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Retire Happy LLC review: The company has changed the plan and didn't tell me 2

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I have invested in Retire Happy LLC. I invested $10, 000 and would get the interests every month. But the company changed everything and hasn’t warned me. They have paid me only for the first month and stopped. I noticed it and started to send them emails. I wanted to get the info what they have done, but no one replied. Strange and suspicious. Maybe someone has subscribed for their plan as well and can provide some details about these changes.

Deborah Harmse
, US
Dec 09, 2022 2:47 pm EST

I just turned 72 and went to make my Required Minimum Distribution from my Provident Trust/Retire Happy LLC account. My account shows $25,000 in assets with No Cash Value. It show a Promissory Note with Monarch and an investment with Palo Pinto Oil. Combined investments—$25,000.

Retire Happy LLC evidently sold me $25,000 illegally. I have no IRA left to make a distribution from.

Retire Happy LLC we’re crooks. Not sure how to proceed. If anyone else has been scammed and knows what to do, please contact me:

Tina Michels
, US
Apr 21, 2022 10:47 am EDT

I'm so sorry they got you too. I WAS NOT a qualified investor, but they didn't tell me that. I lost my $90,000 in a restaurant that failed. I HAVE NO idea how to proceed from here.