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Car Rentalthreatening behavior (will report my credit card to the credit bureau and suspend it for 7 years)

I rented a car on January 9th 2016 and the wind damaged the drivers door and it needed alignment. The Damage Recovery Unit (DRU) mailed the costs and supporting paperwork to an old mailing address (note: the new mailing address was updated on my driving licences on September 2015), then they emailed it again on March 21st. I've submitted a claim to my insurance company (Allianz) right away, however, it is still under process.

Yesterday I received an email from (Vi Nguyen, Total Loss Recovery Specialist' Damage Recovery Unit (DRU), [protected] - Direct
[protected] - Fax, vi-thuy.[protected], she threatened me and said "should we not receive payment from Allianz before May 16, 2016 then the balance will be forwarded to a third party collection agency for further recovery which in turn will affect your credit and accrue interest on the balance owing".

I have no control of the processing times and it was not my fault to receive the documents too late. Please help.

Ahmed Mostafa
Enterprise claim number: [protected]
Allianz case number: [protected]

Car Rentalsunpass

We are coming from the UK and renting from Miami airport. Unless we take out Sixt's sunpass at over a hundred dollars for 3 weeks after a journey time of over 18 hrs we have to take a much slower route to the Keys.
I cannot understand why I can't buy and activate a mini pass at the airport. I would love to rent the car, go to a kiosk, buy and activate a mini pass and be on our way. I believe that the tourist, who contribute millions of dollars a year is deliberately being ripped of by the state of Florida. I remember a couple of years ago trying to activate a mini pass, the web site was not geared up for anyone from abroad as it wouldn't take a post code from the UK. Ended up saying my credit card was registered to an address in Deerfield Beach and it was accepted (that secure...not)
It's all just so '3rd world'

Car Rentalaccused of damage we didn't do

We had an accident in my car, so our insurance company rented us a car from enterprise. When we received the car it was still dirty with white sand & tabacco spit down the passenger side door. The person information was still in the car. They just didn't take time to clean car before they rented to us. Then when they receive it back they accused us of scratches and damaging bumper. We did not drive the car everyday. We informed them of the unclean car & they did not have another one in. We didn't wash the car so they could see how it was rented. They filed on our insurance & we refuse to pay the rest & disputed the damages in writing & over phone. They are still trying to get money for something we didn't do. Had they taken time to clean the car they would have seen the damages were not our fault . The white sand was an indication the car had been driven along coast line. It was a black terrain with 3 seats. The scratches were suppose to be on bumper which was plastic & we never saw!!!

  • Ab
    AB RAKIB May 02, 2010


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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Mar 25, 2015

    Dessie March Jr.,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As customer service is of the utmost importance to us, we would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please contact us at [email protected] with the complete details. Include the exact rental location, your contact information, claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.

    When emailing, please place reference number 150325-000568 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Carol H.
    Social Monitoring Coordinator
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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Car Rentalpaynow scam

December 30, 2014
601, Jefferson St, KT-677
Houston, Texas, 77002

Hertz Corporation
Consumer Complaint Division
PO Box 26120
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Dear Madam or Sir:
Re: (Service/Purchase/Rental on December 29, 2014

On December 29, 2014, I purchased the following service:
I am on businesstourist Visa and here in US for a short visit. I booked a rental car online from Hertz, located in Downtown - Houston, using PayNow. Details, Rental Agreement - [protected] Document Nbr - [protected] Date - 12/29/2014 Renter - RAJBHAR SANJAY There was 15% discount offer on prepaid rentals so I went for it to save some money for a trip to San Antonia next day. But, when I went to pick the car, the Hertz representative told me that if my friend needs to drive, we need to pay another $15 for Driver Addition + $20 for Insurance. So, we thought that doing a fresh booking will be better option. So, I cancelled the booking and did a new booking. We had our fun trip and returned to Houston. Well, next day I realized that $there was a 25.2 has been charged to my card as cancellation fee. I wanted to ask Hertz that how they justify $25.2 charge for providing nothing and unfortunately there's NOONE to explain that to me! There is no real person to address the grievance of customers - Thanks to IVRs. I think Hertz cheated me by charging $25.2 and I recommend "NOT TO USE PayNow" Details for transaction on my card: 12/29/2014 - DEB CARD WITHDRAWAL - POS #613003 *POS* HERTZ PPAY OK HERTZ RENT-A-CAR HERTZ REN

Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied for the following reason(s):
The Customer Care only said what was there in the Online Agreement which pops up before proceeding for payments – which didn’t tell anything about the amount of Cancellation fees. I feel completely cheated by Hertz and I feel that PayNow is booby trap.

