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Palisades CollectionBlatt Hasenmiller Liebsker & Moore

They garnished my wages by putting my social security nbr on an old AT&T account belonging to someone else. They still owe me money. I filed complaint with FTC and FDCPA along with hiring an attorney. Wage garnishment requires notification in the state I live in. Must be discreet with my location, etc. Don't want to give them any forewarnings. We are going to hit them hard, along with the parent company

Palisades CollectionInterest added after 5 years of payments

I have been paying Palisades $100.00 a month for 5 years on a $7200 debt from Providian/Washington Mutual. I have the debt paid down to $3580.00 but the bill I received this month was for $4350.00, which Palisades said was "$772.00 in interest" when I called them (they were rude!) Can a debt collector all of a sudden add interest after paying them for 5 years without any interest? They wanted to settle for $3960.00 which is still more than what the debt has been paid down. Is what they are doing legal? I'm about through with them!

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    Shaun Neal Nov 05, 2018
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    ASTA Funding and Palisades Collections frequently engage in illegal debt collection acts including demanding amounts not due and incorrectly calculating interest.

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Palisades CollectionInvalid debt

Just received 2 letters from Palisades Collection. Both are for the same acct. The debtor company is a car loan I never had. They said it was from TOKAI bank dated back in 1987. The debt is well past the statue of limitations. After making several calls I was able to finally get some one. I talked to Jenny (She would not give here last name). They do not give any other info. Alll they say is I need to send a letter attn their Disputing Dept. I explained the debt was uncollectable. She tried to convince me it was. I told her I was going to file a Fraud notice through Then I informed her that under Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA I am exercising my right to demand her company send no further letters or make any calls and reminder her that it would a $5, 000 fee for each infraction. Now I need to make sure they do not put it on my Credit report.

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    NotAbused Sep 18, 2010
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    Just received letter from Palisades Collection. The debtor company is a car loan I had over 15 years ago & the debt is well past the statue of limitations (4 years in Calif - check your state). When they finally answer the phone after 10 minutes their rep confirmed the debt was from 1988. I explained the debt was uncollectable. She tried to convince me it was. I told her only if I was *** enough to make even a small payt, which I will not. Then I informed her that under Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA I am exercising my right to demand her company send no further letters or make any calls and reminder her that it would a $1, 500 fee for each infraction. She claimed they would not. Hope this helps.

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Palisades CollectionMessing up my credit even though they have been paid..

I had a collection that I paid off in September of 2006. The account was closed in July of 2007. The amount was $124 and it was for a charge on my AT&T cell phone account which I cancelled earlier than the agreed contract period. Palisades continues to update my credit report with this negative information causing my credit report to be lowered. It was updated last in May of 2010. It should not continue to be showing up as new info since it was paid off. I know it remains for 7 years but should it continue to be updated every 3 months or so????

Palisades CollectionDoesn't exists

I received a letter from FMS Services (FMS) stating that there is a 10, 000 showing on my credit report, since 2005. I called them, and they said it was a Washington Mutual account balance. I have never owed WM anything on any account I've ever had. Since WM no longer exist, how convienent, I should contact Palisades Collections LLC. I attempted to call the number that FMS gave me, it was the wrong number. I googled the company, and the number listed on the internet is the wrong number. So there is no one that I can contact on this matter.

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Palisades CollectionIllegal collection practices

Pailisades has seemingly causes a lot of sleepless nights for a lot of hard-working American citizens. My problem is ongoing and involves a legal firm supposedly employed by Palisades to collect a debt on a written-off charge cards from a now defunct corporation. After collecting over a thousand dollars illegally, the firm insists on continuing its illegal practices from an organization collecting illegally across state lines. Love, Beal, Nixon, PC located at PO Box 32738 (crooks ever give their physical addresses) Oklahoma City, OK 73123, Phone [protected]; Fax 773-2602 has refused to supply me with a copy of the file involved, refused to supply contact information regarding their so-call client Palisades, and the atrocities go on and on!! The continue to extort money from me as well as from who knows how many other hard-working individuals through harassment regarding the gathering of personal information, employment information but refuse me copies of my own personal files. There is something rotten in Denmark!!!

