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Rii StromanRip off

What a racket they have going. They eagerly took our $500.00 to list our Florida timeshare. They suggested higher prices to sell at but we just wanted to get out from under it. Our price was $5000.00 less than they thought we should list at. Never heard a word about anyone looking at it or inquiring about it. I was diligent about calling every week to every other week and documented every call I made to them. They would call back, no bites.

I know I am one of many that have complaints about this company. How many do they sell? Where is their sales history? How big is this company? I could have done a better job, they simply posted what we told them about the condo. No research on their part. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! It sat for 3 years idle. What a waste of our time and our money. They should be reported to the Florida Better Business Bureau, but not even sure if that would help. MAD AS *** FROM MICHIGAN.

  • Ro
    ron battocletti Nov 11, 2008

    failed to sell our timeshare, no offers at all since listed 12-28-05, will not honor their money back guarantee,

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  • Sa
    Sammy Mar 10, 2009

    Any timeshare resales company is a ripoff.. this one has had our timeshare since Dec. 2003. They never call as promised. I've called many times to lower the price, and still no response from them.

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  • Go
    GotSuckered Mar 31, 2010

    I agree with all the posters here about what a ripoff Rii Stroman is. Still kicking myself about falling for this BS. Why did I not research it online and find out about this scam?! They took my $500 up front and then... nothing. Unless I contacted them, I never heard a peep. Sure, they posted my unit on their website, but aside from that there was no apparent effort to sell it. As I recall they claimed to be doing a lot of advertising elsewhere, but no evidence of that. At some point, they quietly took my unit off their site without notifying me. By now I have sold it through other means. Well at least I was able to save another family member from making the same mistake. Never pay commision up-front!!

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Rii StromanConsumer Fraud

This company sent us ad brochures for years soliciting our business. They claimed to be the best in the industry. We also haven't received any offers or follow-up phone calls since we paid the fee in 2067. We'll file with the Attorney General's office and follow-up with a class-action suit. Are you all with us?

  • Sc
    Scubajulie Dec 05, 2009

    How can I join you with the class -action lawsuit. I experienced the same rip-off since 2005.

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Rii StromanTimeshare sales scam

Do not fall for their sales pitch to sell your Timeshare! The salesman I spoke with 2 years ago pretty much assured me they would be able to sell my timeshare (at the price he suggested) no problem. (I'm now sure he was just telling me the price I wanted to hear). I then payed the $500 payment for their so call service (which they did not do a thing). I did not receive one call from the company during the next 2 years. I called several times to ask about the progress of the sale and even lowered the asking price. One final time I called and asked why I had never been call about the sale. I was told there was nothing they could do about this, my listing had expired and been pulled from their advertising, but for another fee they could keep the listing open! Don't make the same mistake I did! Save your $500 and don't give this company your money for not doing a thing!

Rii StromanTimeshare Sale

Inquired about selling our timeshare in Orlando Florida because we received literature in the mail frequently and I put in an inquiry on their website. They called and sent me a contract which we signed and mailed to them on 10/12/07. They indicated this was a very popular resort at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa and should be a very attractive property and easy to sell. I did have to pay tme a fee which they explained was for their advertising of $599.00. I should have know better but this was my first experience and I trusted them.
Once they had my money I have never heard from them again. This was a total scam as I see many other people have also been sucked into their scam. I want my money returned of $599.00.
Please stop these companies from doing business with innocent people and ripping them off.

  • Je
    Jessica Roberts Oct 01, 2008

    I trusted this company 4-5 years ago. I too kept receiving mail from them about selling my timeshare. I called. I paid $500 for ad fee and returned the contract. They gave no help in how to set a price so that the timeshare would sell.

    After about a year or so, I called to find out what's happening with sales. The guy told me that everyone's trying to get rid of their timeshare and the demand is not there and maybe I should lower my price.

    Two years later I called again to lower the price because since then I've learned that timeshares for resale are worth only about 10%-15% of what you paid, and I saw on Ebay that comparable timeshares were selling for even less.

    I told the lady to put it up for $800, she told me that she couldn't do that because their commission has to be at least $900. I laughed (out of how ridiculous) So she suggested $1, 900. I told her that I KNOW my timeshare is not going to sell for that much. And, because my contract with them was nearing the end she tried to get me to pay $99 to keep listing up for another year.

    I told her I'm not giving that company any more of my money and that I want a refund. Of course, she explained how they don't give refunds and extended my listing for another year any way.

    I am incensed at this company. Is there not a company out there that can deliver as advertised any more?

    I want my money back too! How do we shut RII Stroman and others like it down?

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  • Cr
    Craig Stephens Oct 09, 2008

    I did the same as everyone else on here. They told us verbally about the money back satisfaction guarantee. That also was a lie. I listed with them in Jan 05. to date I have not received a single offer. I was also told to lower the price, yet still no offer. Its been almost 3 years now and i see no change coming. This company is a total rip off. Save your money and do not list anything with them. Keep reporting them to BBB and any consumer reporting agency that will listen. These people need to be stopped. The person that originally did our contract was Shirley A.Tatum, now its Patti Sizemore. Neither have done anything.

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  • Wi
    william harrison Oct 15, 2008

    report these scam artist to the folks at www.resaleripoffs.com. They have a help forum, do investigations, and fee recovery for timeshare owners that have been scammed.

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Rii StromanScam and cheating!

We have listed our Polo Towers timeshare with this company since April 2006 for $19,800 which she (Mary Brooks) said to be no problem. We have been reducing our price. We are down to $10,000 and still no offers. We paid $499.00, we feel that they are a scam.

