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Received a call from a Kenny Tran ID#0912 saying he had our timeshare sold and needed escrow amount to process - had a good line and was very smooth - due to the fact my husband had been out of work for a year and we had wanted to sell and needed to sell our timeshare we got caught up in this guys line! How can these people sleep at night knowing how they are scaming people out of $$$$! We will never do this again! What really got us he had ALL of our info about our timeshare and etc!!! Also informed us we would get our certified check for the sale of the timeshare in 2-4 weeks - as I got more curious I started calling but never heard back from Kenny or anyone else. In fact the number was no longer in service. I understand this involves a woman that has been doing this for along time and seems to be still doing the scaming! BE cautious everyone!

Nationwide Marketing solutionsScammed

Consumers Beware!!!
In June 2009 I was solicited by Nationwide Marketing Solutions, Inc. who offered to sell one of my timeshares as they indicated they had a buyer & what they were will to pay for it was a fair price so I though why not, need less to say that was a BIG mistake as I not only listed one timeshare with them but three as they told me they had buyers for all three.
The fellow that I initially spoke with who told me that they had buyers for my 3 timeshares was Wayne Stephens who was SUPPOSEDLY the Finance Director; I have to admit he was a smoother talker now that I think about it.
Well after I paid Nationwide Marketing Solutions, Inc. the $1, 792 (times 3) to list each of my timeshares then the excuses started; Initially each buyer was to get their loan from Nationwide Marketing Solutions to purchase my timeshares, however the purchaser either decided they wanted to go to their own bank or they were waiting for the clients to sign documents or the purchasers decided not to buy, however I was told not to worry as they had another buyer, none of which result in any of my timeshares being sold.
In the end when I did call I was never able to speak with anyone I just got their voice mail, but none of my calls were ever returned.
Today Jan 29/10 I tried calling their office [protected], however their # is disconnected, however I see their website is still active. I also tried calling Mr. Stephens # [protected] & I did get a voice mail, but it was a generic message, however I didn't bother leaving a message as I have left messages at that # in the past, but no calls were ever returned. I tired calling Gregory who was a Director of Sales at Nationwide Marketing Solutions however his #[protected] is disconnected as well. I did check the Better Business Bureau's website & I see that Nationwide Marketing Solutions has an F rating which is the worst a business can get; needless to say I should have checked there before I signed up with Nationwide Marketing Solutions, but that's hindsight.
I noted on the Better Business Bureaus website that it indicates Erna Goellnitz is President of Nationwide Marketing Solutions so if anyone knows were this lady or Wayne Stephens can be located I would appreciate if they could post their whereabouts on here as I would like to proceed with filing criminal charges against both individuals or at least please forward the information to the proper authorities so that they can proceed with legal action against these ### to ensure they pay for their actions.
In the end my advice is if ANY company calls you offering to sell your timeshare & wants an upfront fee; tell them to go to hell as it's more than likely a scam.
If you have current dealings with Erna Goellnitz or Wayne Stephens or any company they are affiliated with, quick get your money back & RUN or if you are ever solicited by Erna Goellnitz or Wayne Stephens or any company they are affiliated tell them to go to hell!!!
Trust me I've learned an expensive lesson so I hope my experience will help other people not get taken advantage of.

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    Darlene Haney Feb 08, 2010

    I have also been ripped off by this group for $896.00. Here are the names and phone numbers I have - 561-432-6718, 561-450-5132, 561-432-6756, Justin - 561-598-0039, hopefully some of these numbers will be helpful. If you have any success I would like to be notified at [email protected] I to have learned an expensive lesson and have told several other companies that I have made a firm commitment not to pay anybody any up front fee ever. I didn't get any response from the attorney general of Florida.

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    fight33 Mar 23, 2010

    Many Florida timeshare sale and rental companies under fire

    Florida has launched a war against the timeshare resale industry, announcing Thursday ongoing investigations into 17 companies, as well as a lawsuit against one company.

    In 2009, complaints about timeshare resale companies overtook mortgage-related complaints reported to the Florida attorney general.

    The attorney general also filed suit against South Daytona-based, its third suit in recent months against timeshare resale companies. Allegations against are that the company forced customers to pay up-front fees for services that were never provided. The company charged customers' credit cards even after they decided not to do business with, the suit says.

    The office has also filed suits against American Marketing Group and Hicks Inc., both based in West Palm Beach.

    Some 17 companies, many based in South Florida, have been subpoenaed because of complaints about deceptive business practices. Customers have said some of the companies failed to honor cancellation policies, misrepresented the services they would provide and failed to comply with some parts of state and federal telemarketing acts. They include:

    • Executive Timeshare Marketing in Tamarac.

