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Prima SealFraud business practices!

In october 2006, I ordered 9 windows from prima seal & had them installed. The installation was near may of this year I ordered 10 windows, plus vinyl siding from ken alderfer & gave $5,375 as a deposit. I was given the 3-4 week ordering time, which they adhered to in october. Needless to say, I began getting the run around from brad scott with the already used excuses of phone troubles, sickness, tied up on another job. At this point, he's run out of excuses & doesn't even pick-up the phone. I've spoken to "stuttering ken" (or whatever that speach impediment is) 2x & was told he had no involvement with scheduling, but he'd be sure to contact the office for someone. No one contacted me & ken now doesn't pick-up the phone. As of now i'm on a campaign of contacting ken everyday & night - does anyone else want to join? Also, my wife is contacting "7 on your side" to see if they'll pick-up the story.

Prima SealTook my money and ran

I signed a contract on 3-21-07 for new siding at a cost of $16,000.00 I gave Ken my deposit of $ 5300.00 and was told they would start with in 6 weeks. I thought this was about right due to the weather and scheduling times.

I finally was able to contact Brad Scottaka Brad Sores and worked it out, so I thought. They were to start on Friday 6-8-07. No one showed of course and no phone calls. Now they machine will not even answer. I hate to admit it but I AM THE BIGGEST FOOL OF ALL, to believe this company had any integrity or honor.

STAY AWAY!!! I turned it over to my lawyer, hopefully he can do something. Thanks Brad There is a sucker born everyday.

Prima SealStole $1250!

I wish I found this site before I agreed to do business with Prima Seal. On April 18 a salesman, Ken Alderfer, came to our house and sold us replacement windows, giving us the same business is slow right now routine that he gave others on this site. Ken said some one would be out in a week to measure the windows, no one called or came. We called the company and got Brad Scott eventually and he said he was sick and hasn't been able to call us yet. He did make an appointment - that no one showed up to twice - excuses were plumbing issues in the warehouse, and that they were there but no one answered. Finally they did come out to measure the windows on 5/14, and they said the windows could be installed within the next week. Haven't heard from anyone since then. We called and left messages, the answering machine now says that the machine is full and cannot take anymore messages.

I contacted the Better business bureau and ABC 6 - we'll see what happens.

I just want our money back.

NOTE - I checked the better business bureau before doing business with prima seal and they still had them on good standings - now when I search around further it has them as not in good standings.

If anyone has gotten their money back please let me know how you did it.

[Resolved] Prima SealClose Prima seal down! They are a scam company!

I Wanted to let every customer know that Prima Seal is unethical and has fraudulent business practices. After completing an online questionnaire for replacement windows on the Andersen Windows website, we were contacted by Prima Seal for a free, in-home consultation. On February 7th, 2007, I was visited by Ken Alderfer, home improvement specialist, for Prima-Seal. During his visit, Ken explained the benefit of using Sunrise Windows over other competitors such as Andersen Windows, Pella, etc. Because my wife and I have never heard of Sunrise Windows, Ken provided us with a sales brochure and a demonstration highlighting the differences of competing windows. As a result of the demonstration, we were very impressed and extremely interested in purchasing windows from Sunrise Windows. However, because we were updating our kitchen with several contractors, we would make a purchase contingent upon our replacement windows being installed by the week of March 5, 2007. We were very clear and concise regarding the sensitivity of our time line. To our surprise, Ken explained this was a "slow time of year" and this would be no problem accommodating our deadline. Further, he offered a significant discount for the windows and arrived at a total price of $2,753 (with a required deposit of $1,427, paid by check). We ordered 3 windows: 1 Sunrise Window, 45 degree, Prima-Weld Bay window, with Colonial Grids. 1 Sunrise Window, Double Hung Window, measuring 35 X 35. 1 Sunrise Window, Slider Window.

