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Awesome Auger — Site is totally unfriendly and customer service is misleading

Placed an Awesome Auger order on Saturday on Site gave me the opportunity to purchase...

Awesome AugerMisleading

The ordering process lead you to believe that you where getting the added units that where included in the advert. My wife just wanted one auger tool but ended up with 3 tools and 2 battery drills that cost an amazing $161 including shipping. When the goods arrived we where horrified to see the final bill $161 for what we believd would be $19.95 plus shipping. The online odering never gave us any confirmation other than a order # ([protected] hoping that some one might address this isssue).

When I called the and asked about return the 2 extra augers and drills i was told that i could return the 2 Augers and get $34.98 the balance a whopping $108.59 was all shiiping and processing and was not refundable. I was even told to try and sell the drills on Craigs list, when i pushed the point that the drills can't be processing they are products i was told that out of the goodness of her heart she would credit my account with $5.00. i told them to give the $5.00 to charity, i doubt they ever have.

We have lived in this country for just over 2 years and have been scammed three times, it is certiantly a buyer beware situation that needs correcting. The other scams include money transfers and time shares but thats anouther story.

Awesome AugerFRAUD

My wife ordered one set @$19.95 and we were to get one set free and they billed me $177.62. I called the fraud department at my bank and they told me not to open the pkg up and return it. I called Awesome Auger and they told me that the package would probably never get back to them and I probably will not get any money refunded to me. If they do recieve the package back to them the most that I will recieve back is $19.95. Then I called my Fraud department back at my bank and told them what they said and the bank told me that I will be recieving my entire amount back and that Visa will go after Awesome Auger.

Barbara, Indiana

Awesome AugerTotally unfounded

On Aug. 2007 I ordered this hardware which was advertised for $19.95 plus tax $1.00 and shipping and handling. A week and a half ago I called because I did not receive it..Today I did get it and here is the problem!!!

P&H 56.85.
Total shipment $77.80.
Amount charged to my credit car is $77.80.

This is totally unfounded.

Awesome Augerbe careful of website

I saw the commercial about the auger and how you get two augers and extension and the drill all for $19.99. I thought it would be a terrific christmas present. When I went to the site, I had to put all my information in first before I could proceed, then when I got to the part about the drill, turns out it's $24.95 extra. I tried to go back into screen and take out my personal information and put bogus information in, not real name, address or credit card. I got a charge on my credit card for $57.88. Turns out you don't have to confirm an order, when you hit enter, IT'S AN ORDER! They will take my two sets back minus the shipping and handling charges. So I'm out about $20+ if I return and $57.88 if I keep. This is not at all what I saw on tv. BEWARE!

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Awesome AugerAwesome Auger product

I have had the same problems as everybody else. I called to order 1 awesome auger I got chargerd for two becouse the machine goes on an on and doesn't let you order just one. The shipping is dubble the amount of your order. My order was 35 dollars and shipping was 66 dollars. The drill is electric and is advertised as a battery drill and the drill didn't work. As I put the auger in the drill it started to smoke. It would cost me more money to send it back. I was told the battery drill was optional and would cost me 43 dollars more. I got the same old excess the first day. "It's not in the computer", second day "can't cancel becouse it's already processed. This is the biggest fraud I ever saw any company do. They should be fined and closed down. This Awesome Auger should never been sold with any drill at all.

Awesome AugerDouble charging and will not cancel order just so they can get astronomical shipping charges

Scott Sobo
SAS Group Inc.
220 White Plains Rd
Tarrytown, NY [protected]
Phone [protected]
Fax [protected]
email at [protected]

This is the company information. Below is the order and cancel responses.

Note the email says order will be shipped in 4-6 weeks. Email response says order is in shipping process. They give you no way to cancel your order.

-----Original Message-----
From: Awesome Auger Customer Service [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 3:03 PM
To: Name
Subject: Re: [Case#nnnnnnn] Cancel an Order ID nnnnn

Dear Name,

Thank you for your interest in the Awesome Auger.
I have reviewed your account and I see that your order is in the shipping process.
Once your order entered this process, we were unable able to modify or cancel the order.
Your order will complete this step in 1-2 days.
Once completed, you will receive your order in 7-10 business days.

If you wish to return what you will be receiving, please call our customer service line to get a return authorization number.

