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We upgraded 2 phones, when i called nextel to cancel one of the two phones i have with them they informed me that due to the new purchase my contract started all over again, i was never told by the salesman or from anyone with Nextel this would happen, after calling the 1-800 and speaking with Keesha she told me i would be charged $200, i asked her to send me a copy of this signed agreement she said, 'this is not in your agreement this is in the back of the manual' well the manual comes in the box with the phone you have to purchase the phone before you get the box, so how was i suppose to know of any agreement!!! this is fraudulent on Nextels part and i can only imagin how many people they have done this will, i will refuse this payment forever, if they put this on my credit i will hire counsel to sue them.

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    Rebecca Jul 18, 2009

    Canceled cp with 4 lines, 4 months short of contract expiration. cancelled due to no service at place of residence, and broken phone. was told in store that 2 contracts were expired and promos were available for those lines with a 2 yr contract. last bill came with bal. due $940.00!!! when called they said it was different contacts that were expired and there is no pro-rated contract fee unless contract was siged after 11-08.

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NextelScam charges

I began with Nextel in January, 2006. When I started with them they told me that I had to have a $100. security deposit on my account because my credit is not so great. Ok... I agreed. No big deal.

I ordered my i265 phone and when it got to my house I called to get it activated.

I was told that to get my phone activated I would have to pay $150. to get it activated.

I was angry about that because no one told me this ahead of time.

Ok. I have poor credit. So, I went ahead and paid the extra $150. for a total of $250. in deposits before my service became active.

It is now August, 2006. I called Nextel yesterday (8/22/06)to get another phone on my contract. I needed two phones on the same line. I upgraded from 800 minutes per month to their 'Buisness 3000' Plan. That would have given me 3000 minutes for each phone. This upgrade required a new two year commitment, plus the one year commitment that I have left on the original contract. I said ok.

The woman on the phone (Christine) told me that there was No Problem for me to upgrade. She told me that all they needed to do is sell me another i265 phone for $49.99 plus a $25.00 service fee, and that the charges would come out of my security deposit and that they would bill me for all of that in my next bill. My phone bill balance was up-to-date, as it has been each month since January, 2006.

Today, August 23, 2006 my new Nextel phone came to my home. When I called Nextel to activate the phone I was told that they could not activate the phone until I paid them $100. more as a security deposit.

I told them to cancel my phone service altogether.

They are now going to keep my security deposit and try to bill me $200. for cancelation of my Nextel account.

A Nextel customer rep. began telling me that if my credit wasn't so bad I wouldn't be having this problem.
The issue wasn't my credit. The issue is Nextel failing to tell me that I would have to pay another $100. in security deposits to get the second phone activated. That was never mentioned over the phone when I upgraded service.

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    Adam J. May 09, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I have a huge complaint about Nextel. The phones and/or service to the phones is about 50% reliable. They adapt new, but unagreed upon, additions to the contract of services. To call and try to resolve the problem, you would have to go through a several step progress, which will take and hour or so. This is the most poor that I have never been treated as a customer.

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  • Ev
    EVELYN GIBSON Oct 08, 2007
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    I tried to end my nextel service, went to 2 locations in my city was refused payment to end service, went on line was refused to disconnect service, finally called 3 different times to disconnect service. Finally, got job done but am charged extra month's service because did not disconnect before a 30-day time limit

    Nextel and nextel partners & sprint a rip-off

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  • Li
    Lion Oct 06, 2009

    On Sept 07 I call the Nextel customer service for asks if my nights can start at 6:00 pm in my principal line. The person he answer yes only its going to pay $5 dollars more in my bill I said is ok. But then she tell me is not gonna be possible because I need get the service for the two lines then I told her ok leave which my actual plane don't make any changes but these cost me in my next bill $425 dollars.

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NextelScam and cheating

I'm in the vortex of a very lucrative scam that Nextel, Sprint and Simply Wireless has been perpetrating on some community. It to date it has cost me nearly $800.00 dollars.

First, I no longer had needed the data plan attached to my blackberry any longer. When i contacted Nextel to inform them that i no longer needed this service but i would like to continue use my phone service CSR informed me that i couldn't do this, i would have to purchase a new phone if i wasn't going to use the Data and Phone service together. I was told this for several months by several CSR oh! by the way they never or rarely give you their names or any other means of identifying them or the conversation even though they are constantly reviewing the previous CSR notes.

