Metropolis Model and Talent Management in Toronto scam Complaints & Reviews

Metropolis Model and Talent Management in Toronto scamMetropolis Model and Talent Management scam

ok so this lady name oliva V. started this agency after she got caught scaming with her previous agency called xcentric models. She is in a business center now and has changed her company name to Metropolis Model and Talent Management. Please do your research on her. You will find that she work for agency called M Models and created alot of complaint boards about them which were lies. I am currently with M and i will back up agency! I went to this agency last week and notice she was saying they have been opened for 2 years which is a lie. You can notice her blog has only 3-4 jobs in it. If you are agency that is opened for 2 years and you say your top ten agency why dont you have more jobs. Please be carefull . They make fake blogs pretending to be a model and saying they are the best. Do some research stay away from olvia V. and Ely !

Metroplis Model and Talent Management is a scam!

Metropolis Model and Talent Management in Toronto scamscam artist

So the Scam continues /removed/ owners have opened up X-Centric Models and Talent Management. After couple of months scaming innocent people like me. They have opened up again. Please stay away from them !!!

Beware of Metroplis models they are a scam, They are the former agency called /removed/ that I payed over 800.00 to be represented by, they not only took my money but also did not return any of my calls. After 3 months I went back to 2238 Dandas at West suite B103 NO ONE WAS THERE they had shut down. Now they are called Metroplis Models on 20 Bay st. Same agent/owner named Olivia and same guy with long hair named Arash now they recently moved again to 2 Bloor Street east.

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    Virgo9111 Apr 10, 2013

    Did you end up getting your money back? If yes, then how??

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