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Association of Trading Professionals Scam!

Everyone please beware of the ATP/ amtp ( the Australian market trading professionals) I worked their in Admin, and everything is wrong and dodgy! I worked in a little
Office in Southport for THE ATMP their website was purely made unprofessionally with spelling mistakes, the sales guys would cold call customers and try and sell them
A package, then at night the Boss ( Tracey) as she lose to call her self
Would ring back the customers and say she was from the ATP and offer it even cheaper so not only is she scamming her own staff so she doesn't have to pay them
Commission. Overall you will not gain any money.. If something sounds too good to be true 99% of the time
Is it. Once I found all this information out I was told the company was "
Closing" due to no sales and guess I didn't get paid for 2 weeks .. Conviently I found the ATP has it's own professional office in Bundall, upon turning up their I was told A Tracy doesn't exist their although I had been ringing all morning to be told she was in meetings! Both websites the ATP and the amtp are identical apart from one looks like a crap copy, These people need locking up, Tracy, Paul Grice, Tony, Grant, SCAMMERS

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3:27 pm EST
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I made $10000 investment into the Association of Trading Professionals. I know now that it is a big scam and I probably will not return the money I gave them. That’s why I wanted to warn as many people as I can about this accident. Watch out!

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