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Amp'd Mobile — Are they insane?

One month after buying cell phones and a contract for cell phone service, the Angel phone started acting up...

Amp'd MobileUnfair practices!

I purchased an ampd mobile phone a couple months ago. I had problems from the beginning, i ported my number out to them and that took about 2 weeks. I had many problems with the Customer care department they didn't know why my phone number was not working. After that got resolved i received my first bill and it was 128.00 dollars. I signed up for the 49.99 a month plan and was told by an ampd mobile rep that the total cost the bill could be was 65.00 a month with taxes. I called them and was told that the entire first month is prorated, which i was not told at the earlier date, and that they only give you 200 minutes for your first month. So naturally i went over on the minutes and got a overage charge. Then the next month i got my bill it was 400.00 dollars they told me i had exceeded my minutes by 700. I have 1000. That is absolutely impossible because i always use around 700 a month and that is it. the customer service department was extremely rude and demanding. I decided that maybe ill just wait and see what next month says when i don't use my phone barely at all for this month just to make sure. the bill went to 600.00 when i didn't use my phone at all. I immediately terminated the service and yet kept getting bills that increased the final bi ia 966.24. They need to correct these fraudulent charges because it is ruining my credit and i got no help from the service center.

Amp'd MobileThey rip people off!

This company is HORRIBLE!!! I purchased a Hollywood Pay-as-you go phone for my 10 yr old daughter in February 07. Circuit City had it on sale for $ 129.99 and that I would get a rebate for $ 100.00 from Amp'd Mobile. I sent in all my paperwork on 2-21-07 and last week I finally decided to call customer service to find out where my rebate check was. Spoke with a very polite lady and she told me that they weren't doing the rebate checks anymore but giving the customers $ 120.00 credit over the next four months. Okay, my daughter is 10 and she barely uses 20.00 in two months - so I asked to speak to a supervisor - he was a complete idiot... Explained to him that my daughter wouldn't be able to use $ 120.00 in four months and asked if they could at least spread it out over 6-8 months. While I was on the phone with the person they called a supervisor - I checked Circuit City's weekly ad and they had the Hollywood phone on sale with the $ 100.00 rebate. So I told the SUPERVISOR if they were going to screw over these people too. He was completely rude and not willing to listen and basically said that I either use it or lose it - by now I had it and I hung up on him. This past Sunday, July 22nd, my daughter receives a text stating that "service may be disconnected 7-27-07 @ 12:01 am". Today, July 24th, I called customer service to find out about this text. The CSR was completely rude and told me to call back from the phone so he could discuss the account - just a week earlier, I talked to the young lady about the rebate check and was calling from my work # and now a week later I have to call from the cell phone on the account. My daughter is visiting her father in another state, so I don't have that access and I told the guy that he kept telling me to call back from that phone, then preceded to tell me to have my daughter call from her phone - HELLO - SHE'S 10 YRS OLD. The stupid thing is that my name is on the account - every two months I call and add minutes to her phones using my credit card # that's on file but he couldn't tell me anything about the account not even her account balance. I asked him about this text she received and wanted to know if her phone would be turned off and he said no and to check back next week. What a complete [censored]!!! I told him that they had the worse customer service EVER and his response was " please don't talk bad about my company" I know it isn't his fault but I'm totally pissed off. Honestly, I wish I've never bought this phone - I'm out $ 100.00 for the rebate and another $ 30.00 for the phone since it looks like their filing for Chapter 11. DON'T BUY ANYTHING THAT SAYS AMP'D MOBILE - SAVE YOUR SANITY AND YOUR MONEY!!! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE...

Amp'd MobileLousy billing and customer service

I signed up with Amp'd Mobile on the internet and bought 2 phones. The phones are fine since they are Motorola. My problem began when I tried to make a payment via the website. I owed 85.17 per phone, I paid that amount in separate transactions. When I got my statement the payment was entered 4 times instead of 2. I said OK just credit my next bill. Anyway that was in march , now it is May and I am still trying to get the money that I paid to be credited to my account! I called last week the person said no problem we will send a corrected bill. I woke up yesterday and my service was disconnected! I called yesterday, they said I had to prove that the payment was made, so I faxed a copy of my statement showing that I had paid them 340.00. They said no problem and reconnected my service, promising to e-mail me a corrected statement. I wake up today and my phone is disconnected again, I called (another 2 hours) and they tell me to pay the balance and they will restore the service like yesterday never happened, and the money is still not credited to my account. Now my next step is to go to the BBB and the Illinois dept. of commerce. It is one thing to have lousy service. It is a different ball game when you take my money and do not apply it too my account.

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    Chasity Wallace Jun 27, 2007
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    Ampd mobile is the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. To begin with they had false advertising. The original plan that I had signed up for was a plan that included free nights and weekends, unlimited txt and picture messaging for $50 for a monthly bill. Then I received my first months bill and it was for $300 + and I called to see what was going on to be put on hold for 2 hours. Then the reps. tell me that they never had free weekends, which was a lie. So then I pay the bill and then they charge my card not one but two times. I then called back to get my card credited. Then the they tell me that they have to put in a request to give me back my money. Mind you this was a mistake on their end. It took a month to receive the credit, but to make it even worse they did not credit my card, they would only credit the ampd acct. I was then very angry. Then another bill came in over minutes I know I didn't use. They couldn't help me so I switched to another provider. I tried to keep my same number, but they wouldn't transfer my number. I was hung up on several times or I was told that they couldn't help me and they have to transfer me to some one who could. That would never happen because I would be on hold for up to 2 hours literally or hung up on. Then I decided to just pay the bill and end my contract because I didn't want to mess my credit up. This morning I find out that they filed Chapter 11 and now the number is busy. So I can't even pay my bill and nor am I now. I think this is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I hope that all the customers will be able to get together to file a class action suit against the no good Amp'd. There needs to be something done to protect our credit and makeup for the problems they have caused us.

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Amp'd Mobile — Rebate fraud

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