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Post Officeresidential home phone

I'm a disable veteran I suffer with Ptsd I feel behind on my phone bill because they cut off my worker compensation at the Post Office I talked to Jennifer at 2:00 PM on 10/16/2018 to explain that I could pay $225 on the the 1st of November and another $225 on Dec. 1st and the rest of the late payment on the 1st of jan. She Just Hung up on me. She told me that she not going transfer the call after she hu up on me. Then I call back and talk to another person who listen and answer my question was very polite and when I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor who I talk to who told me the only I would be able to keep my service is to pay $128.00 before October 25, 2018
I asked again if it any way I could pay on the is when I get My VA check. She told me there no way she could wait to the first. which I said is only 7 day more and their no one else I could call for help. I told here thank and she look into the complaint. I got on the internet and found this site. It like she didn, t want me to file a complaint. Thank you for your time in this matter.

Post OfficeDo not receive International parcels

I keep on sending mails to them but they don't even answer it. Why are they still open for business if there are no service available?

SWP9923987843 13/02/2015
SWP9926036291 24/02/2015
This two parcels is coming from China and above you will find the tracking numbers. I know you add our South African tracking
numbers on arrival, but all my stuff just disappear. I see on the Internet that a lot of customers are complaining about the same issue. I need this
parcels please, because i have paid for tracking numbers and this is registered post. Please help me with this, because my
previous mails was ignored. I have to answer to the International supplier in connection with delivery dates.

Your sincere


  • He
    Hefziba Dec 11, 2014

    Im getting the wrong mails, please check whats happening with the delivery guy from post office i get next door mails. Please read the names right too all in the wrong place also.

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Post Officeletters mailed & not received

I mailed 3 letters on the 8th of December, and none of them have been received and I want to know who to contact. These letters could cause me legal problems!!! I believe someone has tampered with my mail. I deposited them inside the post office in the drop box for pick up at 11 am. None of these letters have reach their destination. Two were sent in to people in the state of Montana and the other was sent to the State of Washington. I want to know what can or who I need to contact

Post OfficePost Office is withholding my mail

The post office is withholding my mail because the next door neighbor is parking there car to close to my mailbox.
I am not even allowed to pick my mail up at the post office. Until I get a PO Box or move my box AGAIN I will not get my mail. I paid $250 for moving my box first. Because it was to low. Then they ask me to move it again because my car was parked to close. So I ask the people whom live behind us if I can park my car on there property. So I did. Now they will not deliver or let me pick it up until I move the box again.
I do not have the money to have someone move it again. They have been withholding my mail for 16 days now. I am a single mother with three kids whom works for the navy and have a second job to make ends meet. And they can not just step out of there vehicle and just drop mail real quick into my box?
Do I have a chance to fight this?

  • Do
    Don Tarr Aug 01, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How can it possibly cost $250 to move a mailbox? Any good neighbor, ex-husband, or boyfriend should do it free. Exactly why did the post office say you could not pick up your mail at the office?

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Post OfficeParcel is Missing

Dear Sir,
I am a resident of Jhansi Uttar Pradesh, I booked a parcel through Head Post Office of Jhansi pin code 284001 on 8th of July 2014 by the name of Vijay Kumar
Sahu and the destination was Vijay Lakshmi Silk Centre, Kanchipuran, pin code 631541. The post office parcel receipt number is CU018848667IN. I tried to track it through online post office tracking system but failed. It contained a very expensive saree. Please enquire about the parcel.
Thank You

  • Cy
    cypress place Aug 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    for the past year whenever our regular mail person is on vacation no mail is being delivered . Numeroes complaints were sent without success . Please help !!!

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  • Je
    Jean Howard-Correa Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I have a substitute mailman, my mail is delivered to the second floor tenants mail slot and he withholds it. When I ask for my mail I am met with a bad attitude and argument. I want to live in peace with this guy. Can you send him an official warning letter? He isn't listening to me.

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  • Jf
    J Faniglula Apr 22, 2009

    The driveway/parking lot, has been in desrepair for a long time. It has alot of pot holes,
    (very deep) . The owner of the property is a private citizen and he does nothing about this problem. I being a tax payer, am wondering, what we can do about this problem ?

