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NobelComUnauthorized Debit Card Charges

Good Afternoon
I am a 77 year old (Welsh) pensioner living in Spain and banking in Gibraltar at the Gibraltar International Bank. On the 28th March 2016, I was informed by my bank that I was a victim of unauthorized debit card charges and one of the charges was listed as: NobleCom [protected] RO, I am not sure if this has anything to do with you but you are the only company I can find on Google with this name?

On the 26th March 2016 at 18:07:26 and 18:07:30 respectively my Debit Card was charge with £20.00 in each case, a total of £40.00?

As I have never used this company perhaps you could check your records to find out who did? in the meantime my bank is also carrying out an investigation/audit and it would be of great help if you could supply me with any information as to the perpetrators of this crime so that he/she/ they can be prosecuted?

My name is: Gerald Francis Aylward
My Email is: gerald.f.[protected]
My Tele No: [protected]

I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you may be able to give me?
Thank you very much
Gerry Aylward

NobelComhonest company

I'm using my nobel phone card since last year, and i'm pretty happy with it. rates are fare and if you talk to customer support or read the FULL description on the website, yuo know about all fees, so there's no surprises there. and now since they added the iphone app, i've been even happier! i'm now making calls through the app and it's a lot easier than before.
besides, if you'd ever tried any other phone cards before, you'll know the difference! i used 2 more companies before nobel, and connections were bad, rates were sometimes a lot higher, and i could never get anyone to talk to in the support dept!
i've had my problems with this card too - at some point i wanted to change the rounding because it was not a fit one for me, but i had no problem in getting in touch with them... i calls the support line and a lady transfered my credit to a new card, with the rounding i wanted...


My firm recently filed a class action lawsuit against NOBEL, NOBELCOM, NOBEL.COM, ENJOYPREPAID.COM alleging that the company cheats purchasers of calling cards by providing less minutes of calling time than advertised. If you are interested in finding out more and telling us your complaint, please contact me directly at [protected] We are looking to put an end to these unfair and fraudulent practices and you may be able to help us. Thank you.

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    Je Anna KB May 19, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I agree with you, absolutely. I've noticed that myself. I just ordered a calling card last week, and noticed how much money they took for 2-3 calls that lasted less than a minute. I made a call this morning and only said "Hello, call me back", and it cost me $2. It was a call made to country of Georgia, on a cellphone. Nobelcom claims, that it only costs 16.90 cents per minute. And rounding, - 4 minutes. I did the math, - it still doesn't add up to $2. Last week I talked a little longer, and it charged me $8. It's not a calling company, - it's a rip off! I'm not buying their cards anymore.

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  • Ko
    Kordonvan Olkeriil Nov 03, 2019

    How do I know if Nobel App is safe? I been using it and some orders were cancel as $20. What should I do to make them refund the money they take from account?

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NobelComSome feedback

I recently bought a calling card from, after searching for the best rates. I came across this website ( and purchased a 40$ card to call Ukraine, so that I can avoid that processing fee. I instantly received my PIN by e-mail but when I tried to use them, the 800 number gave me a busy signal. I tried for 3 or 4 times but it still didn't work.

I decided to call their 24/7 customer service department and a lady answered. I explained what happened, had to repeat it twice, we didn't hit it off the first time. After I stayed on hold for about 30sec, she came back to me with another 800#, saying the main one is temporarily out of service. I also checked with her the details of my card and found out i got one with a maintenance fee. Be aware of the card details before buying something. The website doesn't show the fees unless you click the Details of the card. Good think i called their cust. service and they changed the card for me because i didn't want a maint. fee. Fortunately, this one worked and after I figured out how to dial correctly, I got through.
Calls to Ukraine are ok most of the time. Sometimes i hear echoes but maybe that's because the lines there.

Anyways, thank you for your time and keep up the good work!!