Beginning on the week of 2/26, we began making calls to Prima-Seal to confirm our order was placed with Sunrise Windows and we were on target to meet our deadline. However, the representative we spoke to, Beth had no way of communicating with Ken Alderfer and we were referred to Brad Scott (later discovered his real name of Brad Sores) also other last name she goes by, owner of Prima-Seal. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we were informed by Brad the windows had been ordered and he was expecting delivery in the next few days. However, in every instance, he was unable to produce an order number or model number of windows being ordered on our behalf. As Brad, began to offer excuse after excuse, we decided to be proactive and contact the corporate headquarters of Sunrise Windows in Temperance, MI. Sunrise Windows had no record of any order being placed on our behalf. Further, we learned the company had severed ties with Prima-Seal in January 2007, mainly Brad Scott. Though the company did not offer details, the legal representation of the company was seeking action against Prima Seal. After learning of the news, we researched Prima-Seal on the Better Business Bureau. To our dismay, we discovered 11 complaints had been filed in the last 12 months, and 13 in the last 36 months. Also, his name is stated Brad Sores on the site, though in every conversation, he claimed his name was Brad Scott. Though the BBB lists this company with a "satisfactory record", we were very unhappy and proceeded to contact Brad with our findings. After informing him of our calls to Sunrise Windows and our findings on BBB, he stated he uses another local distributor to order his Sunrise Windows. Once again, he refused to provide contact information of his local distributor. Also, he stated he decided to sever ties with Sunrise Windows. Oddly enough, at the conclusion of this call on 3/6, he informed us our windows were in his warehouse and would be installed on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 between the hours of 10-11 AM EST. After calling the morning of 3/13, we were told Brad is on vacation and there is no delivery and installation scheduled at our home. As a result of his misinformation and false expectations, we have many conflicting schedules with our other contractors.

Given our issues, historical complaints via the Better Business Bureau, The Attorney General of PA & our attorney that sent a letter out to Brad and Sunrise Windows position against Brad Scott, we requested an immediate investigation into Prima Seal. We would like to be refunded our deposit of $1,427 immediately and this company to cease operations. It is disgusting and shocking with the number of formal complaints, this company is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. I think it is very important to emphasize formal complaints. For an individual, like me, to take the time to investigate a company, make numerous calls during business hours, and research the process of filing a formal complaint is a statement of its own. In the last 12 months, an average of just under one complaint a month has been filed against Prima-Seal. I demand a formal investigation be launched into the fraudulent and unethical acts of ALL associated with Prima Seal. We just want our money back!! Be careful with his contracts!!!The contract does state Prima Seal does have 180 days to complete the project. Who in there right mind would wait 6 months for a window? However, if Sunrise Windows has severed the relationship with Prima Seal as of January 11, 2007, how could these windows be produced at all? After one month, Brad informed us he is using another contractor to purchase Sunrise Windows. This should have been disclosed at the point of sale to give us an opportunity to research that individual’s good standing with Sunrise Windows. When asked for this contractor’s information, Brad stated he was not permitted to release it. Most importantly, no where on the contract does it indicate Prima Seal’s right to use a third party. STAY AWAY FROM PRIMA SEAL...

  • Ki
    Kimberly Schulz May 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After a consultation on 5/3/07, my roommate signed a contract with Ken Alderfer (representing Prima Seal) for ordering and installing 9 windows in our apartment. At that time, she wrote a check in the amount of $1454.00 (1/3 the estimated cost) with the assurance that the check would not be cashed until she spoke to me and we called to confirm everything with Brad Scott, the owner of the company. When we tried to call, we only were able to leave a voice mail message, and later found out from her bank that the check was indeed cashed on 5/7/07 without further contact with the company and, upon finally speaking to Brad on 5/10/07, he admitted that it was just a misunderstanding.

    An appointment was made to measure for the windows on 5/16/07 at 4:30 pm. Brad called at the beginning of that week, 5/14/07, to reconfirm the appointment. My roommate was present in the apartment, awaiting the scheduled meeting, but nobody showed up. We were not phoned or contacted in any way since that call from Brad Scott on 5/14/07.

