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Alertpay is having problems and they can not accept Visa or Mastercard now for payment. They were suposed to...



AlertPay Inc.
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5200 De La Savane, Suite 220
Montreal, Quebec, H4P-2M8

Alertpay has taken my money also. They not only restricted my accounts by locking them and not giving me access to them because of "chargebacks" they say were caused admittedly by THEIR Alertpay payment processor because of transactions that did not go through due to electronic errors on THEIR part, but they also will not close the accounts - which tells me they are keeping my accounts open so they can collect money from them that is mine and belongs to me, and then not give me access to it!!! Isn't that called stealing??? They also told me they are not only not allowing me access to my accounts, but that they, ALERTPAY ACTUALLY TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT BEING AUTHORIZED BY ME TO EVEN DO IT -- they said it was to pay for "chargebacks" they say occurred because of THEIR payment processor WHICH THEY ADMIT was not even working at the time I was trying to do a transaction. They even admitted it was an electronic error!!! I really hope they are shut down soon, but until they are, I would like access to the funds that are in my accounts that I have with them,, and to be refunded for the money they unlawfully took from my accounts!!!

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    legitmerchant Apr 18, 2011
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    you are all [censor] in alertpay

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    bespoked Jun 29, 2011

    People do not fall victim to alertpay scams, this company fraud, they are just lingering on before going bankrupt which is inevitable, google alertpay for yourself and find out all the numerous complaints from the past customers they will find any way to cheat you, I am a victim. I really do not know why this company Alertpay is still in business. I have filed a complained with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and waiting for their response. For people who do not know, this company is run by immigrants who migrated to Montreal from India so they are not "Canadians" per say and this explains their code of ethics and principles that are not even close to the business standards that is acceptable by North America. Before we opened an account with them we specifically sent an Email to them clearly informing them that we sell adult DVDs on our website and if that will be fine, they just responded by sending us a link to the categories that they support. We reviewed the categories carefully and found our category listed, we then registered. After making numerous sales we then tried withdrawing $400 from the $1, 750 we made to date and upon doing so got an Email informing us that our account has been LIMITED and that a KYC is required (Know Your Customer) we then immediately provided all the requested additional information, 4 weeks later and no response we called them to voice our opinion, the lady we spoke to told us that they are having problems with their acquiring bank and we should be patient, we asked her how long it will take for the issue with their acquiring bank to be resolved and she responded by saying "Well I do not know, it might take a few weeks to a few months, but in the mean time you can still be receiving money from your customers" LMAO, imagine that nonsense, she has no idea when we will get our money but she wants us to keep sending our customers to their website to pay, we gave the female a piece of our mind and hung up the phone. Within 4 hours we got an Email that our account has been permanently compromised, below is the Email:
    My name is Omar and I am contacting you on behalf of AlertPay's Security Department. After careful review of an audit conducted in your account, it has been identified that our Terms of Service have been violated. Due to your failure to comply with our policy and the high risk associated with your transactions, AlertPay has made the decision to sever its business relationship with you and terminate your account. As we wish you the best to your future endeavors, we remind you that your name and information has been added to the AlertPay watch list and future submissions of this information will be declined. There will be no appeals to this decision.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    "My Way to Pay"
    Can you imagine this ###s, you guys gave us the go ahead to sell Adult DVDs which was listed on the supported category obviously the lady got mad the way we abruptly hung up the phone on her and this was how they retaliated. Below is the Email:
    The funds in your account will be placed on a 180 day hold from today. Please contact us at that time and we will allow access to your account in order for you to withdraw the funds.

    We appreciate your cooperation.
    "My Way to Pay"
    On the 180th day we sent them an Email to remind them that they owe us money and got the response below:

    You may now access your AlertPay account and withdraw your remaining funds. Please note that we have applied a fine of $500.00 USD as you were found to be in violation of our User Agreement. For more information you may review section, "6.3 Monetary Penalties" of our User Agreement.

    Thank you for understanding.


    "My Way to Pay"
    Ladies and gentlemen we are still yet to receive a dime. These people think they are still in India and do whatever they want. At this point, we do not know what to do and have just called in a loss. Sad sad story. Beware of this company, I warn you.