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    NOBODY Special Jan 30, 2010

    Do a little research Palisades owned by Asta Funding. CEO Gary Stern, CFO Robert J Michel, and check on Mitchell Cohen as CFO (201 567-5648)

    You can also get company Info. from Edgar Online and

    Asta Funding is a cliet of Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Assoc LLC.
    212-370-4500/ Fax 212 370-4505
    Steven D. Axelrod CFA, Donald Weinberger
    317 Madison Ave. Ste.# 515
    New York, NY. 10017

    [email protected]
    Alisa D. Steinberg (Media)
    [email protected]

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    Barbara Harper Apr 03, 2010

    My son's problem started with a judgement against him from Household Bank credit card from Wolpoff & Abramson..who put a lien on my son's real estate property, then the account was turned over to Mann Bracken (?a merger) . then turned over to Plaisades-whom states they are now owner of this account, they turned it over to Dominion Law Associates, in Virginia Beach, VA to collect the monies related to the Judgement, Dominion Law Associates, settled and they were paid 3/11/2010 by Wachovia Cashiers, which Wacovia verified cashing on 3/15/2010. Now Palisades the owner will not send the Lynchburg Virginia Notice of Satisfaction to the General District where judgement was initially filed, they will not send the release of lien on my son's real estate to the Lynchurg, VA circuit courts .. Dominion Law Associates of Virginia Beach, VA won't submit the legal forms either to release the lien either..THE DEBT IS PAID, AND STILL THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT DO ANYTHING BUT PASS THE BUCK BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN THEM .. I can petition the courts to release the lien but then I am looking at another 30 days or more .. I am stuck, any suggestions.

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Palisades CollectionBeware

I am outraged on several fronts related to "bad debt buyers" particularly a company/partnership/association named Palisades Collection LLC, and by extension, Wolpoff & Abramson, ( now called Mann-Bracken) Bowman, Heintz, Bocia & Vician, and their other associated law firms. These people overtly violate and refuse to comply with federal laws regulating their chosen business, especially 15 USC 1692, the Fair Debt Collection Practices act (FDCPA) which was enacted by Congress in 1978 in an effort to protect citizen consumers from certain abuses by bill collectors. Palisades and their lawyers (particularly Glenn Vician & his firm among others) continually violate this law in their efforts to "extort" or otherwise collect dollars from [unsophisticated] citizen consumers. Such practice is bad enough, but more outrageous is the FACT that Indiana judges and courts not only allow but also support such illegal activities! Other states, e.g. Illinois, New Jersey, etc.[1], often enforce the FDCPA and protect their citizens from overt abuses, but Indiana judges more often refuse to allow its citizens FDCPA protections and refuse to order compliance but instead order protection from FDCPA liability for their "brethren of the bar" when the FDCPA is violated [2]!

Jefferson County Indiana Superior Court Judge (retired) Fred Hoying not only failed and refused to hold the lawyers responsible for compliance with the FDCPA, but also refused to allow any FDPA claim against these lawyers in his court; when notified that such ruling was going to be appealed, the judge and court clerk refused to perform their statutory duties to allow an appeal (in violation of state laws) and demonstrated apparent prejudice and bias in favor of these lawyers. [2]. The Indiana Appeals Court chief judge Booker failed and refused to address the matter on technical procedural grounds, the facts of the case notwithstanding, and Indiana Supreme Court Judge Shepard likewise refused to recognize and enforce the federal law by deciding NOT to address the matter upon technical procedural grounds also [3]. Next, the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana was asked to step in and provide the federal protections spelled out in the FDCPA, but Chief Judge David Hamilton ruled that Indiana Citizens are NOT entitled to the protections of federal laws by dismissing the filed case and refusing to acknowledge two civil/constitutional rights complaints resulting from the state court cases, based primarily upon perjerous affidavits submitted by the lawyers. When irrefutable documentation evidence was presented proving perjury and Judge Hamilton was asked to sanction such perjury by the lawyers, his ordered reply was that such perjury was, "...quite customary..." in his court "...and does not support ..." sanction for such criminal actions. It is different in other federal courts where unsophisticated consumers are protected from such behavior by bill collectors [4].