    • Coastal Timeshare Solutions in Boca Raton

    • Worldwide Resorts Direct and Worldwide Marketing Solutions of Palm Beach, doing business as Worldwide Timeshare, in West Palm Beach

    • TS Luxury Group in Lake Worth

    • C&G Marketing Associates, doing business as Premier Timeshare Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens

    • Nationwide Marketing Solutions, doing business as Magnum Advertising Services in Lake Worth

    • International Resort Solutions in Lake Worth

    • E.A.T. Sales in Boca Raton

    • Euroamerican Timeshare in Boynton Beach

    • Transatlantic Timeshare in Boynton Beach

    • Seabreeze Advertising Corp., also known as SBA Corp. in Daytona Beach

    • Timeshare Market Pro in Davie

    • International Marketing and Finance in Wellington

    • Gold Crown Property Management in Dunedin

    • Vacation Property Resales doing business as BUYATIMESHARE.COM in Tampa

    • Timeshare Only in Orlando

    • PFS Concepts, Inc., doing business as US Vacation in Largo

    Already, the state has settled with seven timeshare resale companies, including about $100, 000 for customers of World Timeshares of Deerfield Beach; about $90, 000 from Timeshare Travels of Boca Raton; $36, 000 from Preferred Vacation Resorts of Clearwater; $26, 000 from D&D Vacations, doing business as United States Property Services, of Largo; about $37, 000 from S.F.C. Group, doing business as TWA Resale, of Orlando.

    On Thursday, the state noted one of its largest settlements with a timeshare resale company. Virtual Group of Orange County, which goes by the name Realty Trade, has paid $800, 000 in refunds to customers and will pay $500, 000 to customers who request refunds in the future.

    If you are planning on selling or renting your timeshare or would like help getting your money back from any of the above companies please contact 954-324-6045. Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and best time you can be reached. Or please email your information to [email protected]

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Resolved Nationwide Marketing solutionsGave them money to set up account

I gave this company $896.00 to open an account for the sale of my timeshare property.And now when I try to contact them there is no anwser on any of the lines .And I never recieved the documents they said they were sending me.They promised they had a buyer for my property and I trusted them.

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    TIREDRIPEDOFF Nov 25, 2009
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    WEST PALM BEACH — Helmut Karl Goellnitz wanted to send this message to the owners of a North Palm Beach beauty salon, federal authorities said: Don't mess with Helmut Karl Goellnitz.

    Goellnitz wasn't happy when the employees of Touchee Hair Salon, at 11585 U.S. 1, didn't drop everything to accommodate his girlfriend, who wasn't satisfied with eyelash extensions she had gotten there in June, according to federal court documents unsealed on Thursday.

    So Goellnitz, 46, of Greenacres hired two men to smash the salon's windows and burn it down, the documents said.

    The arson plot came to light after Goellnitz's alleged henchmen were caught and turned on him, according to a sworn statement by Special Agent Hugh O'Connor of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    After months of investigation, O'Connor found that Goellnitz hired Rashad Dansby, who worked with Goellnitz at Nationwide Marketing Solutions in Lake Worth, to burn down the hair salon for $1, 000.

    "Goellnitz told Dansby that he wanted somebody to make a statement not to mess with him and he 'was going to show them, ' " O'Connor said in his statement.

    Dansby, in turn, hired an airport shuttle driver named Derek Litman to commit the crime, and Litman set fire to the salon on June 18, O'Connor said. A sprinkler system eventually extinguished the fire.

    On the night of the arson, Goellnitz and his girlfriend, identified in documents as "Kristen, " met with two people in Groveland about a business venture. Goellnitz apologized for being late, the people later told authorities, because he had a problem with a hair salon and had to pay someone to "burn the son of a (expletive) down."

    Goellnitz was arrested and charged with arson, and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail. He's awaiting his next hearing in federal court

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    Christian Lady Sep 14, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I have been reading from a lot of different post articles that I am not the only that has been taken in & scammed out of MONEY . LOOKS like the legal would catch on to these folks, but I guess their eyes are closed to what is happening . Anyone have an IDEA as to who we can get in touch with sure do NEED MY MONEY BACK BADLY, Which I had have been more alert then, like I am now .

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Resolved Nationwide Marketing solutionsSale of Timeshare

My friend and I signed over our timeshare to Nationwide Marketing on August 21, 2009. The timeshare was in Cabo at Hacienda Encantada. I was dealing with Mark Preston and the sale was supposed to close on 9/30/09. I have left numerous calls and can't reach anyone at the Customer Service number. We paid them $1, 792.00 as a title search amount. What alternatives do we have? Thank you.

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    James Henriksen Nov 10, 2009
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    Verified customer

    These people are lower than pond ###. There should be an investigation into how they can get a license to steal in this fashion.

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Resolved Nationwide Marketing solutions — Fraud

Ditto. I tried to research the company, but this had not surfaced when I did so. I started to worry when the...

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