I was sent letter from Nextel now together with Sprint indicating that i was eligible to get a new phone of my choice at very reasonable rate since i had been a loyal Nextel patron (nearly 10 years) Since Nextel and Sprint would be merging it would be a win -win scenario. Of course the full reduction wasn't available to me for another few months and of course i'm now still paying for a data package that i'm not using. Finally a few months and now i'm eligible to receive this full discount. I just happen to be in White Oak Shopping center and passed a Simply Wireless which is an authorized Nextel-Sprint dealer of products and services.

They had a big sign stating you can Switch to Nextel to Sprint or Sprint to Nextel, both are supposedly the same company etc. The offer waived any activation fee's, a rebate was attached and you receive service credit for being a loyal Nextel subscriber. I proceed to inquire as to all the particular at this Simply Wireless Store. The Manager inform that everyone was merging over to Sprint and Nextel would be a thing of the past. I how could that be if you sign reads correctly he replied that its a way that the two consolidating. I asked about how much my service would be impacted by this, this manager replied that i would have unified billing, the sprint network was superior to the Nextel network and that there will be one phone to unify the networks but they are available at this time. I asked could i get a new blackberry without the data package the manager said the same thing and that was that i could not purchase the phone with the Data package.

I selected a Motorola Razar, the phone had a rebate attached to it, the activation was waived and i get this service credit. I've had two phones on the Nextel network again for almost 10 years and i was just changing my phone not the other, i was assured that the other line wouldn't be impacted and i would receive a unified billed from Nextel together with Sprint. I proceed to finalizes this transaction and the manager had to do a few programming things and i would be off to enjoy my new phone, NOT ! This manager had drop my original number and programed the new phone with my other existing phone numbers. I immediately proceed back to the store trying to figure out what had happen.

Upon approaching the same manager, i informed him of the circumstance he review and check the phone which he had just programmed several hours earlier and realized he had made an error, he apologies and corrected his errors.
I received a bill from Nextel - Sprint it only reflected my other phone, i thought nothing of initially and proceeded to pay it. Just as July was coming to an end I received another bill from Nextel-Sprint this bill reflected only my new phone. I called Nextel to inquire about this bill the CSR ( bogus name when asked to identify themselves) informed me that they would have to transfer me to the Sprint side. I was informed that billing wasn't unified and that there system hasn't been completed to handle such matters. I informed the CSR that i was informed that i would haven't this problem of receiving two bills. The CSR informed me that she could do anything about that. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, which was no help. The only thing they could do was switch me back to Nextel. I kept asking aren't you one in the same they i replied yes but they couldn't do anything. They passed me on to programming specialist who indicated that this would be a issue to get migrated back into the Nextel network with my existing Razar Phone purchased from Simply Wireless. The Programming person proceed to make this happen, i was told that it was complete and to shut down my phone for a couple of hours, a couple i replied they said yes. That couple hours turned out to be a week of no service and constant call daily having to relive all the deatils which lead up to this loss of service. Everyday for up to four hours a day at work and another 4 hours or so in the evening for an entire week before i got my service back, the whole time each CSR and programing assured me that i would have my service back shortly.

I was informed that the Razor phone i had purchased was not compatible with the Nextel network and the only way i would get my service back was to purchase another Nextel compatible phone. The next programming person who was the only honest and sincere person through this entire ordeal informed my that i could kep my blackberry in the first place, the works in either mode and customer have always had this options, the sales department personal is driven by profit and they make a greater profit for themselves.for themselves.

NextelStay away from Nextel's service!

My Business received a contract for all employees that said "We would not have any contracts with Nextel" since our business was so large. I tried updating my service to add new phone lines, change service and misc other changes. Over a two to three year period I was told each time I changed anything that a new contract would be in effect. I would call Nextel's customer service department each time and think I got it resolved only to find out that the various departments do not communicate with each other. I had to know a secret code that they would not give me until I moved up the chain of command after spending hours, being hung up on by their customer support and having to wait and be transferred each time to three to four different people who all told me I was wrong. I got a bad credit rating thinking they where resolving the situation each time, only to find out that the various department could not see the other departments computer screens and notes. Finally I cancelled my service but was told I would not be able to cancel any service until I paid for the new contract in full of which finally I was able to find a person who was able to take me off their system but since it was the middle of the month and even though I had stopped using the phones 4 months prior with no activity, I was told I owed for the new month. Needless to say I would never suggest anyone to use Nextel's service unless you want to be badgered, hung up on, service extended and not help after spending hours and days getting no customer service.

