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A1 Marketing UnlimitedSatisfied

I just wanted to say that i was very skeptical about choosing A1 Marketing to market my timeshare. To my surprise they did exactly what they told me they were going to do. The sale representative really helped me through all the steps, I'm really glad i chose to go with A1. I have recommended them to all my friends and i recommend it to you if you read this. Great company with great people working for it.

A1 Marketing Unlimitedfailure to deliver services

This is a complaint against A1 Marketing Unlimited (Vacation Resale).
We were contacted (stocked) by a Joseph Schuler representing himself as employee of the A1 Marketing Unlimited. He presented his company A1 as an innovative marketing solution to market timeshares for sale or rent worldwide. He convinced us to go in a contract with the company to sale our Marriott Hawaii timeshare. He had all details about our timeshare property prior to our conversation.
He promised that he has a customer ready to pay cash for our timeshare. A1 Marketing Unlimited charged us $699.00 upfront for the services. After the charge was cleared he disappeared. Multiple times we tried to contact the company on the phone and it looks like Mr. Schuler together with the rest of the company was bombed off the surface of the Earth.
This is absolutely unacceptable behavior for a business. We would like this issue to be resolved and our money refunded back.

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    crystall Aug 19, 2011

    Hello, I have not been on this site for some time. I have also been scammed by a1, several months ago, who also had all the info related to our timeshare, said he had 2 definetly interested parties in purchasing our property, and told me the price, which sounded good, as I have been hit with an unexpected illness and was thinking of all the medical debt I had. He told us for $900.00 to start the legal paper work and it was "a done deal, sold. Well since then I have spoken with 3 different agents who say they are taking over my marketing. As of now, I can't get any of them to the phone, no sale.
    Have you had resolution? Do you have any resources? I contacted a Florida attorney that I found on a timeshare fraud website, as the a1 that contacted me was from Florida. He advised me to report to the attorney general of florida, as they were doing investigations and frequent closeures of these type companies, i did that. I have not recieved any info or refund.
    I refuse to be scammed, but seem to have limited resources.
    Please let me know any updates on your situation.
    Thank you

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    stacey1290 Aug 29, 2011

    I got mine sold!

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A1 Marketing UnlimitedTHANK YOU!

I own a timeshare owner in Branson MO. I had an agent by the name of Bill Hillis call me and give me his whole speech on what him and his company could do for me. I denied him and told him that I wasn't going to waste my hard earned money on someone over the phone that I didn't know. A few days went by and Bill called me again and I ignored his phone calls and finally I spoke with my husband about the company and what they could 'supposedly' do for us. I had my husband call Mr. Hillis back and speak with him... if Mr. Hillis could win over my husband (which is no easy task) then he could have our business. After a 1hr 30min conversation with Mr. Hillis my husband got off the phone with him and started to tell me about the entire program and what he thought about it. As I dug a little further I found out that they did have an excellent rating with the BBB and anytime that I called I always got a reply back within a few hours. Finally after a month and a half of playing phone tag and 2nd guessing I finally went with A1 and I have no regrets. My property has been rented out 2 seperate times... I'm still waiting on someone to purchase the property from us. However, it's amazing what little time and a lot of faith can do for you. THANK you A1 and Mr. Hillis for putting my property on the market and putting money in my husband and I's pocket.

A1 Marketing UnlimitedNo Service as promised

We were promised by a member of A1 that he would have our timeshare sold within 90 days. He told us how to get a refund from the company we were using that we had no success with. He emphesized that he has a license to sell and A1 Marketing is an excellent company to deal with. This man kept in touch with us constantly as we were waiting for our refuns from the other company to send the money to A1. Then all contact stopped except for a monthly form letter stating they are doing everything they possibly can to sell our timeshare. The agent's phone numbers do not work any more and any contact with the company gives us another form letter that they are doing everything possible. We were assured of the 90 dasy sale maybe not that lonf mentioned the agent. this was September 2010 and this writing is April 2011. How do these companies be allowed to stay in buisiness?

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    sher/vist Jun 22, 2012

    Unfortunately I was scammed to, they took me for 1000.00, and I never heard from the guy again. I also was told he would sell my time share in 90 days or less. Live and Learn. too many scams out there

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A1 Marketing Unlimited — Scams

This firm A1marketing contacted us on February 24th of this year. They claimed to “have a buyer for our...

