did not take the bath nor I cooked or wash my dishes. And when they check the hot voter, it did not com right away. They did not wate and assumed I don't have hot voter. And I know, if something wrong in my apt. When I call super he comes right away . Even all sec.8 said how clean and nice my apt. Looks.

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Section 8tranfer

i was evicted from my apartment on june 28th i have applied for a tranfer since april because someone broke into my apartment i went to section 8 to get a tranfer more then once because i was evicted and also about the break in it is now oct 9th and they still have not done anything about my tranfer i have all if mt documents so i would like to know what is the reason they have not done anything and what to do about it

  • Fo
    foxygrandma Oct 10, 2012

    Where I live, if a person on section 8 gets evicted, they are also kicked off section 8. I'm sure being it is a government program, it works the same all over.

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  • Iv
    Ivonne Paz Jun 03, 2015

    i traveled from Ohio to take care of my Mother she has demintra and is bed bound i asked for a emergency tranfer since March have not heard from them and when i call they tell we will contact you by mail...I have nowhere to take my mother to make her comforably so i had to take Mom to a rehab and i lived out of a bag from house to house...

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  • Be
    Belendia Apr 21, 2016

    My mother is disabled and so is my youngest brother. They have been served an Eviction due to sections 8 paying her rent 8 months behind and 3 months behind prior to that! Now section eights supervisor tells my mother she can't rent the house she wants to move to because its $110 over her budget even tho she was paying just $100 less for the home she's being evicted from on a 1 bedroom allotment due to the 2 heartbeat program. She now qualified and recieved a 3 bedroom voucher, but the director won't approve her to move into the house we found her, saying its still $100 dollars over her allotment! But the state of Michigan says her voucher is over the amount of the rent the landlord is asking for! I believe she's in a trap now because she went over her supervisors head to get help! Or there's a lot of shady deals going down in a little town called Inkster, Mi... If anyone can help please contact me [email protected] I think she needs an Attorney!

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  • Cy
    cynthiacampanale Jan 06, 2017

    CVR White Plains NY denied request for tenancy approval despite my 18 year old son being a victim of violent crime. My son was victim 12/13/2015 and in July 2016 two CVR employees Cynthia Manan Supervisor and James Moen case Worker despite my son's lung collapsed and a host of police complaints against the other cohorts who were still free and not charged.
    One suspect was arrested, now convicted.
    2nd male suspect now identified in November 2016 and out on bail. No Emergency to the CVR workers.
    50 days CVR took to transfer my voucher in this situation. I was attacked on 1/1/2017 by a CVR client who CVR employee Peter Lusik ignored my complaints she was trying to corrupt a minor and sell marijuana to my son. I believe she is related or friends with the second stabber. My son did not want to reside here, 3 blocks from where he almost lost his life. I am still at this residence.
    Please email me [email protected]
    for I am starting a lawsuit against CVR white plains ny office, but not limited too and their employees. I want to hear your horror stories and problems with moves, emergency safety moves and whatever grievances you might have in hopes of dismantling this archaic system of approval and " hence the Section 8 sub- class"...
    We should not be labelled or singled out and instead it should be run like DSS, the money on your card and no inspections we are not r#####s and allowed to move freely for these are leases not prison terms. We are people not clients with
    human needs and part of the community that has to be integrated not separated. I do not want to
    have a sub- class of The Section
    8 tenant, but only " Tenants."
    Landlords must also undergo background criminal checks and inform us the tenants if the landlord has a criminal background .

    Email: [email protected]
    and hopefully I can address this issue and homelessness with No Labels. org

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Section 8emergency transfer delay

My name is Melissa Kelly i'm a victim of domestic violence I vacated my apartment that I shared with my abuser once I learned he was being released from prison. I applied for an emergency transfer and submitted my order of protection and police reports I am hiding from my abuser with my four year old daughter they told me it would take 4 to 8 Weeks to process and its been almost a year.I've been given the run around ever since and i'm trying to keep me and my baby safe.

  • Ni
    NieshaF Jun 25, 2012

    Hello Melissa, I am in the position of applying for a transfer as well. I did several transfer request since February and all were denied... and I also put in for an emergency transfer. I was given the run around as well. I did my own research on the internet, this is the direct contact to section 8 and transfer departments. Try to contact the transfer department yourself; by writing a letter to the leased housing department. I've provided the link to the contacts.
    I hope this help u. Be safe, u and your child/children.
    GOD BLESS ;-)

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  • Ni
    NieshaF Jun 25, 2012

    sorry for the typos Melissa

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  • An
    Antoinette Lovett Aug 07, 2017

    Hello Kim, I am a section 8 voucher holder and I have a sick family member that needs my care management for their health condition. But I must travel and stay several months. I need to know if I can break my lease in tampa Florida to port back to Illinois to care for my loved one. I understand that most county require u to finish lease out but what about a emergency sickness that was unexpected, can I vacate lease agreement w/o losing my section8 voucher, thanks for reading today is August 2017?????

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Section 8 — Not doing there Job

Section 8 never pick up their phones and if they do they say to wait leave you waiting and hang up.when you get thru if you do they treat you nasty foul loud language and then...