  • Mi
    Mike May 07, 2008

    I absolutely agree with this. We posted out Orlando, Fl timeshare in 2006 for a price over $16 which the salesman assured us with be "no problem, you'll probably get even more" so we gladly gave them the $499 fee up front. To date, we haven't head a peep out of them and I've cut the price. The reps on the phone will not give us the slightest hint that our price is within reason or even tell us what other properties are selling for. I'm extremely disastified, and now RII Strohman is claiming there never was a satisfaction guaruntee, something we were promised verbally over the phone.

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  • Da
    David May 13, 2008

    I, too, fell for this scam. Although I was only looking to rent out and not to sell, the same scenario repeated itself. Promise of a high rental... no offers... lowered the price considerably..still nothing. Gave up.
    The next place I tried, US Timeshares (UST) promised to try getting this money back, claiming that RI Strohman doesn't reference Florida statutes in their marketing literature which allows individuals to recoup their money. It's been 8 months and I haven't received anything back from Strohman through UST. UST still answers their phone, but I'm planning to protest the charges on my credit card (this late in the game my CC company won't guarentee anything, but they'll put the protest through)

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  • Li
    Lisa Naslund Jun 07, 2008

    We fell for this scam. Our agent is Mary Brooks, it is convienent she is always out of her office and no return phone call. I'm going to contest the charge on my credit card. Great scam advertising they specialize in selling Faifield Prpoerties !

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  • Sa
    Sandy Sep 27, 2008

    We were scammed by Rii Stroman in 2001 and reported them to BBB. Our story was very similar to most of the more recent complaints. They told BBB they would refund our money which they never did. Never pay any money upfront to any company who claims they will rent or sell your timeshare for you.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Dec 01, 2008

    Couldn't agree with these posts more. Same thing. Didn't hear from Rii Strohman again once we paid the upfront fees ($400+) - for the entire 3 year time they "advertised" our property. Mary Lee from US Timeshare Management said she could not only get our money refunded but could have our place rented for $1500 in pocket. She required the up front fee of $800+. I was extremely hesistant, but after she hounded us on the phone for days on end I eventually gave her the money thinking I would be able to recoop the Strohman money for a net expense of $400, but like Strohman never heard from her again either. Out $1200 now. I was dumb to have been suckered twice.

    To advertise, all these companies do is cut and paste canned decriptions on their websites and there is nothing that distinguishes your property from anyone elses. The descriptions are exactly the same. They don't actively try sell your property. They only wait for people to browse their website, and if they don't, it's no biggie because they already have their money.

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  • Ro
    Robert Jan 06, 2009

    In April of 2004 I paid rii Stroman $500 to help sale my two time shares. Never did I receive periodic reports about the sales whether by phone or mail. They basically took my money and forgot about me. I was shocked and disturbed when i saw that they have a web site. I hope others will do what I didn't, check out a company before handing over cash. They said they would have them sold well before the three year expiration. Not only was there never a sale, no correspondence.

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  • Br
    Brian branch Jan 09, 2009

    I agree with all comments on this page. I received a mail correspondence today to sell my timeshare with this company after I wouldn't return their calls, so I decided to checkout their website to see if there were any complaints against them, well, there are. Thanks to all of you who listed your complaints and saved me the money on this one. I was not going to do it anyway as I had already listed two properties with two other timeshare companies - Vacation Register and Sellmytimehsare.com, each of who gave me the same promises listed here. Guess what, two years and not a single offer or even a hit or correspondence from either of them. All of these companies are scams and rip offs, they get the money up front, list your timeshaare on the internet and hope someone sees it and wants to buy it. That its. They do nothing to try to sactually sell your timeshare, so please do not list it with any company on the interent, it is a waste of your time and a loss of your money. Do not fall for any of these scams, please. If you want to sale one, list it in your local paper or call a resaale company in the city you bought it at, or tyr to rent it on Redweek.com (very inexpenseive) and hope someone who rents it will like it and want to buy it. Otherwise, you are stuck with it unless you pay it off and give it back to the company you purchased it from. If you want to buy one, go to a resort that you like and attend their sales presentation, see what they are selling for, ask if they have any repos, they are about a third of what the company sales one for. If you don't like any of their prices, guess what, go to the internet and type in timeshares and you will find plenty of real cheap ones from people who got ripped off like you and I did and you can buy one real cheap. Most will take any half way resonable offer because yours is likely the only one they will get. Good Luck.

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  • Ba
    Bart Mar 31, 2009

    I called these people after seeing an ad to find out more about them and whether or not they could sell my time share. They called me and promised me that they could sell my timeshare and that they were different than all the rest. They said they were real estate brokers and they would physically sell the property by showing it to real people and not just advertising it on web sites etc. They promised that it would sell within 6 months. They said they had all kinds of buyers and that the market was up and I would make a profit. They would not send me papers until after I let them take my $499.00 on my credit card. They said they would be in constant contact with me to update me and give me offers etc. I never heard from them again. I could not get a hold of Roger who promised me that they would sell it etc.

    As fas as I am concerned they are nothing but liars, thieves, and criminals preying upon honest hard working people, just like the time share people. They use high pressure sales tactics and lie to you any time they need to to get your money.

    Don't ever give anyone of these thieves any money!!! I am sorry I did. I wish I knew about these web sites before.

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  • Nr
    nrsfrmmrs May 23, 2016

    I too got ripped by these people and also some other "timeshare sales" companies. I paid rii stroman $499.00 in 2005 and never got any offers and when I asked for a refund, they refused saying that the money I paid was "advertising fees" and could not be refunded. Well, I ended up giving back the timeshares I owned in Mexico, which they took back with no problems, but the one which I own in the US refused to take back, even though it is paid for and dues are up to date. They just want to keep collecting the annual maintenance fees. I have lost a lot of money to these timeshares and to "sales" companies trying to sell them for me.

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