We can be reached via phone, by calling [protected], or e-mail at [protected]
Our business hours are 7am to 7pm CST, Monday through Saturday.
Thank you for your time.

Thank you,

The Awesome Auger Customer Service Team

07/21/2009 19:50 -

Please cancel this order. I have already directed my credit card to not
process this order and it has a fraud alert on it.

Below is the information you sent to me in email. I never agreed to all of these charges and you are dishonest in your practices.

If I receive any packages from you they will be returned. If you share my credit card with any other company you will be turned into the fraud department of my credit card.

Thank you for ordering the AWESOME AUGER from the Buy The Auger - Official
> TV Products Store.
> Order ID: nnnnnn
> This is your confirmation that we have received your order.
> We thank you for your order. Your order will be shipped: STANDARD TO
> (NOTE: If you specified rush delivery it will be noted in the Order Detail
> below)
> In the future, should you require customer service for AWESOME AUGER, please
> call [protected] Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. . IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL DAYS FOR CUSTOMER
> service # and they do not have a record of your order yet please go to
> to make your request.
> ****This is an email confirmation of your order only. Your credit card will
> be charged at a later date.***
> IMPORTANT: All products and services you have ordered are shipped and billed
> to you directly from each product or service provider. Although we make
> every effort to have the speediest delivery available, we cannot guarantee
> the delivery of any item for a specific date. See additional customer
> service information near the end of this email confirmation ##########
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Qty Item Purchased Payment Option Amount Shipping
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1 AWESOME AUGER 1 payment of $ 19.99 $19.99
> $8.95
> 1 ADDITIONAL UNITS 1 payment of $ 19.99 $19.99 $8.95
> 1 ADDITIONAL UNITS 1 payment of $ 14.99 $14.99 $8.95
> 1 CORDLESS POWER DR FREE $ 0 $0.00 $39.95
> 1 CORDLESS POWER DR FREE $ 0 $0.00 $39.95
> 1 EXTENDED WARRANTY 1 payment of $ 4.95 $4.95 N/A
> 1 EXTENDED WARRANTY 1 payment of $ 4.95 $4.95 N/A
> 1 WEED AUG WITH POW FREE $ 0 $0.00 $7.95
> 1 WEED AUG WITH POW FREE $ 0 $0.00 $7.95
> ***************************************************************
> ***************************************************************
> We cannot guarantee the delivery of any item for a specific date.
Response from first attempt to cancel right after ordering and seeing email
-----Original Message-----
> From: PermissionInteractive.Com-Customer Service
> [mailto:[protected]]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:44 PM
> To:
> Subject: Cancel an Order
> Hello,
> Unfortunately we only run the site for Awesome Auger. We do not bill, ship
> or handle returns for this item. For any customer service inquiries you will
> need to contact Awesome Auger by calling [protected] or emailing
> [protected] - to cancel your order. They are best equipped to
> handle your request, as they are the company that bills and ships your
> product. You will need to contact Awesome Auger at the number we just
> provided to you to cancel your order before it ships.
> Sincerely,
> Customer Service
> Please do not respond to this e-mail. Contact us through
> for further questions.

  • Cu
    CUSTOMER321 Sep 15, 2009


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Awesome AugerWon't Honor Warranty

I purchased 4 Awesome Augers Last Summer, 1 for my self and 3 for my sons. While using mine last month it broke.

I was very satisfied with the product, until mine broke and I tried to obtain a replacement.

I contacted the company requesting info on how to obtain a replacement. The TV and Web Site add States an implied warranty. "Its so strong, if it ever breaks, we will replace it free". They denied any responsibility, claiming the only warranty was a 30 day money back guarantee.

Please help me to get this company to honor the implied warranty offered in their add.

Watch the add at the link below and you will hear Billy Mays state the implied warranty.

Thank You

Dick Brickell


  • Th
    TheMorans Jul 12, 2009

    My husbands broke too. It was garbage. They also promised this free drill that never came, and when we called they denied that was part of the offer (it says so on the website---at the time it did.) Also the shipping and handling ended up turning a $20 item into a $60 item!