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    Robert D. Dabaghian Sep 20, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am an attorney in San Antonio, Texas and I am representing an individual who was never a Nextel customer but had been receiving bills from Nextel. A Nextel representative ran our client's credit and determined that she qualified for five phones. After the representative informed our client what the monthly charges would be, she kindly refused. A few days later, five phones are delivered to our client's home. She immediately calls Nextel to inform them of the error and Nextel tells her to send the phones back but you have to pay for the postage. After arguing with the representative, our client finally gets them to pay for the postage. Thereafter, our client begins receiving monthly statements showing phone usage under her name. Our client had not even signed a contract, or in possession of any phones, yet she was being billed several hundreds of dollars. After multiple attempts on part of our client to resolve this dispute, she was unable to do so. For fear of having the account sent to collections and showing up on her credit report, she contacted our office. We sent out demand notice letters to Nextel and have since filed suit against the company. If you are having similar problems with Nextel, I would suggest contacting an attorney or you may call my office at 210-366-2400 and ask for Robert Dabaghian or Tammy Wincott.

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    Thankfully my 2 year contract with sprint is over. I bought an insurance since the beginning which supposedly covers damage, malfunction on my phone. Around three months after I purchase the motorola i870 I started having all kinds of problems from the phone turning off by itself, the screen in the exterior not working, and when making a phone call or checking my voicemail it will turn off by it self.

    I when to a sprint center and they said that it was my fault, (I always take good care of my phones) and I tried to fix my phone issue with the insurance and they said that it only covers theft, water damage but not personal damage. I was like what? the sales person told me it cover everything? damage and so on. (Later, I told this story to an a classmate of mine which I found out he was an ex-sprint manager employee he said that the i870 had a lot of problems and even he had one and had the same problems).

    My phone service had a 2 line one for myself and one for my brother more than a year after this incident my brother's phone was stolen. Sprint charge me for every single called the thief made and also for the internet service that the thief used even though I had canceled it, since the first month of the free internet trial. Which was more than a year ago. I spend hours in the phone with the so called customer service which where moving me around from person to person and sending me back and forth.

    I am so unhappy with Sprint/Nextel and their cheap phones and bad customer service that just take you in circles. I just want to warn good people to be BEWARE of Sprint/Nextel. Tomorrow my last contract cycle is over and I will get another provider and I don't want to have nothing to do with Sprint ever. Hope I had discover this site earlier so to warn other people about Sprint/Nextel.

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I have 3 mobile phones and 1 aircard with nextel. My monthly bill runs around 325.00 per month until the last couple of months. Last month it was over 900.00 and i although i called and protested I still had to pay it. So I paid 4 payments the first was 150.00 the second was 160.99 the third was 129. And some change and the fourth was for 306.99. Low and behold I receive a bill that says I owe over 400.00 on the 900.00 dollar bill and an additional 200. + on my new bill. They are charging me for text messaging per message and the 2 phones that have text messaging we pay for unlimited text messaging so i should not be charged per message. I also paid roughly 746.98 toward that 900.00 bill so i fail to see where i still owe 400.00 plus on that bill. You need to do something with this company.they have went to h-ll since the merged with sprint and i am tired of them ripping me off. I would switch to another company but thanks to them my credit is bad, bad, bad. Can you help me?

  • Br
    brandy funderburk Sep 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is my first experience with nextel also my first cell phone and i have to say it was the worst that worse can get, they have horrible customer service and some how over charge you like crazy. i will NEVER use this company again!!!!!!! i have switched to ALLTEL which has the BEST cutomer service and is the best cell phone company i have yet to experience! i was having to dish out money that i didn't even have. i really advise other people to NOT even experience horrible inconvience that they caused!!!

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Nextel — Service sucks!

Where do I begin. My husband got a Nextel i530 phone a year ago. He liked Nextel phones because of the walkie...

NextelWorst service ever!

As you have seen from EVERYONE else's reviews, nextel is hands down the worst cell phone company ever, and if you read current news articles of Sprint/Nextel, they are losing more customers than ever.