To resolve the problem, I would like the following to take place:
I would like a full refund. I want my money to be returned and a compensation for all the time I lost in frustrations and lodging complaints.

I have enclosed copies of my records related to this situation.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will wait until 01/10/2015 before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at [protected].

Sanjay Rajbhar

Car Rentalextra charges

Dear sirs,
I had a reservation for a compact at dollar rent a car. The reservation was #[protected]. The reservation was done and paid to rentalcars.
I had many problems when i went to atlanta int. Airport to get the car. They didn't have any compacts available at that moment so they forced me to accept a larger car under the arguments that the compact i had a reservation was too small and the bags i had (One bag) would not fit the car and there were many 8 - wheeler cars on the roads. No matter what i said, the assistant kept forcing me to accept a larger car. In the end, i just accepted that because of his insistence.
But the problem didn’t stop there. He said i didn’t have full insurance. I told him my insurance was full and he said i would have to pay for total insurance, which was not true, because i had already paid for that.
He also said i would have to pay for the tolls in florida, since i was going to florida. He said i would have to pay for fines if i didn’t accept the insurance. And it was a lie! I would never be fined if i just paid for the tolls on toll sites.
The total of the pre - paid rental was about us$ 280. The total of extras i had to pay was us$ 453. 40.
I left atlanta and drove to orlando. The same day i contacted rentalcars about all the extras (Roadsafe, ppp, apconrgfee, and the tolls) . I was informed i had to wait until returning the car in order to have my complaint processed.
I returned the car, contacted rentalcars and they just told me they could not do anything for me.
Dollar rent a car was also contacted. It’s been weeks since the due time for them to reply has passed. I even contacted them a second time and they haven’t made any contact.
All i want is for them to cancel all the extras and refund me.
Best wishes,

Marcos evandro cintra

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Car Rentaldamage to car

Time to vent. (Mad as an old setting hen) On vacation and 2 more times in a year for the last 6 or 7 years we rent cars from Enterprise Car Rental. Some years we get up to 4 rentals. We rented this car Friday for vacation. It was raining in Dothan that day and since I trusted this company I didnt look at the car like I have done. Today when we turned it in they said that there was 3 dents from hail damage on the roof top and no where else. We came through rain but not hail. Friday they had to put this car in computer before they signed it out to me. Makes me wonder that in the rain maybe they did not catch this from the last renter. Also notice the tag. It is a Mass. tag. I am so mad because I have to get my insurance to pay for the damage that I cant even see in these pictures. If I have to pay my deductible to fix nothing seen then I will never rent from them again. All other car rentals give us a discount working at SAMC. I just always have liked Enterprise...till now.:(

  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Jun 12, 2013

    Please see our response to your posts on Facebook. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] and reference number 130611-000659 in the subject line of your email.
    Carol H.
    Social Media
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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Car Rentalphysical abuse

I were roughed by extreme physical force by a kellie agent at one of the location in connecticut, who threatened by force after I show displeasure at their pricing agreement which they could not provide me in writing. I claimed that they stole my money and repudiated any effort to give it back on insisting that they should do so by the written law:,

customer at large on basis of personal persecution by private and gov entity, they are not suppose to get away with it.
Thank you community and may GOD bless you.

  • Re
    reIevance Feb 13, 2013

    another thing they told the law enforcment that i started the fight. i only threatened to punch the manger in face if he did not give me my money neer hit him, he considered this a threat and told me to leave i said not without money and he said he used force.

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  • Alamo Rent A Car Feb 23, 2013

    We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at] including the rental office information, your contact information, your claim number and any additional information regarding your experience with us.
    When emailing, please list Reference Number 130223-001075 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Social Media
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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Car Rentalinsurance charged is much higher than accorded

We hired a car to be picked up at Cancun, Mexico. The hire price included 3d party liability insurance and the Collision Damage Waiver was specified to cost USD 14.00 per day. When I arrived to get the car, I was charged USD 35.00 per day, instead of 14.00, for a basic insurance that I had to acquire in order to rent the vehicle. I refused to pay this amount and since then I'm trying to cancel the reservation. They simply answered that I have to wait until the end of the reservation (10 days from now) in order to have my case analysed but I had to pay the non-show tax even if they accept to return anything.

So, never, under any circumstance hire a car from

Car Rentalbudget car rental

I am contacting you today to initiate a formal complaint of fraudulent and misleading advertising being carried out by Tiger Car Rentals of Dublin, Ireland and the Budget Car Rental Company.

These two companies have entered into some sort of business arrangement whereby you can book the rental of a vehicle through Tiger Car Rentals and then pick the vehicle up at a local Budget office. The Budget Car Rental logo is featured prominently on the Tiger Car Rental website.

