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1:47 pm EDT

BidClerk Referral service

I paid for the 3 day trial, tried it for 1 day and learned the service was useless for our line of work. They then charged us for their full service and refused to refund the fee. I explained the situation to Bryce Summer and he was unwilling to reverse the charges. In my opinion, this company is bad news and provided bad customer service. Recommendation: stay away!

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8:02 pm EDT
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BidClerk BidClerk Service sucks

Horrible Customer Service rep: Jon Gregory was useless, took forever to get back to me and denied a demo of their system.
Carey and Tom over the phone were useless over the phone as well.
Main problems to consider, stay away from this service:
1. BidClerk does not offer a free trial to test out the service.
2. There is a 100 page view limit a day. The limit resets daily, so if you view 20 projects you already viewed in past days, it counts
3. against you again. That makes it almost impossible to view more than 100 prospect projects, whether you ever viewed them before.
4. 0% customer service
5. Only one user per account at a time.

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Fairfax Station, US
Feb 21, 2013 10:35 am EST
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BidClerk is one of the worst company I have ever dealt with. It can not help at all. You can get those leads easily from Federal, State, County, City government sites easily, or just call and ask.

To spend those money is nonsense.

And they always automactically renew your membership fees and charge your monthly fee as well immediately, without even a notice.
The company also lie, say that the customer service tried call, but couldn't reach me. I checked my records, never had phone call from them.

A cheating Internet Marketing Business!

One of the owner is a lawyer. He know how to trick people.

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