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9:26 pm EST Flea infested kitten

I paid $950 for a beautiful and sweet kitten on 11/06/ dollar. Within less than 9 hours, my vet discovered our new kitten was flea infested. I have two dogs and two cats which were adopted from rescue missions or humane societies. None of my previous pets had fleas. Not one! I'm super sad that our new baby has had parasites sucking on him. Further, I'm distraught that I paid as much money as I did and now have to deal with this! Potentially, I'll need to fog my house and treat all of my other 4 pets. I would like a guarantee on my pet that if it dies, due to fleas/parasites/general illness I will receive a new and flea-free kitten. Also, I do not find it acceptable to adopt out a kitten who is full of fleas. This is unacceptable and reckless considering I have other pets and a home with children. If I get a flea infested home because of this pet adoption, I would like financial reimbursement...nothing more.

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10:06 am EDT
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The breeder from the website is the worst person ever. He sold me sick and almost dead kitten. I received the small kitten in the airport and he looked like crap. I immediately went to the veterinarian, but he couldn’t help. And the kitten died after several hours. When I called to this breeder, he refused everything and hung up on me...

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