I attempted to rent a vehicle through Tiger Car Rentals only to find that Budget would not honour the terms and conditions as set out in the Tiger Car rental advertising.

Tiger Car Rental is claiming that they have no hidden fees and that all of the vehicles they rent come with unlimited mileage. Obviously these claims make renting a vehicle through Tiger very attractive. The claim is blatantly false in many circumstances and specifically in my particular case.

When renting a vehicle through the Tiger Car Rental website at some point you are offered a number of vehicles to choose from. As with almost any car rental company they range from small subcompact to luxury type vehicles. Despite claims that all the vehicles come with unlimited mileage, many do not.

In my particular instance I was attempting to rent a large van for a trip of approximately 4, 000 kms. Obviously a guarantee of unlimited mileage was very appealing.

I went through the booking procedures on the Tiger Car Rental website. I was offered a Dodge Grand Caravan and again the promise of “unlimited mileage” and no hidden fees.

I have attached copies of the rental information as it appeared on the website, clearly illustrating what I have explained.

I subsequently attended the local Budget offices to inquire about how many Dodge Caravans they had in stock, how much advance booking they required and to confirm that the price quoted on the Tiger website was indeed correct.

It was at that time that Budget informed me that they would not honour the claims provided and that I would in fact be charged for mileage after a certain number had been reached.

I had the rental information printed out and showed the staff member at the Budget office. While he agreed that the information clearly showed that I was being offered unlimited mileage, he was adamant that he could not provide this. He eventually agreed that the claims being made were very misleading but that he could do nothing about it and provided me with a pamphlet to contact the Budget Car Rental head office.

I subsequently e-mailed the Budget Head office. My initial inquires were met with the same refusal to honour Tiger’s claim of unlimited mileage. After numerous e-mails complaining about the false claims it appears that Budget began to agree with some of my concerns and there final e-mail does seem to cautiously suggest a possibility that I may in fact be able to rent a the vehicle in question with unlimited mileage.

With this in mind, I returned to the local Budget Car Rental offices to confirm the information I had received thus far and that I would be able to rent a Dodge Grand Caravan with unlimited mileage. Again, I was informed that the local office could not provide me unlimited mileage.

With the documentation provided it seems clear to me that there is definite deception occurring.

On two occasions Tiger Car Rental was contacted through their website. They refused to respond.

Budget appears to blame Tiger Car Rental for the misinformation, however refuses to contact them about their claims and the use of their logo.

As of this writing I again went through the Tiger Car Rental website and made a request for another vehicle rental, looking for unlimited mileage. The same false claims are being made today. Nothing has changed.

The trip I had planned has already taken place. Obviously we chose not to rent a vehicle from either company and made other arrangements. I have not suffered any financial loss.

Other potential customers may not be so lucky.

If I had not checked with my local Budget office prior to my departure, I would have shown up at their office, accompanied by my family, ready to embark on a trip only to be told that my agreement was being breached and I would be expected to have to pay several hundred dollars more than what was agreed upon.

Irish citizens in particular could find themselves in a very costly and unfortunate situation. Someone from Ireland, planning a driving tour of the U.S. or Canada might reasonably book and pay for a vehicle rental from their local Tiger Car Rental. They would fly to a North American destination fully expecting to pick up a vehicle at a Budget office and have unlimited mileage. Imagine their reaction at learning that the claims of unlimited mileage would not apply.

I am contacting you to inform you of the practice. It appears to be blatant fraudulent advertising. The fact that Tiger Car Rental refuses to even acknowledge the e-mails sent to them in this regard leads me to believe they are aware of the situation.

This following is printed directly from the results of our booking the

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Car Rentaltaken for a ride by car rental

