Express clothing store Complaints & Reviews

Express clothing storeWrong Charge

I have called your company to complaint about this charge. I got to know about this charge in 2010. the company has my address and record, for them to informed me of this new charge to my account. When I called your customer service she told me and advice to write to your dispute department to complaint and explain the problem. I have never charge this amount to this card and if I did would not have been that amount. My account reference is #[protected] I am requesting for the initial store to send me a detail statement of what is was expend in their credit card i do refuse to pay for something I didn't expend at that store.

Express clothing storeDiscrimination

I have been dignosed with a neuraliga disorder and have hospitalized all summer, the day i decided to visit this store Express to shop for something to wear to a doctor's appointment. I was rushed a soon as i enter the store as i began to pick my selections i was rushed by every sales associate including the manager. I could'nt remeber what outfits went with what because of the associates taking every thing that i selected. I never felt so degraded before, until this experince with the staff on September 07, 2008
at exactly 12:30 am. I'm going to contact the eeoc and file a complaint, with this agency. I also observed the way they greeted and treated their white clients, they were not followed nor harassed while they shopped or tried on their selections. I expressed my feelings with the manager that afternoon and she said that she and her staff where just offering customer service, but i did'nt observe the same customer services for their white customers. I felt discriminated because of my skin color. I have shopped at Express clothing store for almost nineteen years, and not until this particular insident I've never had a problem before.