As it currently stands, Judge Hoying retired and left the bench (but is drawing a substantial retirement pension from Indiana tax payers) while judges Booker, Shepard, and Hamilton are still sitting in judgment of their respective court. Of course, the major question precipitated by these judges' decisions to NOT recognize nor enforce the federal statutes in Indiana is, "Are these the people we should allow to hold the position of judge?" It is outrageous that people who refuse to comply with statute law should hold such positions of responsibility, especially when the job requires interpretation and application of statute. It is outrageous that Indiana citizens are NOT afforded protection of federal law by the courts and judges of Indiana. If not afforded the rights, benefits and protections of law, should they be encumbered by the burdens, requirements and responsibilities of the same laws? (If the good stuff doesn't apply, then the onerous stuff shouldn't either!) It is VERY outrageous that Indiana Courts allow their fellow lawyers to obtain a judgment on an alleged debt which was settled, paid, and satisfied with the alleged assignor years ago [see e.g. credit reports, filed affidavits, deposition, answers to interrogatories by Glenn Vician, etc, ] when such errors could easily be avoided simply by requiring compliance with the FDCPA as written, by people attempting to collect a debt in Indiana. Bill collectors should all want to do business in Indiana where the courts and judges give them full advantages!

Federal representatives Congressman Hill, and Senators Bayh and Lugar have been notified of this situation and were requested to provide assistance. Only Senator Lugar responded providing information where to file complaints (thank you Senator!) The Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Attorney Office, FBI, and ACLU have all been notified but are unable or unwilling to help. Thus the question arises, "Who will enforce the protections of the FDCPA?" Right now, the answer seems to be, "No one!" Hopefully President OBama will fill federal positions with people who recognize and enforce federal laws by his future appointments and, if at all possible, rectify the ill-filled offices currently occupied by people who DO NOT recognize nor enforce compliance with federal statute. Meanwhile, Indiana citizen consumers, ipso facto, must be burdened with having judgments against them for debts they have already paid and settled, and risk having their wages garnisheed and their credit ruined and their lives forced into turmoil, simply, it appears, for being a non-attorney hoosier. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  • Valerie May 22, 2008

    Pallisades, going through lawyers Pressler & Pressler, claimed to have filed a judgement against me for an old phone bill with Verizon. The sent the notice to the address I lived at 7 years ago in another state. I never received it since I don't live there anymore. So how am I supposed to get a notice? Then they go to my Commerce account and clean it out and Commerce allowed them. Said they could keep coming and Commerce charged me $125 to allow them. I thought you were supposed to be sent certified notices for judgments. Is this legal? And Commerce said they could take all of my direct deposited wages. I'm a single mom and I work for another bank, which doesn't pay a lot. I have other bills I'm paying out the wazoo and with the increased gas prices and food prices I can't afford to not have an income. I tried to make an arrangement and they wanted no less than $200 a month. I already pay $300 in health insurance premiums alone, a grand for rent and all my other expenses. I can’t afford that. So they refused to accept $75. So now what do I do? Incidentally, I have a BOA account and was charged an NSF fee of 35.00 for a 0.93cent overdraft. They're all about making the money at the poor person's expense. I can see them allowing this too. I don't trust the banks anymore. They are working against the consumer yet stealing right under our noses. I had my Commerce account for 12 years, no real complaints. My realtionship with them is over.

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Palisades CollectionHarassing phone calls

This is ###. You keep calling my business phone and interupting my company and or leaving messages for somone else. We have called your company and talked to them three times. You call in the middle of the night (2am)and we tell you you have the wrong number so, here is what we are going to do. I will be posting this online and gathering complaints against your company. I will be answering the phone everytime and getting names and numbers for verification. After collecting any and all information from us and anyone else that keeps getting your calls the info will be handed to my attorney. If somone tells you that you have the wrong number and the answering machine tells you it is a business google the *** number and see if it belongs to that person. If you are to stupid to do that I would say you need a good gang *** by a bunch of honest people trying to run there business.

Palisades CollectionFraud and scam

Palisades Collection attempt to collect on a wireless phone debt that is not mine and has been verified to not even have my social security attached to account. So why are they going after me if this is not my account. Forget that federal law has a statue of limitations of two years for all cell phone debt, or that that we have federal laws protecting consumers. These guy will stop at nothing to get money any way they can. Even if it means breaking federal law. It seems to get removed from credit report and then reported again. They are so difficult to deal with.

My lawyer in Florida is working on lawsuit. Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit email [protected]

Palisades CollectionUnsolicited phone calls

Pallisades has been using a robot call usually twice a day for months seeking a woman who had our phone number seven years ago. We have tried informing them that they have the wrong number and we don't know the lady. To no avail. We've tried ignoring the calls. Same result.

