Global Referral Network Complaints & Reviews

Global Referral NetworkReferral company scam

I subscribd to this company in return for 50 leads. After sending my money order I was sent one lead, where I could not contact the individual.
I called, emailed, faxed the company to get clarification, and no one returned my numerous calls.
This meesage is to warn anyone who is dealing with any company name that is Global Referral Network or something similar. These scammers may have morphed into another company name preying upon other realtors.

Global Referral NetworkNo service as promised for payment

I sent this company took $1500 in October 2007 for leads that I never received. I am a local realtor always looking to expand my business. This company promised to send me 50 leads over a 6 month period of people looking to relocate to Vancouver, Canada. I did not receive one viable lead and have not heard anything from them in almost nine months. They refuse to answer my emails or return my phone calls. I feel I have no choice but to sue. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!