    It is now a week later (5/21/07), and after leaving at least two messages per day (calling at least 6 times per day) as well as 4 urgent emails in the past 6 days, the voice mailbox is full and we cannot find any other way to contact and speak to someone. We even tried faxing a letter but apparently their fax machine has been shut off.

    After our own experience with this company as well as reading other complaints here and BBB, clearly, those running this company (including the owner Brad and his partner Ken) are frauds. All we want is our money back. We are working with a lawyer to move forward in taking them to court.

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  • Mi
    Michael Hurle May 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Clearly the company has been misrepresenting itself. We ordered $10,000 in replacement (18) windows, paying a $3,334 deposit in on 2/24/07. After considerable delays they final came and did a measurement in April. Since then frequent attempts to contact the owner have met with no response. Becoming suspicious we have followed up with Sunrise Windows and learned that Prime Seal have been an INACTIVE customer with them for at least 8 months.

    In addition to wanting to explore ways to get our money back from the company I am interested in pursuing other avenues of recourse. Part of our due diligence included asking for names and addresses of satisfied customers. My calls to them were satisfactory, but now I wonder who I was calling...

    We need to get the word out on this company, and bring the relevant parties to justice...

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  • Pa
    PAUL NYE May 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Paid for windows in January with the balance paid in march no windows and contacted sunrise windows and they were never ordered need to shut this company down.

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  • Lg
    L Gray Jun 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This was a memo I sent to Prima Seal.

    To: Prima Seal, Brad Scott, Brad Sore, Ken Alderfer

    Re: Cancellation of Window Order

    Be notified that I am canceling my window order placed 5-5-07 for 2 replacement windows. I paid $265 as a down payment and require a return of this down payment in full.

    I was told by Ken that the windows could be installed within 2 weeks at the latest. He told me Brad would call on 5/8/07 to schedule an appointment. He never called so I had to call again on 5/12/06. A fellow came through and very quickly placed a measuring tape on one window, didn’t write anything down and told me he could get the windows in the next week. It is now 10 days later and I have heard no word on the windows. I have placed MULTIPLE calls and have had no response. The Prima-Seal voice mail box is now and has been full. With this, I can only assume that my windows have not been ordered and you do not plan to return my call.

    I am very disappointed that you would do this to me and my family. The windows were broken by an angry father and we’ve had to live with this for weeks. My children and I are saddened that you would take advantage of us in this fashion to steal a few dollars. This complaint is being submitted to the BBB and I will take this as far as I can to get satisfaction.

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  • Ph
    Phil and Valerie Cuttino Jun 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company stole $1275.00 from us!!! My husband gave Ken a check on 3/27/2007 for windows to be installed in our kitchen after a fire in our home. We have not heard from them since. We have begun the legal process with this company. They will pay for their crime!!!

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  • Xi
    Xiaofeng Nov 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have had exactly the same experience with this complaint. I ordered 6 wood windows, and Ken was also the sale's man. I paid over $1400 deposit, and never got the windows. I contacted Prima-Seal for numerous time over half year, and finally after 2 years, I went to the small claim court. As this complaint said that Brat Scott, the name he used, lied to me all the time. The court rewarded me for the entire deposit plus the court cost, but I still haven't received any money yet. Now, I am contacting the court at Allentown, and hopefully I will get my money back. This is a fraud business, and they steal money!


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  • Ty
    Tyler Jones Nov 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparently people are now starting to get ripped off at Brad Scotts new company Creative Windows & More.. this guy needs to be locked up!

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Prima Seal — Highly recommend to stay away from Prima Seal

On January 13th I met with the sales rep Paul Wexler and ordered 10 replacement windows 2 of which were...

Prima SealThey do not honor their timing and promises

Prima Seal showed disrespect to its customer and lack of professionalism by breaching the verbal agreement regarding the timing of the job, multiple misleading statements of the company owner Brad regarding the starting time of the job, and multiple failures to update me on the status of the job when those updates were requested.