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  • Ge
    Gemlabs Jul 18, 2014

    its really bad

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Post OfficeLate charge

I am being charged a $20 late fee on a $ 46 dollar a year post office box for being 6 days late on payment. That is a 44% of yearly dues fee. That is ridiculous. I have had this box for over 30 years and do not like this kind of treatment.There is NOTHING on the payment invoice envelope about late fees. NOTHING. There are also lights out in the box lobby that have not been working for over 4 weeks. The postal workers have been notified at least twice.

Post Officelate delivery

my daughter sent me on the 16th august through airsure priority mail some medication was told it would arrive in 3/4 days time that should have been on the 18/19 august but I didn't receive this medication until the 24th august at 4.30pm consequently I had to book in with a GP WHICH COST ME $133 I was told by an employee that works at Harrah's Las Vegas that these tablets were held up in LA California for two days consequently I had to seek medical advice at a cost of $133 please see attached label yours Mrs S Trigg

late delivery
late delivery

Post Officenon delivery

Hello my name is Ivan Ortiz my complaint is this October 3rd 2012 i was not home in the afternoon i received a orange slip in my mail box stating a delivery was attempted i was not home at the time of delivery i called on the 3rd the 1800 number to have a 2nd attempted delivery and she stated my parcel will be delivered on the 4th she asked me what kind of parcel i told her my c-pap parts to my machine time has went by i haven't received anything and i called back on October 10th 2012 the 1800 number on the orange slip and they told me to call my local post office and find out if package is still their i called the local post office and i asked and gave my information they said they couldn't find the package at first so I asked speak with the supervisor miss Gonzalez she took my information and told me that she will call me if i do not hear from her call her back after 6:30 pm but i did not call her at that time I called her the next morning she told me she did find my package she said it will be delivered the same day. The whole day has went by but did not receive my package for my c-pap machine I called her towards the evening hours of October 10th 2012 she told me she has two drivers out on the filed and if I do not receive my package call back at 9pm she claims she works until 10pm not appropriate to deliver anything at night coming from the postal service nothing has came I called once again on the 11th she refused to speak with me she claims she had a emergency call her back in five minutes so I called back the 800 number and explained the situation she was being unresponsive and not professional at her job so I put a complaint against her with the 1800 post office I called again today it’s the 13th of October 2012 the local post office I asked to speak with Gonzalez she refused to speak to me left me on hold for long period time I had to call back requested to speak with some one higher than the supervisor and the man named Blake said he was the supervisor he said he wanted to ask her what was going on so he came back on the phone asked me for my info witch I already gave she refused to give him my info I had to re give my name address she was being unprofessional when I spoke to him about her he stated it was in the pass and I am dealing with him he did not want to hear about her. He said he got my package and said it will be delivered today October 13th 2012 and this package has been siting there since the 3rd of October 20 12 if I did not call today my package would had been cent back I made attempts to call the local post office but its being delayed I recalled the 1800 number to give more detailed information to the complaint line.

  • Sa
    sashirekha Jan 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The posts sent is not dilivered on time and no proper answers given by the staff