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Awesome AugerUnauthorized billing

I ordered 2 awesome augers for 19.95 +8.95 s/h, no problem... however when I saw that I had been charged $97.70, I went a little nuts! I called the 866 number only to be told that the order had shipped yesterday(which I find hard to believe) and that I was charged 20. sh/h for each "free" drill... which I knew nothing about until today. I was told that I could return them but would have to call back to get a return label. I wrote to the Texas attorney general... hopefully somebody can stop this company... or fire Billy Mays... whoever the *** he thinks he is!

  • Valerie Oct 02, 2008

    What a scam! Awesome Auger has to be one of the biggest rip offs I have ever come across. I was under the impression that I ordered 2 auger sets AND 2 cordless drills. My credit card was charged $76+ even though by receipt did not add up to that amount.

    TWO months later, I have received one auger set. I've emailed numerous times with no response. I finally was able to reach a human being today. She didn't like what I had to say so she transferred me to a supervisor. Both ladies had an attitude issue and basically I was told that it was too bad that I didn't understand their scam on their website. IF you want the drill, even though it does NOT say so, you must add an additional $40 S/H for each.


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  • Ba
    bajaskier Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Go to to get info on these scammers.

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  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    I wish i had researched on the net abt this company. Total rip off someone should do something abt it. False advertising. They never mentioned p&h would come up to 73.70 which is more than double the product's worth. I tried to cancel the order 4 days after order was put in. They kept telling me order not received. When it was received they told me immediately it was already shipped.

    Someone should look into this method of ripping people off. Why are they still allowed to sell this product? they are just big scammers.

    Hope the people who work for them can sleep at night!

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Awesome AugerScam and cheating

I ordered this item Sept. 9th and after seeing my order summary realized they over charged me $20 for shipping. I called their "customer service" number several times the rest of that week only to be told my order wasn't in the system yet and couldn't be adjusted or canceled until it was.

When I called back today, the 16th, I was told that it couldn't be adjusted or canceled because... it had already shipped! The ad and infomercial show a CORDLESS drill and tell you S & H is $19.95. S & H is actually $39.95 for the CORDLESS drill that is shown. The $19.95 S & H applies to a CORDED drill which is NOT mentioned or shown.

The CORDLESS drill is an upgrade. This is bait and switch advertising, it is also fraudulent and deceptive.
THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS, CHEATS AND SCAMMERS! I will never trust another infomercial and will not buy anything online without doing more research about the product beforehand.

I warn all of you to do the same.

  • Sr
    SRA Aug 09, 2009

    I repent for not reading complaints such as yours. I just ordered last week and it turned out to be 2 orders of the samething. I have been calling and they always say their computers are upgrading and they cannot access. This is the story for the entire week.

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  • Jd
    JDizzle Sep 11, 2009

    I am looking on this site to do my research before ordering the product. This sounds like an awful company, however, I cannot see why you are so upset about the cordless v corded drill? Maybe they changed the infomercial since, but it clearly shows on the infomercial (and ive seen it many times) that the "upgraded cordless drill shown". When you see a car commercial with DVD players and GPS built-in, do you think that it comes with the standard model? No, you have to pay extra for that.

    Never the less, I will not be buying from this company as it sounds there are many other complaints about other things like duplicate orders, shipping charges, etc.

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Awesome AugerTerrible company

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I can ditto every complaint here. Same thing happened to me. I just made a formal complaint to the BBB. Everyone should do that so that action will be taken against them. You can go to the BBB's web site and serach the co. and file a complaint. I urge everyone to do so. I also wonder if they could have a class action lawsuit filed against them? I never completed my order over the phone to them mainly because they incessantly would not let me refuse the 10+ 'free extra attachments'... free plus exorbitant shipping. I refused the offers over and over and after a 30 min. call, I got so frustrated I purposely didn't complete the order so that it wouldn't go thru (no such luck). I didn't complete or confirm any order. I never got a pre-total. And somehow 8 weeks later I rec'd a small box with all the extra crap crammed in there with $40 of extra shipping. I called to complain - cust svc sucks and was no help. They offered a $5 credit to shut me up. Now about 8 days later I never got the $5 credit. I am furious... I didn't complete the order, I never confirmed it, there was NO was to get a live person, and I refused all extra attachments which I still rec'd.

