George Henry Flauta, III Complaints & Reviews

George Henry Flauta, IIIDisturbing PSYCHO, Fraud

This sick ### has been sending disturbing messages and pictures, including two little girls. Asked to stop, even blocked.

Two girls are: Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta (DoB Jan. 26, 2006) Kimiko Raelynn Flauta (DoB Jan. 20, 2009)

These people are SCAMMERS: George Henry Flauta and his ex-wife Sarah Megan Grodsky (DoB Aug. 29, 1986) using those little girls to steal money and lie. There are numerous reports and pictures on them online.

They better return the money they've stolen or something bad is going to happen to them.

Please spread this information around. Thank you.

George Henry Flauta, IIICriminal Investigation: George Flauta

Warning! Criminal investigation pending for scammer by the name of George Flauta, also known as George Sollux Flauta on Facebook.

George Flauta has been found guilty of identity theft, student loan fraud, tax fraud, welfare fraud, grand theft of over $10, 000 and child extortion. Do not trust this criminal, he is extremely dangerous and will do anything for money. He has been known to lie, cheat and steal for his own selfish needs. I repeat, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRUST GEORGE FLAUTA!

If anyone has any information on his current whereabouts, please report.

George Henry Flauta, III
August 05, 1982
XBOX GT: Geohen
Other aliases: Sargeo, Geohen

George Henry Flauta, IIIGeorge Flauta Scam!!!!

George Flauta lies about everything. He and his ex-wife Sarah Grodsky use children in their scams to steal thousands of dollars from others. Here are their names and date of births in the event that you come across them. Know that they are lying pieces of ****, don't believe anything they say.

George Henry Flauta, IIILoan Fraud

Attempted to steal my identity to apply for fraudulent loans under my name, found out that he was doing the same to other people. Has stolen over $20, 000 in cash already, which he hides in his apartment. May have even stolen even more money than that because I have seen that he has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of video games and World of Warcraft trading cards filling his apartment.

Someone needs to teach this ****** a lesson.