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  • Pa
    Page Russell Mar 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Richmond, VA. I have a small dog (30lbs, beagle/jack russell) which has full range to run in a completely fenced in front and back yard. This week, Friday. March 27, 2008 approxiately 2:30 3:00pm. our mail carrier sprayed our dog while on our property in our fenced in yard. The mailman states our gate was open. OUR GATE IS NEVER OPEN!!! Our mailbox is attached to the outside fence gate. There is never a need for the mailman to come inside our yard. My dog never went outside our gate. My husband was doing yard work and SAW the mailman put mail in our mailbox and stepped appx. 3 feet away realizing he had more mail for us and went back to the mailbox putting the rest of our mail, which was "junk" mail. At that time, the mailman opened the latch to the gate and did something to our dog. At that time, he wasn's sure what the mailman was doing ( thought maybe giving our dog a treat). Not until our dog started running and rubbing her face into the grass and acting weird did he realize something was wrong. My neighbor came outside and was helping my husband with our dog. When my husband realize something had happened he noticed the mailman was up the street almost to the corner. My husband is disabled. He got into his truck and drove up to the mailman to confront him with what he did to our dog. My husband asked him if he sprayed our dog and the mailman admitted he did. At that time the mailman crossed the street and my husband made a U-turn to con't talking to the mailman because this dog is my husband's baby!!! The mailman had an attitude and also my husband was upset. My husband stopped the truck (never got out of the truck) asking the mailman WHY??? did he spray our dog in her own FENCE yard?? The mailman responsed with telling my husband he better go and mind his own business and get up the street .The mailman started calling someone on his cell phone. My husband HAD every right to question this mailman. My husband drove back to the house to check on our dog who was now under the bed and would NOT come out. My husband called me at work, he tried calling our Post Office on Parham Road in Richmond VA to report this mailman. The lines were constant busy so he drove to the PostOffice and spoke to the Supervisor, Mrs Meyers. Mrs Meyers told my husband it wasnt anything she could do until she spoke to the mailman when he came in from his route. My husband told her that he was going to take our dog to the Vet and that the Post Office was going to be responible for the bill. My husband came back home and the Vet told him to put Visine in our dog's eyes and to call the Henrico Animal Control which he did. I was on my was to work (part time job) when all this was happening. On my way home, I made a call myself to our Post Office and coudn't speak to Mrs Meyers (she was busy at that time) so I spoke with her Manager, Diane Rook and explained the story to her. At that time I was unaware that my husband went to the Post Office I thought he just called and spoke to Mrs Meyers on the phone. I had to come home and lose an evening from work to help my husband solve this issue! The Animal Control board came and filed a report and sugguested we ask the Post Office supervisor, Mrs. Meyer to remove this mailman off our street. He told us it happens all the time. The Animal Control officer told us that he had spoke to someone from the Post Office and they told him that the gate was open. After he left I myself called the Post Office again and Mrs Meyers answered the phone and immediately without even letting me tell her what I was calling for told me she was going to return my call as soon as she had the chance to speak to the mailman. I did get the chance to tell her I appreicated that but I wanted her to know that we were advised to ask for the mailman to be removed from our block. She informed me that this issus would be investigated and not until then could she do or tell me anything. She was NOT very pleasant. She told me she would get back in touch with us after calling the Animal Control and the Co of Henrico...I asked her .the police? and she said yes. She told me that she could not discuss anything else with me. She also told me that she had not talked to the mailman as of that time because he was still on his run...Well, that had to be a lie because why else would she feel that she had to call the police?Plus the Animal Control Officer said he was told the gate was opened by the Post Office. I asked her to give me a time frame to expect a call back and she told me by Monday, March 31 and no later than Tues April 1, 2008. I thanked her. Sir, yesterday Saturday March 29th one day after this all happened, the SAME mailman was deliveing mail on our street and went right by our house, delivering no mail to our home. My neighbors witness this. Now, you tell me if Mrs Meyers was doing any FAIR investigating why would this mailman still be delivering mail on my street, Kenwood Ave.?? That only tells me that she isnt being very objective in this matter. We are going to persude this matter and until we get an apologize from the Post Office or some acceptable explanation is given to us regarding the spray to our dog. He had NO RIGHT to do that when she is in our fence yard. I hope to get a response from someone, but you are the first of many letters that will be in the making. If the gate was open like the mailman stated, then WHY would he turn around to add "junk' mail into our mail box???????

    Thank you.
    Mrs. L. Page Russell
    Richmond, VA

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  • Li
    Lizelle Jul 05, 2011

    Recieved an international parcel, but the incom duties charge on the item was more than what the item was worth. So I queried it by phoning, they told me to send it back to the Johannesburg Post Office Hub were it will re-assesses. They scanned it in there on the 25 May 2011, it is now the 5 July 2011, and it still there, and Im still waiting. Try to phone again, but no-one ever answers. No-one wants to help me! Please could someone try help me!! Parcel tracking number is RI261353188ZA. This service really is disgraceful and its not the first time that its happened to me or people I know.
    Thank you
    Lizelle Claro 0760605559