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    AVA3 Aug 17, 2011

    What company are you talking about again here? Alertpay? I think they are by far (with short list of others) the best international processor - payprocessor. They do not break the rules because they know it could effect other merchants . Do some web -business owners think the world revolves around them? lol

    Plus you may want to look at what they are basically saying here: You have an issue with your account and its practices.

    I have worked with Alertpay for just over a year - not a single problem with the businesses I have with them- the best voice support/email support. The only thing is they could probably get a live chat system (like on some websites for people of other languages and those that prefer to type - need an answer asap) but outside of this it is a very good service (bottom line).


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    complalertpay Aug 17, 2011

    ### you are an alertpay broker ###. get lost from here. shrilling bird

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    Ava33 Aug 17, 2011

    Dear "iwannaF*ckalertpay(but couldn't do it)*".
    I think I would know whats really going on here... lol ...since I have had several businesses setup for processing payments. I have not a single problem with Alertpay and your simple notion it's a bad company because you likely did something incorrect or against policy is really ignorant of you to publicly proclaim as if! (and your usage of 'f*ck is also annoying - I realize they are in montreal so french is common but no one wants to hear your bullshieeet!
    Why did you need to go to Alertpay in the first place "mr. iwanna...", I know why I did so I have no problem with Alertpay (worldwide business - accept/converts different currencies - keeps me highly protected from fraud) - respecting the company was likely part of something you agreed to as well "slandor clause" (please try this - place your name where alertpay in your ID is and read it out - I think you may actually find it funny!!! ^ ^ hehe..

    Begin Delusional Thoughts...
    ###? (what is this?)
    Shrilling bird?
    Stop Delusional Thoughts... (alert! - please do not use fragmented sentences along with Curse words- it actually makes you look bad and I do not think most people want to hear it!)
    Anyway ...I have some work to do running my business ...sorry you no longer have one but maybe try being less negative about something that seems to be changing with the times - Alertpay. This is about opinions not your hate! go smear a real "bugger" of an ewallet (I could think of the list screwing people over now...) . I would love to hear your suggestion for ewallet? paypalz? lol

    magna est vis consuetudinis, magna est vis consuetudinis!


    * I actually think you likely wanted to "f***" them but never quite got there... so now you blame them!!! HA! (crazy)

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AlertpayStupid scammer website

Okay so i think alertpay is a really stupid way to pay for stuff online. Your way better off using paypal. When i made an account on alertpay. I added my credit card. "PrePaid" and when i did that, it showed that my credit card was disabled. I didnt know why becuz i use my credit card with paypal, ebay and all them fun sites and it works perfectly fine with thme. But with alertpay theres a problem. So i contacted them about this saying why u guys disabled me credit card. Got no reply back at all. So i emailed them back again and still no reply. So everytime i go on Alertpay website. It goes offline and i can never get on there website anymore. Im guessing they got my ip and blocked me for no reason as to i asked them afew question on it. So this is why i think alertpay is a really stupid website to pay with.

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    Mark Jun 14, 2009

    This site I belive to be a full flegde scam as well, i belive they have this tied up with other illigal activity it just has not been found. My wife was trying to sell one of her rings online, a gent contacted her and advised that she has to go to this site to collect her funds, while doing this (to sell product) she set up her account to receive her fund with her checking account and routing number, the "alertpay" stated that she was not able to receive her fund for the ring untill it was in route and being shipped. so she went into the Post office here made a small purchase for the service that alertpay wanted her to ship it by, and the next thing you know she had mailed out her ring to never-ever land and has not been paid for it sence, She filed a police report but as you know there is nothing that can really go on about that.

    you might want to get a new pre-paid credit card, they took out fund from our checking account put us in the hole by five hundred dollors and had to close out the account due to fraud.

    I hope your luck is better. (thats why I started to use pre-paid for online purchases. or not at all)

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  • Mu
    muntejaya May 25, 2011

    I think, this the idiot service / website. You can not rectify your typo name. Even you will not find the email service of its support.

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    LostClient Jul 09, 2011

    Lousiest "service" ever. If you open an account, add a creditcard and the close the account, you can not pay with this card anymore by sellers who only accept AlertPay. If you contact the customer support, you get at first no reply. After opening the 4th "service"-ticket, you get a standard mail but nothing else happens. At the end: ALERTPAY is a non-working and absolutley non-service TRY OF A COPY of PapPal. SIMPLY USELESS!

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