A1 Marketing Unlimitedcomplaint

I own a business and know how these complaint web-site work. Just meant to bash hard working people. In college I worked as a waiter and people always wait until their meal is gone and then complain. Just to try to get it for free. As a business owner I can assure you reading complaints on businesses on the internet is a waist of time. The competition can make untrue complaints, a disgruntled employee or past employee can make false complaints. And as a business it can do little to fix it once it is on the internet. A1 marketing is a legitimate company. I am happy with them. If you have a complaint take it up with them. They can't fix it if they don't know about it and you only post it online. Otherwise if you are reading this web-site to "check up on them" assume all complaints are made by people wanting a free meal, competitor, or disgruntled past employee. Any concern or problem I have experienced with A1 Marketing has been handled appropriatley and I am happy with their services. Thanks for reading.

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    Learned a Hard lesson Sep 29, 2010

    All I can say is stay away from A1 Marketing. Does anyone remember the movie "Tin Men" ? That is what this company is all about. They contacted me and told me they could have my weeks rented in 2 weeks, the renters were already set. It all went down hill from there. The agent Joe Treber disappeared after our agreement and even had his cell phone disconnected. He was trying to get me to list my property to sell. Thank God I backed off that. I learned the hard way that this is not a reputable company.
    Good luck trying to get in touch with anyone. Criminal and Crooks are the only words that come to mind.

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  • Cr
    Craig Googman Oct 08, 2010

    Looking to work for an unlicensed scam Timeshare Resale company?? Be careful the Attorney General is already looking out for these companies. They have stolen money from many Timeshare owners. Dont be a victim, or for employees of this don't commit felonies. Save your reputation and embarrassment from going to jail!

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    Judith Farkas Jan 21, 2011

    It is just a little difficult to take up complaints with a company when the phone numbers are no longer in working order. For example, the phone numbers for Twila Batie and Craig Goodman simply do not function and those were the two people with whom I was working to get my mother's $1800 refunded. They promised to return the funds over two weeks ago and they have not done so. They were also supposed to send out a package of hard copy information on their services and their guarantees such that my mother can review everything in writing before agreeing to move forward with their organization again, if she so desires. Now that the phone numbers are non-functional and my mother has not received her refund as promised. We will start the fraud paperwork with the credit card company today. Twila seemed responsive and responsible on the phone as did Craig Goodman, but they were both all talk and no action. I will try to see if the phone number for the sales person, Mika is in working order. I am however, not certain what he will do if I can contact him. He also promised my mother's refund. We shall see.

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  • Fo
    Foxmon Jan 25, 2011

    A1 Marketing Unlimited has an F rating with the BBB in every one of their locations. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They will lie to you, take your money and deliver nothing.

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A1 Marketing UnlimitedSorry or No Service

We were contacted several years ago by a sales agent of A1 Marketing, Patti Payne, wanting to sell our timeshare. They claimed to have a buyer ready to pay a decent price. Like fools we said okay and shelled out several hundred dollars for an ad and "sales services". This past Sunday we were called by a third party who "had a client with an offer", an acceptable one. He needed to contact our agent, Patti Payne, at A1 to set up the deal. Again we were fools and and sent more money to close the deal. We are now out our money and no sale. I've concluded it has all been a scam. Be smarter than we were and steer clear of this company or anyone claiming to be one of their agents.

Ad number A7769

  • A1
    A1 Marketing Apr 27, 2010

    Patti Payne is wanted by the police!!!
    Patti Payne does not work for A1 Marketing.
    Patti Payne bilks people out of thier life savings and is wanted by the police.
    If you have dealt with this person, please call your local police department, file a complaint, get the name of a detective, then have that detective call detective Walk at 636-583-2560.

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  • Pa
    packrat Apr 27, 2010

    All that has been done. Detective Walk said he turned all his information over to the FBI. Now if they will just do their jobs and nail this witch (use your imagination) and her accomplices. Maybe they should do what they did to Al Capone and go for tax evasion.

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  • Fo
    Foxmon Jan 25, 2011

    A1 Marketing Unlimited has an F rating with the BBB in every one of their locations. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They will lie to you, take your money and deliver nothing.

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  • I just got threatened by Paul Harris at A1 Marketing company as I asked for more information to feel comfortable about his offer he made. He wanted me to pay upfront to the title company a paymt vs let the title company take their cost out of sale at time of closing. When I challenged this approach he got mad at me and THREATENED me that he could put a lien on my property . THIS IS CRAZY! I am not sure why these guys are allowed to do business. I am reporting this to BBB right now

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A1 Marketing Unlimited — Timeshare Resales

Who are They? I was contacted by an agent of a1 marketing the caller id said Debary, Fl. They claim to be...