Their tactic is sheer harassment.

There have been other agencies prior to Pallisades. Apparently they sell paper to one another by the ton hoping to make any kind of profit and will not accept any information as truth. They obviously refuse to research the wanted party themselves finding it much easier to harass us.

Palisades CollectionHarassment

First of all we just moved to this town and our phone number I am sure at one time belonged to someone else. However we get calls on a daily basis from Palisades Collections. Sometimes when I answer the phone it is a recording in Spanish, (I only speak English). At that point I hang up. Other times they call and there is a recording saying this is an attempt to collect a debt and in order to be connected to a representative, please enter your Social Security number. (Yeah Right!!) I think these people are frauds and are just trying to get info from you to steal your bank accounts or identity. I have never been asked to enter a social security in order to be connected to someone. My advice... if you have caller ID and they come up, do not answer.

  • Valerie Jul 07, 2008

    Palisades Collections has been calling my mother's cell phone for months. They are calling looking for some Hispanic woman. It has become an every day event. They've been repeatedly told they have the wrong number, and to not call my mother's number again. They never apologize, but say they'll take her number out of their database, then abruptly hang up on her. Then a couple of months later, the calls start again. I'm trying to find out where this company is located so I can file a complaint with their local law enforcement agency for harassment.

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Palisades CollectionHarassing calls

This company calls my house 1-3 times a day almost every day. When I answer, it goes to a recording. They never tell me what it is about.

If I do not answer, a message is left to call. When I call it is automated and I never get a real person. The message never says who the message is for.

I don't really know what or who this company is about. The only reason I know this company is the one is because the 800 numbers match my caller id and the one found on the site.

I am not happy with all the calls because they are so annoying and after months of this there have been messages that never say who the call is directed to.

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    Sheri May 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got calls every day from Palisades only they never said "Palisades Collection". It took awhile, but I finally got a person on the phone. She asked my phone number, when I gave it to her she asked for a person I'd never heard of before. I told her that I the person she was looking for didn't live at our number, luckily she said okay and I haven't heard from them since.
    Keep trying to call them, they buy collection accounts from banks, stores, other collection agencies and pay them a small percent of what a person owes. Then they try to collect the full amount owed by that person. It's a scam, but from what I've read it's legal. The website has a lot of good information. He's a radion talk show host who gives consumer advice and information.

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  • Ne
    Ned Jul 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I am getting the same thing happening to me. How do you stop these automated phone calls?

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Palisades CollectionFraudsters and scammers!

I too received a letter from Plaza Assoicates yesterday indicating that they are attempting to collect money on behalf of Palisades Collection who is attempting to collect a debt owed to Verizon New Jersey. Not only do I not owe Verizon New Jersey money, when I terminated the account in Feb 2004 I had a credit balance. Verizon owed me money and sent me a check for the credit balance!

I believe that they somehow get the names and account numbers of individuals and go on a fishing expedition. Hoping that instead of questioning the debt people will just pay up. I am responding to the letter disputing the debt owed but have a feeling that even with my proof that this is going to be a long hard fight to resolve. I checked them out on the New Jersey BBB website and what a surprise they have had complaints filed against them.

If you do a search for the company on the Internet you get hit after hit after all about the same thing, what scammers they are.

  • Do
    dolly Nov 01, 2010

    Palisades, New Century Financial Services, Inc, Midland Funding and many others are all owned by Pressler & Pressler, 7 Entin Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054. They are corrupt and have many judges paid off. They sit on the committee that makes all the rules for the Special Civil Part of the Law Division Court in New Jersey. Go to google and put in : Pressler & Pressler scam also go to Pressler and Pressler club also another website is defeat Pressler and they will tell you all about the scammers. We should all pick a date and go pick it at the Capital in Trenton. At Governor Christies office. Otherwise it will never get resolved. Nobody listens to 1 person but if we go in a big group they will have to deal with us. email me at [email protected] if you want to make signs and pick it at the Capital in Trenton. How about we pick a date and spread the news. What about December 1 st at 1pm??? Let me know if you can show up. Tell everyone on every board that complains about Pressler & Pressler or their companies. Spread the word and RSVP to me so I figure out what kind of numbers we can do it with and if it will be worth it. Thank You and God Bless You All in these stressful and trying times. Dolly

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