The first week of February, Prima Seal representative Ken and I signed the contract on the siding job, in presence of two witnesses. Ken told us multiple time that the company needs the job to be done as soon as possible as they did not have winter contracts and the crews were idle. He emphasized that the company has contracts for March and later, so they needed the job in February, and they even give a discount for the winter job. Ken explained, that it will take from 1 to 2 weeks to get the material, and then the work will immediately start. I paid the deposit.

When 3 weeks passed and I have not heard from the Prima Seal, I called their office. The owner Brad said that the materials were ordered, will be delivered in a week directly to the job site (our house) and the work will start then. Nothing happened in a week. I called the following week and was promised by Brad that the work will start the following week, and he will personally call me in the end of week to confirm the start date. He did not call.

This continued for 2 months. I called every single week; Brad always apologized for not contacting me and gave some explanation of why the work did not start (one time he cited snow delaying some job they were doing, another time he cited the rain, himself being in a hospital, someone falling off the ladder, etc.). Every time he told me that he will call me in a few days with the estimated timing, and he did not call.

Finally, I called Brad on March 27th and informed him that I am unhappy with this delay and all the broken promises to call, and I am planning to dispute the credit card charge of the deposit paid. Brad promised that he will call on April the 2nd to set the date, the work will start on the week of April the 2nd, and the crew will work even on Good Friday, to get the job done. He double-checked that the phone number he has for me was correct, and it was. Needless to say he did not call back, and the work did not start.

Under these circumstances, I see the Prima Seal as a company that gave me misleading statements multiple times, was unable to make reasonable time estimate regarding the starting time, and showed disrespect to me as a customer by not providing promised updates. This also makes me suspect that if, after the job is done and all the money is paid, there is some problem requiring repair, I will most likely be unable to get the repair crew on site timely. I asked for the termination of the contract and the return of the deposit paid.

  • Ja
    Jaime Meloni May 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also purchased windows from prima seal left a deposit and call everyday since march 2007 either brad stepped out or is gone for a week and no way to reach him i think he is scamming people and should be charged this is a crime im out alot of money and this keeps happening to alot of people.

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Prima SealFailure to provide service

Prima Seal took a 33% deposit in early January of 2007, promising to install 9 replacement windows within 6 weeks. Two months later, I received a phone call from their supplier, SunRise windows, informing me that Prima Seal had ordered windows but not paid for them. SunRise indicated that they have windows from hundreds of customers of Prima Seal. Three months after receiving my deposit, Prima Seal doesn't answer my calls and have made no effort to arrange to make things right. The company is based in Catasaqua, PA. The president calls himself Brad Scott and the salesman is named Ken. They also have a flunky who stops by for about 3 minutes and waves a tape measure in the general area of the windows to make the customers think they actually intend to install windows.

  • Ma
    Manoj Sivasankaran Apr 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Prima Seal based in catasaqua PA is a Scam company. The Owner is Brad Sores and the Salesman is Ken Alderfer. The installers are Henry and Jim.

    I paid 33% of the payment for a Door Frame, Front Steel Door, Sidelites and Transom and even before he delivered the product or services he tried to take the rest 67% thru my Credit Card and luckily the card Company alerted me. But I had already paid 33% by then. I was practically after him to get my Door installed, when they brought it it was almost 2 inches shorter than the original frame installed. But by then they had pulled and broken the original frame and door. So they placed wood (extra on top) and installed it. He was supposed to send an installer to fix the defects and also install a new storm door because the original one is 2 inches taller than the new door.

    Its been 6 months and they haven't even sent anyone.. I call him (Brad Sores) every week at least twice... now he claims the Storm door is with an Subcontracter and Brad doesn't have any clue as to why he would not install it.

    As for the Main door itself, I can see light thru the sides of the Door, he claims he'll send a installer but no one had turned up till now. I called even a few minutes ago and the lady said Brad's out till Tuesday.

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