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Post Officenon receiving of letters

I have not received any ordinary letter's from our postoffice through postman.
kindly take it as serious matter. I am member of all india association 3 to 4 letter per week send by our all india association.
my address as below
Shailendra Kumar Singh
Indu Bihar Colony
Near Stadium gate
Pratapgarh (U.P.)
[protected], [protected]

Post OfficeMisbehave and Denying to perform Duty

Dear Sir / Madam

I am a Sr. Citizen ( Mrs Kalpana Guha Roy age 68) and my son have gone to IIT Kharagpur Post Office, West Bengal code- 721302 for paying the electric bills of arround Rs 4493 dated 26-july-2012. It was raining heavily and we are fully drenched due to heavy down pore, we paid Rs 4500 and we d'nt have any change . Mr k k Gour asked for a change of Rs 3, unfortunately we d'nt have that denomination, he had not only misbehaved but above all he had refused to take the bill and told until we bring the change he will not process. We have pleaded a lot but in vain.

lastly with a hope of justice from you i am sending this mail to you.

It is a harassment to the customers as from where we will bring the change. It is being noticed as well as you may take a survey in our post office the customers are being harassed to bring changes else they don't provide the service.

But a easy solution to this is that every counter may easily keep some stamps so if needed they may offer the customer to adjust accordingly.

Sir, Kindly take necessarily steps so that the citizens should not be harassed in the name of change.

Thanking you

Mrs Kalpana Guha Roy

Post OfficeDifficult to get refund

I purchased a postal order for the sum of £90.00 made payable to te DVLA, Swansea to return my driving license on the 8/11/09. After waiting some time and not hearing anything from the DVLA, I called DVLA customer services team only to be told that they had sent back the postal order to me and given the amount of time since they posted it, can only assume that it has been "lost in the post" therefore I would need to carry out an investigation by completing a P58 form and sending this into the Post Office! My ongoing argument with the DVLA is that they had received the postal order from me securely as I sent this by 'signed for' service as the postal order was for a considerable amount of money. (it arrived at it;s destination) It has since been "lost" by them (the sender) and therefore should be THEIR responsibility to trace the "lost" letter and postal order. I have contacted the Post Office (the branch where I purchsed the postal order) who say they cannot do anything immediately, even though I have the receipt and that I would need to write a letter explaining the situation to The Post Office Claims dept in Chesterfield! I am not getting ANYWHERE here and would welcome ANY advice on HOW to be refunded my £90.00 for a postal order which I didn't even lose! At this stage I have no driving license, no funds to pay AGAIN for one, and no way of getting a refund for a postal order which was "LOST" by the DVLA!...Please HELP!

Post OfficeWorst and rudest postman ever had

My postman throws my packages as far from the door as possible, he will not deliver from the library (which i complained to the US POSTMASTER about) He's rude when you talk to him, he drives through my yard and over landscaping timbers and says he never did it before if called on it. I'm exasperated, I don't like him and really don't want him delivering my mail...what can I do? I've complained, the library has complained, my neighbor has complained and nothing is ever done. I am also on oxygen and asked him about moving my mailbox closer to door and he said I couldn't...what do I do?

  • Br
    Bradley Mar 18, 2010

    The Ahmeek, Michigan post office is a small building. There is a woman named Jill that works there who smokes inside the building.

    Last Friday, Feb. 26th, Jill was smoking inside again. She used air freshner in an attempt to cover up the smell, but it reeked!

    Unfortunately, my grandson was visiting on this day, and when I went in to purchase stamps, the smoke caused my grandson to have an asthma attack!

    I have tried to talk to Jill about her habit, and asked if she was allowed to smoke while she was working, and she said the district manager would never fire her. I complained online before, but the post office haven't done anything about it!

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  • It
    ItsOnlyMe Aug 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Postal Service is very strict about the no smoking policy.
    If Jill's supervisor refuses to do anything about her smoking tell him/her that you will call the local post master.
    That will settle the problem.