Last November 2010, I began looking for an available MPV to bring our family to Johor Bahru for a few days’ vacation with several families the following month. Given the holiday season, it was quite a challenge. I turned to the internet, and found this link:
I managed to speak to a Mr. Calvin Tan. After confirming availability from him, I deposited SGD 50 into a POSB account number via ATM on November 22 as deposit for a Honda Stream for our planned dates. Mr. Tan confirmed the availability of the vehicle for Malaysia the following day by sms. We agreed on the rates for the rental dates from Dec. 28, 5 pm, to Dec. 31, 5 pm, with the usual add-ons for insurance in Malaysia. The pick-up address was 774 Bedok Reservoir View.
A few weeks before the trip, I confirmed the plate number since I would need to register the vehicle for overnight parking at our place.
I arrived on the appointed date and time 20 minutes before 5 pm and found that it was an HDB housing unit. Nobody I asked there knew of any car rental agency, but said there had been occasions when people would drop off vehicles.
I called the number of Mr. Tan for some 20 minutes, always getting disconnected after several rings. I eventually tried calling two other names in the website, namely Janice and Marcus. The former was not reachable; the latter eventually answered and sounded confused saying they do not have a Honda Stream. He said he would call up Calvin.
I called up Calvin after several minutes of waiting. He eventually answers and started off by claiming he had refunded me my money already. I said no money was ever refunded; I had not even informed of the unavailability of the car. He said they had “returned” the Stream already. I was naturally distraught, as my pregnant wife and three young children were all looking forward to the trip the next day.
I insisted that he find me a vehicle for my family’s use, and asked him to deliver it to my home, as I could not pick up the vehicle because of my tight schedule that evening and the next morning.
After following up several times that evening, I eventually agreed to Mr. Tan’s alternative arrangements. He offered a “non-MPV” vehicle, which turned out to be a Hyundai Getz. He gave me a number and a Mr. Aw Yong to call so that I could arrange the delivery to my home the following morning at 9 am.
The next morning, I call Mr. Aw Yong to confirm to drop-off address and the rate. That was when he told me the vehicle did not have insurance in Malaysia, and that should I use it, any damage or loss during the trip would have to be borne by me.
I communicated with Calvin asking him for a solution to the dilemma– he offered none, saying it was all because of miscommunication. I asked him to cover for problems should anything untoward happen while we were on our trip. I believed this was fair given that this whole situation arose because of his negligence and because he sourced the alternative vehicle for us. He refused, citing policy.
From the time I managed to connect with him on the 28th, there was never an admission of shortcoming on his part. He kept asking for my account number so he could refund my “deposit and taxi fare” while denying any culpability.
My biggest problem with Mr. Calvin was his cavalier attitude. He did not deem his actions to be unprofessional. He believes in his trying to source a vehicle for me, he was already being professional. Not informing me of the unavailability of the vehicle; citing previous refunds where there was none; sourcing a vehicle for rental without the proper insurance; poor response to problems; refusal to take ownership for obvious deficiencies– these were plenty of bases for me.
My own shortcoming– I should’ve been wiser seeing the address on his website was an HDB block address. I trusted his word, which apparently was not enough.
He seemed to think that it was all right if I gave him negative feedback because Singapore has a “small market” and every car rental knows each other. He seemed to think the unavailability of cars justified him not fulfilling his end of our agreement, and all he needed to do was give us a refund, and that was enough. All said, I believe letting others know about Mr. Tan’s methods should educate other agencies how NOT to deal with their clients. It may also serve as a warning for those looking to rent cars to steer clear from such “dis-service providers”.

  • Ja
    Jaxon Smith Mar 25, 2014

    It was such a great opportunity to visit this site, you can gain new interesting topics.I want to stick on this one so that I can update more details about this one.

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  • Ja
    Jaxon Smith Mar 29, 2014

    The complaints on the car rentals are on a hike nowadays. The post tells about it in a nice manner.
    car hire services

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Car Rentalundisclosed added on fees

I rented a car for $135 and the final bill was $257.62. When Hertz gave me an estimate of $181 after selling me on $135, I was floored...but $257.62?

I recently had to rent a car in Dallas, TX. I contacted Hertz and found the best they'd do for me was $138.

Please proceed to express counter for service
Minimum Age 25 outside US - Exceptions may apply

The total rate for your SPECIFIC RATE was calculated based on
the following:

Your rate has been discounted by 04 %
Rate is guaranteed. Taxes, fees and extras, if not included in the Rate, are subject to change.
Base Amount:
Day: 1 Day at 135.35 USD

I hated paying that much to use a car just to drive from Dallas to a location MapQuest says is less than 200 miles, and takes under 4 hours to drive. However, I was in a bind. So with taxes and whatever the email confirmation from Hertz showed that my rental should cost about

Total Approx. Charges: 181.43

I get a credit card bill of $257.62. I don't know how other people feel, but I think that is an exhorbitant jump from $135.35 to $257.62. So I called just now and asked how we got from 135.35 to $257.62. The gentleman at Hertz, who was curt with me and totally unapologetic, said there was a $60 fuel charge but did agree to reduce that to $30. Then there was 22.44 for the "Airport Concession Fee" - really now? And why didn't you tell me that on the confirmation along with the estimate that you gave of $181.43? He said they don't know what the fee is going to be. Really? Can't even make a wild guess? It would be nice to know those extra charges. And then there was $24.78 in sales tax. Gee, but I would think "Total Approx. Charges" as Hertz calls it would include the SALES TAX!

So it cost me, with the adjustment just given, $220.55 to drive a little car (which, by the way, had scratches all over the outside, dirty grease marks all inside the car, hail damage on the roof, a dent in a fender area, and burn holes in the upholstery!) less than 200 miles.

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