  • An
    Anne29 Jul 23, 2009

    Here is their information
    Scott Sobo
    220 White Plains Rd
    Tarrytown, NY 10591-5818
    Phone 914-332-7878
    Fax 914-332-7859
    email at [email protected]

    Let them know how you feel. I was able to get the order cancelled without waiting on hold and before shipped.

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Awesome AugerBad service

As stated by" BILLY MAYS "on TV !! I ordered the awesome auger "Billy Mays "Said ON TV it comes with 2 augers 1 extension, and an electric drill All for 19.99 !!! So I called up and ordered it ...cause I know" Billy Mays" wouldn't say that on TV if it wasn't true, Well here it arrived today ..and guess what ?? The drill and extension are missing .So I called up awesome auger and got some teeny bopper, she said I didn't get the drill and extension, cause I didn't authorize it, I said what the hell are you talking about, I ordered from the TV ad As "Billy Mays said 19.95 with the extension and the drill, she said no?? You didn't authorize it, , I said How the hell do you figure that, I ordered it and paid the shipping, I was charged for it, but I didn't get no drill and the extension!! Finally I got fed up and told her to go ### herself!! Hey Billy, what the ### is going on here with the ### scam .I want my god dam money back!

  • Br
    Brian Wasem May 21, 2009

    Awesome Auger - Order status and charges
    Awesome Auger - Scam and cheating
    Awesome Auger - Unauthorized billing
    Awesome Auger - A word to the wise
    Awesome Auger - Awesome waste and fraud
    Awesome Auger - Unauthorized billing
    Awesome Auger - online advertising
    Awesome Auger - Terrible company
    Awesome Auger - Terrible experience
    Awesome Auger - Unauthorized billing


    ********************DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY ********************

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Awesome AugerIt's awful

I too was scammed by this company. I only received the two augers but no extender or pin as described in the TV ad and the website. Cannot get any answer to the customer phone number and cannot find the customer service website either. I am so frustrated I could use the auger by hand and tear up my garden!! Is there no recourse? Is there a class-action lawsuit out there?? HELP!! Is there a government agency to report our complaints? I think I will contact Better Business Bureau and see what they have to say about this scam.

  • Te
    Terry Allen Aug 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also ordered the Awesome Auger. I only recieved the two augers but when I tried to call customer service
    I never talked to a live person. This is just a big rip off.

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  • Ha
    Harry Estelle Sep 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife had purchased the ausome auger for me for a father's day gift, it took about 2 months later when she finally recieved this small box that probably only weights under 10lbs.?, I took the item out of the box charged the battery for about 8hrs. then took it outside and tried to use it, it started to drill into the ground only to die down to no power what soever!, it didn't even drill a hole into the dirt, they say it will drill through anykind of soil, which is not true!. They charged her a total of $96.70, even with the extra s/h charges I came out with a differant total of $56.80, what is the other $39.90 for?, and why is there such an overcharge of s/h charges that are more then the items anyway, I wish I had knew she was gonna order this before she did, I would of saved us the pain & suffering that were going through over this scam that the advertising company allows for them to get away with!, I am planning to go to an attorney to file a law suit for our pain & suffering that were going through, even for their advertising company to allow such a scam on TV., if you are aware of any class action lawsuit in the makings, please feel freely to contact us through my e-mail address. This should be considered a false advertisement and should be informed to the Fedral Communicaton's Commission for false advertisement and scamming people for heir lies!. It's Robbery on TV... Thank you & have a nice day!!!...

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  • Ho
    hondagrl57 Apr 26, 2011

    The same here, and when you call about the extender, which can not be found in a store, they run you back to the website.. no help and a big waste of time and money.

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  • Ho
    hondagrl57 Apr 26, 2011

    I hope other gardeners do not get "taken" by this useless piece of Gardening Equipment, which without the extender and the pin, can not be used by us senior citizens..

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Awesome AugerStay away

We had tried to order one of these awesome augers on June 3, 2008, their automated system was all ***p up and I could not get thru to a live person and I cancelled order on June 3 2008 via e-mail 3 different times. I saw charge pending yesterday and this time I got thru. It was useless.

Now a month later, they charge my account I finally found a live dumb *** who was a complete idiot named Donna and she could not explain why this was this charged when they had been e-mailed 6 different times saying the words in big letters cancel cancel cancel!