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  • Ja
    Janet 575 Jun 10, 2013

    I am a victim of identity theft . Someone was able to go online and change my mailing address. I had to go to post office with I'd to prove who I was for them to change my address back to my real address but anyone can just go online and change my mailing address again. They told me there is nothing they can do to prevent it from being changed again. Are you kidding me. Why can there be an alert with my name and address on there web stating I am a victim of identity theft and not to change my address without me coming in. What the hell is wrong with this country. Beware everyone anyone can change your mailing address and a popular service the theirs use is Updater, Inc.

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Post OfficeRaging Postal Worker

I was visiting the Laurel Post Office about 1:00pm today, April 18th, 2011. I went in and at first stood in line, being the 11th person in line, I looked around to see if there was a faster way to take care of my business, being that I only needed to weigh my envelope and then put postage on. I saw to my left a 'self serve' place with just one guy using it so I went over and stood behind him. An older postal worker came over saying "lets get this moving" and jumped in front of the guy who was trying to explain what he needed and started pushing icons on the computer screen. He was foreign and trying to explain and she told him he needed to go over to the line, but he wasn't being heard and she began yelling at him in front of everyone. He asked for her manager & stated that she was being rude which only made her yell all the more as the whole room was staring in unbelief!! After he walked away, she said "stupid piece of ###" as she grabbed my envelope!! Quickly pressed icons on the screen, told me to insert my card and I told her I was paying with cash, "then you need to go over and stand in line and you need a return address on there too! Next..." I left out of there and went to another post office in Laurel who were very nice and pleasant!


Hi...I recently sent a small package of a baby blanket to New Zealand for the birth of my Grandson.
After packaging it all up and about to pay at the PO counter I asked if it contained a card or letter, I explained it contained a birthday card.
After stamping my package and paying my £10 I was informed that had I have sent the card separately the package would have been almost half that price.
I asked the price of sending a card on its own and was informed 75 pence ..

How can the Post Office get away with this unscrupulous behavior..
Regards .John Wright

Post OfficeRefusal to deliver certified mail

On Saturday Febuary 13, 2010 I called the Hatfield Post Office due to not having received any mail for three days straight. The post master informed us that due to the amount of snow in front of our mailbox our mail carrier did not have to deliver our mail. Apparently they are not allowed to leave their vehicle in order to place our mail in our mailbox. On Sat our mail carrier had a package that is worth well over $800 being delivered certified mail. In order to deliver this package our mail carrier would have to get out of her vehicle and knock on our door in order to attain a signature for the package, she did not do this though our sidewalk was clear of any snow and when my husband drove to the post office to pick up our mail, it was not given to us. After checking the tracking records of the package I realized that the post office has had our package the entire time, they have not attempted to deliver it. I called the post office this morning and spoke with Debbie who is the postmaster, she informed that my package is still at the post office. I don't understand why in the middle of a mail delivery day my package is still there instead of being delivered, I don't feel that it is my responsibility to have to drive to the post office everyday to pick up my mail. Holding onto peoples mail is extremely inappropriate, should my package get lost I will hold the Hatfield Post Office responsible for the contents of the package along with the cost to replace it.

  • Bi
    bill mokluk Mar 11, 2011

    the hatfield post office is the worst ever!!!every time im in there im there for at least 15 min!!!and they are rude in a inproper polite way!!!and annoying as hell!!!you can tell they do it on purpose!!the more people that are in line the more they try to talk senseless convo with there current person at the counter!!!it annoys thre [censor] out of me!!!i was there today and standing in line, but the person still boxing there package at a side counter got let in front of me because she was there before me!!!WHAT!!!I WAS IN LINE FOR 10 MIN!!!AND THAT WAS 1 CUSTOMER IN FRONT OF ME AND THEN THIS [censor] HAPPENED!!!that place is USELESS!!!I AM GOING TO SEND A COMPLAINT!!

