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9:36 am EDT

Mary T. Prantil Internet Terrorist and CRIMINAL LIAR

This post is about a true scam artist named Mary T. Prantil, who decided to come up on the Internet one day going on three years ago to obtain spell casting and other on-line services in which she had no intention in paying for at any time.

This is about a person that not only stole from legitimate businesses but slandered them over the entire Internet under numerous fictitious names in a effort to ruin their businesses after she was through using and scamming them.

This report is on a true criminal who hides behind religion and the Constitution Of the United States while proclaiming herself to be a patriot, comedian, and spiritual woman who believes in God, while accusing everyone of doing the very things that she is carrying out in the shadows against the innocent privately.

This report is about a scam artist that doesn't appear to have any set ethical standards, values or morals whom is to cowardly to even make her outlandish and fictitious charges against others under her true name for fear of legal retribution.

She's a cowardly, shallow, ignorant individual who is conflicting by nature that thinks she can play with the lives of people wherever she meets them.

Her conflicts and arguments are full of lies, inconsistencies and contradictions steaming from her delusional mind set who's further been fired from about every job she has ever worked.

This person is a attention seeker, self-mutilator, compulsive, obsessive, habitual liar that can't get along with anyone privately or in the work place. This can be proven with her long track record found in public records, background search and employment history.

Mary T. Prantil is currently attempting to group and slam several independent magic sites and other private persons who have absolutely nothing to do with each other because these same sites and persons are exposing her for her fraudulent activity against them at various times.

So, when going over the gripe sites please recognize that any negative statements or post made against us are more then likely coming from this out of control ### of Mary T.Prantil who thinks she's making some sort of case against us without ever producing one shred of evidence to support her numerous fictitious claims. Who fails repeatedly in proving our charges against her as being false.

Let's review one of Miss Prantil's web sites, more specifically her site of ( "SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT" ) found at CORRECT THE RECORD: Mary Prantil, to further establish her personal CREDIBILITY and REPUTATION since these issues seems to be of great importance to her currently.

Let's also recognize her statement of not believing anything that is posted on [redacted] as she repetitively stated over and over on her site in question. Miss Prantil states, and I quote ( "Mary Prantil CORRECTS THE RECORD and tells the true story about [redacted].com! Mary Prantil Defends the truth - DO NOT BELIEVE [redacted].com" ), Again a quote from Prantil, ( "Hello...This is Mary Prantil. Credibility is everything ! Protect your Internet Reputation! ").

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Jack L Glasser
New York, US
Nov 11, 2021 6:27 am EST

Hello, my name is Jack Glasser from New York, I also have information about Mary Prantil that may be of interest to anyone seeking to rid the world of this slime, email me at

3:12 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Over The last three years plus, we've been harassed and slandered along with other on-line businesses all over the Internet by Mary T. Prantil of Queens County Astoria New York, who further was a disgruntled ex-client of several other magick sites along with other online businesses. Personally speaking, Miss Prantil's case was dropped with us for the sole...

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