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12:46 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Poorly crafted products

As a long-time, satisfied Moissanite owner and customer, I purchased a lovely $200 ring on sale from at the end of December, 2013. Upon arrival, the large center stone was loose. It continued to loosen until it finally fell out in after about 2 mos of non-continuous, light use. I called, and their representatives assured me that they would send me a shipping label so I could exchange it.

It took several phone calls, over an extended and generous period of time on my end, to get said shipping label. I finally got it and returned the ring WITH the stone that fell out of it, as I had promised.

A month and a half went by, with me repeatedly, yet politely, calling about the whereabouts of my replacement. The first rep told me it would arrive within a week. The second told me that the ring was actually being sent out for repair and would take about 2 wks. The 3rd and 4th call I made told me, no, they had it in the warehouse this entire time, and didn't know why it hadn't been sent out.

Each call I made assured me the replacement ring would be sent to me by a promised date. Each promised date passed with no ring or word from them. I ended up calling the district manager. He, like EVERY other "customer service" interaction I had with this company, expressed absolute astonishment and dumbfounded at the profoundly awful experience I was having.

I was always VERY kind with them, and they were always kind to me. But there was NO FOLLOW-THROUGH.

Anyways, the manager, who seemed horrified by my story, unquestionably said he would look into all this, and call me back, never did. Nor did he resolve a single thing. Even when I called him a 2nd and 3rd response at all.

Eventually, I did tell them on a couple occasions, how I was just blown away the amazingly poor experience this had been, and I told them how it was making me not want to do business with them again. But they always sounded very reassuring, apologetic, and convincing about their promise to follow through, each time.

When I finally got the replacement ring, its center stone was even looser than the first ring was upon arrival. I couldn't believe they didn't check the ring before sending it, especially after all this. Regardless, it was one of the 2 side stones fell out either the day that I got it, or the next, which was when I noticed it was gone. This time I realized that their products were not constructed well, and I wanted a refund.

Again, I was promised shipping labels and again, it took several phone calls and weeks of waiting. Finally, I got the label and sent it back. Well, they received the ring on March 19, 2014 and I have YET to get my refund-it's now JUNE 15 and I am completely sick of calling them and wasting my time.

I am feeling robbed at this point.

On my last call to them, I was assured that my money would be put back into my PayPal account within 4 days max. That was a week and a half ago.

I had a halfway decent ring for 2 months, and it's replacement for one day. The other FOUR MONTHS have been an absolutely ridiculous ordeal. I am beyond fed up with this company. I honestly cannot believe it's been so bad. This is the worst customer service experience of my life. I hope no one goes through what I have, and I will now leave reviews in hopes that they will be deterred from doing business with this awful company.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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6:50 am EST
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DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! I was in the process of purchasing a $5500 dollar ring from them! They sent me a wax mold of the ring to approve the design and size! They forgot to mention that this wax mold would cost me $600! I ordered the ring in a size 5.5 the same size as my class ring! They made the mold in a size 5 I couldn't even get it over my...

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