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Post Officelack of staff

dear sir,
i have my some accounts in workshop road post office. i mostly visit this office because of my daily work.From a long time, there is only one worker is working, , , , so long lines n delay in work is daily routine of the office.
only post master, who has the burden of all office work as sb counter, rd counter, mis counter, speed post, registered post, western union payments, etc... because of these different work he takes more time. there is a lot of work in this office. but many customers daily fight with the post master because of delaying work.
the post master comes on 9 am and mostly goes at 8 pm.
he is also a very sick person, who is suffering from skin problems. he requests many times to his higher authorities, but no staff is given to this office.
when post master is went on leave, two extra workers are sent to this office for working.

why ??????????????????????????

he is very sad because of all this,
what will happen if something wrong happen with the person?????????????????

so please look into the matter
and help the person
thanking you

please do something in this matter, and show some pity on the post master

Post OfficeAddress change and now my mail is lost. Where did it go?!?!

I had a change of address MONTHS ago and I have not been receiving any incoming mail. It doesn't go to my old address or the previous address that it's suppose to be going too. Now, I don't know where it's all going. I don't even recieve JUNK MAIL! Something is wrong and I need to know. WHERE IS ALL MY LOST MAIL????

Post Officemissing mail

We were out of the country for 2 weeks and had requested the mail to be on hold at the Post Office. When we returned, the box door was not shut and there were a few unimportant junk mails inside the box. Next day we went to the Post Office to pick up the mail, and there were unusually just a few pieces of mails collected. During our 2-week absense, many bank and credit card statements should have arrived. So we contacted the manager - Mr. Richardson at the Post Office. At first he was saying we should check with the carrier. So we waited the next day till the lady carrier appeared to deliver mail at our apartment. She claimed that our mailbox door was open. Then we argued that no mail should be put into an opened mailbox, let alone we had our mail on hold! So we called back to Mr. Richardson, he became very unfriendly and said he and his office were not responsible for mail loss, even told us to complain to US government. And he hung up on us. What kind of attitude is that! He does not deserve to work for the government. And for us, worse yet, due to the mail loss, an updated credit card mailed to us during that time was lost and misused badly for over $3500. That is really upsetting, and we are still trying to find out how to resolve this mess.

  • Jo
    Joanne Curran Jan 26, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    2 Christmas cards with gift cards were never delivered, another card with a gift card that was mailed out over 2 weeks ago was never delivered. My name is Joanne Curran and my address is 1347 S. 36th St., Philadelphia, PA 19146. Also there were other complaints made at the post office on Grays Ferry Ave in Philadelphia and said they got no satisfaction or answers from a ignorant supervisor.

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Post Officeundelivered mail unprofessional clerk

on april 22 they did not deliver mail, i called to ask why, the clerk was very unproffesional as she said there was not enough mail to go out.iasked would they deliver the next day.the clerk said i told! you we deliver mail everyday and you cant pick your mail up.she was very unprofessional all i wanted was to get my mail.

  • Jo
    Joanne Lowrey Jul 23, 2009

    I send mail alot to a freind in rockland, Ma. In the past year things have gotten really bad, they say they dont have a permanant mailperson for her route, Now mail is missing, never to be seen again, and just a week ago i sent her a package with an elecrtronic device and it just went missing, my post office said it made it to rockland, then the clerk screwed up and said "oh yeah the white one that got torn" I said great you have it, all of a suddone her face went blank, she slowly went out back to get it, turned around and said, Its gonna take me some time to find it in this big place call tommorrow. Well, I called the next day and sh esaid icouldnt find it, could you tell me what was inside, I told her she already described it to me yesterday, She said "must have beena different package, They never gave it to me, Now i know they had it, but somehow it went walking off. What do i do now, I dont trust them at all!!! Like i said this wasnt the first time! [email protected]

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Post Officemy mail is going to a different address

My sister was living in my house, she moved to Los Angeles and she change all the mail to her address by mistake, a week after that I went to cathedral city post office to correct the error. They said it will take a few days before I started to receive my mail, a few days later I went back to ask about my mail and they told me to wait at least seven days I kept waiting and I spoke to almost every one in there. they say they have corrected the problem, but it"s been about two months and I steel don't have my mail.

  • Co
    cottoncandy Apr 28, 2012

    i want to ask why my letters did not receive by my husband? i send 2 letters, i completely write the exact address and my address so if ever he didnt got it, should be return to sender. now its already 2 months and the letter never got into his address. its really upset and dismay. can someone answer my question why?

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