I have been with nextel for about 3 years, When I bought the phone at a discounted price I agreed to a 2 year service agreement, but then 1 year later whn i wanted to swith my rate plan (to a more expensive one mmind you), they started my 2 year service agreement over again, and did not even inform me of that. When you call custome service ( iswear the calls are re-routed to Mexico, haha), no one speaks english, and they are very rude and could care less about helping you. But the worst part of all, is that no matter where you are, you could be in the middle of NYC or a surrounding suburb (densly populated area's), and the calls will always be dropped or garbled or simply no service. Sprint/Nextel, I would just like to say Thank You, for locking me into your hellhole of a company that will one day go under. I am switching for Verizon in a month when my contract is up, all my friends and relatives have verizon and are very satisfied with it.

  • Valerie Aug 16, 2006

    A lot of my friends here in NH have NEXTEL and the service is so bad, its only works well in the southeastern part of the state. I have Verizon and i have NO issues at all.

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  • Ch
    Chris Aug 31, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I upgraded my Nextel phone in December 2005. The original plan was well over the original year contract. I explained to the representative that I worked for Publix and had a one year contract (they had some kind of agreement with Publix employees). I upgraded my phone and service. I explained that I had a second phone on my plan that was going to be disconnected soon and that I did not want to change this phone. I was told this was not a problem. When my exgirlfriend disconnected the additional phone a few months later, I was charged a $200 fee. I have emailed Nextel, I have called. I have been instructed that I must take off from work and go to the original representative. I am a Grocery Manager for Publix. I open the store at 3:00 a.m. I do not have the time or energy to go over to the location. Any help that I can get would be appreciated. I will gladly pay any amount that I owe. I do not feel I owe this amount.

    Company details:
    Nextel Corporate Headquarters, 2001 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA 20191

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  • Li
    Lily Russell Nov 06, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I filed the cancellation on the account on June22 of 2006. Instead of $200.00 cancellation fee I kept receiving monthly charges.
    I and my son whose name is on the account, tried calling in July, August to confirm the cancellation, then in September, then on 10/17/06.
    The plan expires on 11/28/06.
    When I tried to clear the situation with Customer Service I had to explain situation to four(4) different people and spent 1 hour of my time ($50.00hr).
    After five months(services not used) of unsuccessful attempts Nextel suggesting to pay $200.00 when the plan expires in one month, plus five months of not used plan services.
    Nextel customer service trying to justify this as "No request to cancel on record" when in reality every one of the times I called, they would convince me that the request is being processed.

    This is by far one of the most unsatisfying experiences. My family will never be Nextel customer again and definitely would not recommend the services to any one we know. I truly believe that Nextel deliberately postponed the cancellation of the account charging monthly fee up to a last month of plan expiration and charge the fee on the last month of 2 year plan.

    I feel that NEXTEL is guilty of deceptive business practices.
    I also believe they are in violation of the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Services of which they are a signatory to.


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  • Mi
    Mirela Apr 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have been loyal customers of Nextel for over 4 years. The first 3 years we were pretty happy, but this last one it’s been hell.

    We had 10 Phones with them; every employee started complaining about their phones. We are in a construction business, where reaching the right individual at the right time gets you jobs most of the time.

    Unfortunately we started loosing jobs, when in the middle of our conversations the call would drop, again and again.

    For a year we called asked than the problem would b resolved. No resolution, the problem got worse with time.

    A few months we decided, that was it. We switched to another provider.

    Now we have $1,600 in early termination fees from Nextel/Sprint. We complained about that, asked that would be waived. All we got is their associates calling, being very rude and disrespectful on the phone.

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  • Da
    DAN Jul 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have a plumbing business and got nextel 2 yrs ago for the DC feature. Now that we are due for a upgrade they are denying it because i upgraded our plan. So it now they want 75 bucks per phone and 39 bucks to change the phone??? Don't get that. We want to take our business somewhere else but it will cost us $200 per phone $1600. for all 8 of the phones to cancel our contract. Were stuck or if i upgrade i will be locked into another 2yr contract. Verizon offers so much more. My daughter has Verizon and each month the amount to buy out your contract is reduced. The signal is excellent. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. NEXTEL IS A RIPOFF!!

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