You do not want to do business with this company and Billy Mays needs to check what he recommends before he opens his bigass mouth!

Awesome auger and its reps are awesome ***!

  • Ea
    Earl Sutton Jul 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the biggest ripe off I have ever encounted. I have tried to contact them by phone with no success. You always get a computer. Would like to get my money back because the augers came but they left out the extension. Would appreciate any help.

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  • St
    Steve Jul 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No problem with me and Billy Mays. He's a joke and nothing you see on TV is the truth until you read the fine print. Like the pwer auger and free drill, you gotta pay 19.95 extra for the drill and 8.98 for the longer auger. Just wait, , , , all this stuff will be in Wal-Mart soon, , , , , no shipping cost

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Awesome AugerA word to the wise

I saw the ad on TV and I thought I would visit the website to get a little more detail. Actually, they clearly state that the cordless drill you see in the ad is "optional", but the thing that makes me run away from ANY site like this is when they capture your credit card data BEFORE they will let you see the price.

Once I realized that I was going to give them my info before I would find out the cost for "options" and "S&H" I bailed. Based on the reviews I'm reading it seems like it was a good idea.

Awesome Auger — Awesome waste and fraud

Awesome Auger was an awesome waste and fraud. I will call the State Attorney's office, BBB and FTC...

Awesome AugerLost my money!

As stated by" BILLY MAYS "on TV !! I ordered the awesome auger "Billy Mays "Said ON TV it comes with 2 augers 1 extension, and an electric drill All for 19.99 !!! So I called up and ordered it ... cause I know" Billy Mays" wouldn't say that on TV if it wasn't true, Well here it arrived today ..and guess what ?? The drill and extension are missing .So I called up awesome auger and got some teeny bopper, she said I didn't get the drill and extension, cause I didn't authorize it, I said what the hell are you talking about, I ordered from the TV ad As "Billy Mays said 19.95 with the extension and the drill, she said no?? You didn't authorize it, I said How the hell do you figure that, I ordered it and paid the shipping, I was charged for it, but I didn't get no drill and the extension!! Finally I got fed up and told her to go ### herself!! Hey Billy, what the ### is going on here with the ### scam .I want my god dam money back!

  • Gt
    GTC3 May 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are one of the lucky ones. most people were charged as much as $60.00 shipping. The scam is that you receive your "free" items as long as you pay shipping and handling charges. the S&P on the drill is $39.95, which is about $20.00 dollars more than the drill is worth. HUGE SCAM STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Fa
    Father Rick Swinney Jun 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the same augers and I guess they lost my address. It is my intention to notify Consumers Affairs and file a complaint against BOTH the company and Billy Mayes.

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  • Cl
    Clifton Gordon Jul 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried to order the awesome auger as seen on TV. Not until she had my credit card number did she say I had to authorize each item and pay separate shipping and processing. No where on TV was anything said about a corded drill and they show a battery operated drill. The shipping and processing for the cordless drill is more that the drill is worth. Also every item that is supposed to be free and part of the package has to be authorized and that means you pay shipping and processing for each item separately. What a scam! How can the FCC allow such scams to operate on TV? How can Fox News allow someone like this to be a sponsor for their news casts? What can we do as consumers to stop this crap? Where is the infamous WATCH DOG that stops these scams? Is he too busy running for president to pay attention?

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  • Aw
    Awesomeauger is a scam Jul 27, 2009

    These complaints are valid. The company is total scam. I should have known when I got on the website. I needed to dig some flower bulbs out of grounds; thought Awesome Auger is my solution.

    I shop online all the time. The following is what I think is wrong:
    1. The site asks for your credit card before you select any items. That is no, no! I should have known. The only reason that I went thru with it was because my card company provides a shopsafe service. It allows me to general one time credit # with amount and expiration date of my chosen.
    2. the site does not allow you to go back to correct mistakes
    3. the site does not allow you to remove any items you don’t want.
    4. Customer service is really bad. Before you bring up the issue you have with them they sounded okay. Once you relayed the problem to them, they became nasty.
    Such company should be reported to the Attorney General of the State. Anyone interested in doing this? We can do it together.

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Awesome Auger — Shut down this advertising

Worthless instrument, extremely poor customer service. This product was ordered by my senior citizen mother...

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