Midwest Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Midwest Airlinesflight canceling

dear midwest, due to a mishap in traveling days, i had to purchase a ticket from a different state instead of going to your airlines in kansas city, thus missing that flight. All i thought was well until i came to the washington D.C. airline and what do i find, that my entire flight to D.C. and back was canceled, because i missed that flight. I then had to purchase yet another ticket to fly to milwakee and then to kansas city. I feel that canceling the flight just because i missed the flight to D.C. is completely idiotic. Because of that I had to fly for a total of a full day instead of it taking a good hour from D.C to kansas city. Also you should now, that i am really holding back how angry i am in this letter. While my age really has nothing to do with it as well, at the age of sixteen i feel your service is very sub par, and i hope that you at least change the policy of canceling someones flight just because they missed the flight to the location, if its a flight there and back. I hope this letter reaches you, and that i get a reply. If not i will continue to send this until i do. My email is [protected]@yahoo.com

Midwest AirlinesInvalid Flights/Reservations

I booked an airline ticket from MKE to SAN on the Midwest Airlines website...or at least I thought I did! I chose my flights and gave them my frequent flyer number and credit card information and received a confirmation email. It showed that NWA was going to be the carrier for the flight. Which is not uncommon these days. The email stated that I would be receiving another email within 24 hours for ticketing information. I wasn't able to pick my seats when I made the reservation...I went back into Midwest Airlines and put in the confirmation number and it was invalid. I did online chat and she said that it wasn't a real ticket and they were in the process of contacting people regarding the glitch. I still haven't received any info regarding the glitch or ticketing information. Midwest tells me to contact NWA and NWA tells me to contact Midwest. NWA didn't have the same flight times on their website. Nobody wants to honor the reservation or the flight price.

Midwest Airlinescustomer service

I have never flown Midwest before though many other airelines. I have never received such poor ground customer service. The flight crew was great.
The first plane was delayed due to weather for 1 1/2 hours so I would miss my connecting flight, which was on the same airline. The ground crew said the company would make arrangements to bus me to my next destination since it was not my fault. When I got to Milwaukee no one was at the ticket counter because of the hour, I guess, 10:30 pm. I was stranded by the airline! My family did come to get me but it was 1 1/2 hour drive and then back.
The way home was not much better. The plane was cancelled. When I asked what I needed to do, I was told "if I didn't like the customer service I could fly them" (he pointed to United Airlines). I was put on the worst (smallest) seat space on the airplane not with my relative.
I have contacted the company but no word back so others should beware of their ground customer service.

Midwest AirlinesBad service

I traveled to Boston to be there for a friend whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, and the high school was awarding her mother her diploma. On my return flight (#2816) from Milwaukee to Columbus Ohio, I discovered that a brand new bottle of perfume that was in its original box had spilled out all over my clothing, and had saturated the suitcase. I went to the information desk on the baggage claim level, and the attendant paged Midwest 4 times for an agent to come address the issue. Nobody came. The flight attendant that was on the flight I just got off was standing there, and was very rude and apathetic, and the only thing she said was "yeah I can smell it". No concern whatsoever. Finally I saw the person I was waiting for take her luggage off the belt and I approached her and told her what happened. We proceeded to go up to the ticketing/check in area, and she called the customer service #. They told her that they wouldn't do anything to compensate me because I didnt put it in a plastic bag. I have flown many times over the years and NEVER had any problem with any airline until now. If they weren't so rough with people's luggage the perfume should and most likely would not have spilled out. I want to be compensated for my time, aggravation and a fair $$ amount it would take to have my clothing dry cleaned as well as having my suitcase cleaned and replacement of the bottle of perfume. I was very stressed out already due to the reason for my trip, I was extremely tired and then to have to deal with such lack of concern is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Without customers they would be out of business, and they need to remember that and treat them with courtesy, concern and respect. Please help me get this resolved.