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Resolved Freebeegas.comMs Crystal Clark

After reading nearly all the postings regarding FreeBeeGas (parent company Tidewater Global Marketing-Owner:Ms Crystal Clark), I cannot help but wonder how many thousands and thousands of people across the entire country, this organization, and the lovely Ms Clark have scammed...and how much MONEY she has made as a result of her "oh-so-clever business practices. Between "selling" the useless gas vouchers to all kinds of different types of retail merchants (mine was Lasco Ford in Fenton, Micigan), and collecting our $5.00 "registration fee" must be in the MILLIONS! I did file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's Office, as well as, the Michigan AG. What I really, really want to know (after reading more blogs on the subject then I could count) WHY oh WHY hasn't someone started a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against Ms Crystal Clark/ Tidewater Global Marketing/ FreeBeGas and either bring her to her financial KNEES, or toss her buttock in JAIL where she obviously belongs. I also wonder what the REPONSIBILITY of the retailer who actually used FreeBeeGas as a promotional vehicle to entice us to purchase their product should be. Shouldn't they have researched the vendor and known who they were doing business with? Why should we the consumer be "duped" and taken advantage of? The folks that I did business with at LASCO FORD (Jay Lasco) in Fenton, Michigan told me that it was "my problem" and did NOTHING. Am I the only one who believes that the merchant we did business with should "back" their promotion and HELP us out? Let me know at [protected] Thanks.

  • Lo
    Lori Apr 18, 2009

    Wow. I feel exactly the way you do! I contacted the dealership (made new vehicle purchase July 2008) and they provided me a number (561-491-0880 ext. 125), but then that number had an automated response to call 850-488-2221, which is Florida Dept of Agriculture/Consumer Services and Consumer Assistance Center. Hours are M-F 8-4:45pm Eastern Standard Time. I have not had a chance to call during those hours yet, but intend to do so. In addition to your questions, I wonder how the various retailers/dealerships were approached with this deal? There should be some accountability. I'm not done checking things out, and I'm not sure what can be done, but I agree that someone needs to make things right. Probably would be good for everyone to contact Florida's Better Business Bureau. I'm curious to know how many reimbursable $5 processing fee payments were payed out to these scam artists. (I'm frustrated with myself, as something didn't sit right with having to make this $5 payment in the first place...should have listened to my instincts and checked it out a little more closely.)

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Resolved Freebeegas.comnever received gas voucher $100

Got roped in to signing up for dish network for 1 1/2 year. Promotion included $100 in gas voucher. I have contacted freebee many times. I was told excuse after excuse when I would receive the voucher. I have contacted them recently and both email and phone are out of service.

What a scam...will be contacting dish network about this.

  • An
    Andi Apr 01, 2009

    I also have been scammed. I received a gas voucher for $300. in the Poconos for looking at a timeshare. Got fuel at the same gas station, saved receipts, even running back once for like a $1.00's worth of gas to make the minimum of $100. I was told over the phone that they were doing a "mass mailing" over the weekend. That was over 3 months ago! Never received ANYTHING!! RIP OFF ~ WASTE OF MY TIME AND ENERGY!!

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Resolved$300 gas voucher

We received a $300 certificate for free gas from a timeshare we attended. We followed the instructions sent to us by e-mail to send in 100.00 in original gas receipts every month and would receive a $25.00 gas credit in return. We did this for 5 months and have received nothing. Wrote a letter and got no response. Tried to send e-mail and wouldn't go through. The gas station has to be the same eg. Chevron or one of your choice and can be anywhere you purchase gas. It states it will take 3 weeks to get your gas credit if mailed before the 20th of the month. The company is 14100 Walsingham Rd Ste. 36 Largo, Fl 33774 . Phone # [protected]

  • Rh
    Rhonda Jan 24, 2009


    I am so sorry you were taken too.

    This company is one really big rip off. This company has been doing this to people like you and me for years. Here are some other links about the same thing. - 9 complaints started - 4 complaints started - 31 complaints started - 121 complaints started - 3 pages of complaints here - new complaints from 2009

    And articles written about them in FL newspapers

    Largo company's gas cards too good to be true?

    Complaints pile up against marketing firm over gas voucher program

    State steps up inquiry into Tidewater gas vouchers

    Can we end the scam already and just close this company down before they hurt any more consumers like us and ruin any more businesses' reputations?

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  • De
    Debo Jan 29, 2009

    I hav ebeen submitting reciepts since October and have recieved nothing.

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  • De
    Debo Jan 29, 2009


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  • Do
    donna Feb 22, 2009

    I also have been sending in receipts following all the instructions since October. I called in December questioning why I haven't received any free gas coupons yet they said there was a computer problem and in January I should receive all the 3 back monthes at once. When nothing came by Feburary I called back but the phone number is no longer in service. what a waste of $ 5.00 and stamps and time! Donna in MI.

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Resolved Freebeegas.comFraud and scam

My wife and I attended a sales presentation hosted by Global Vacation Network in Dublin Ohio. We were promised a free four day, three night Mexico getaway and $300.00 in free gas. We found out after a month or so that the Mexico getaway sponsored by Mexico Paradise Getaway (MPG) was not quite as promoted.

After sending them a $100.00 deposit and waiting for forty five days or so, I received an email requesting a money order or certified check for an additional $300.00. This money had to be received by them by certified mail within 30 days or they would cancel the trip.

Thanks to some input from others on how they had the same or worse experience, I immediately requested a refund. I did not hear from MPG, but after numerous phone calls, threats and complaints to Global Vacation Network, I did receive a $100.00 refund check.

My $300.00 gas voucher also provided by Global Vacation Network and sponsored by, also turned out to be not as promised. I sent them a $5.00 deposit, collected $100.00 in gas receipts, mailed the receipts promptly to the address requested and waited. I received an email from stating that they had received my receipts and would be processing my gas card.

That is the last I have heard from them. I am now well past the time period that I should have received my first gas card, and have not received anything. All of my emails to them go unanswered and the phone number I was given to contact them only states that there mailbox is full.

My advice to all is stay away from Global Vacation Network and their “Free" prizes. I personally spent three hours listening to a “90 minute" sales presentation and received nothing. Mexico Paradise Getaway and both turned out to be worthless prizes that only proceeded in costing me more time and money.

  • Ly
    lynque Feb 08, 2009

    We too attended a presentation from Global Vacations. For our prize, we got to choose a gift. I chose a GPS that they said was worth $250.00 with the upgrade. By the time I paid for shipping and the upgrade, the GPS was not free. In fact, the value was much list on the retail market than they stated there's was worth. Shame on us for being scammed!

    Also we received a card for $500.00 free gas from after purchasing a $35, 000 vehicle. Thanks for saving us the hassle and $5.00.


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  • Jo
    John W. Ferron May 18, 2009

    From what we have seen on loval TV and at the Ohio ttorney General's Office, you are not alone.

    If any Ohio consumer wishes to discuss his or her concerns about GVN (Global Vacation Network), please call our law firm, Ferron & Associates, 614-228-5225 (Columbus, Ohio). We have sucessfully sued GVN in the past and have a case pending against them at this time. We would be happy to speak with anyone about their concerns -- as we are still gatherng evidence concerning GVN -- and there is no charge of any kind.

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Resolved — free gas promotion

in August 2008 i visited a pontiac gm dealership in Greenbrook, NJ, and i 'won' a $450. free ga...

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