ResCareadministrative and managerial staff - ineffective communication, inadequate coordination of care

D Feb 04, 2020

My father, Cottrell Wesson is a Veteran who receives services from your Jennings, Louisiana location.

A little over a week ago, I filed a complaint against staff at this site because of ineffective coordination of care, follow-up, and poor staff planning.

I would like to address ineffective communication as well. On February 4, 2020, after 4:30 pm, I received a text from my father's direct care provider informing me that LaShon Haley had contacted her and instructed her not to provide respite services to my father effective tomorrow. She reported that my father's authorization had not come in yet.

The issue that I have with this is that administrative staff at this site has not contacted me to inform of this information. As of date, I have not received any communication in relation to the suspension of respite services for my father.

This is extremely concerning because I have to make last minute arrangements for the care of my father. As I mentioned in the previous complaint, my father and I do not have a support system in Louisiana, therefore I rely heavily on services that are provided by this agency.

My father has developed a positive rapport with his current caregiver Krista Cupp, which speaks to the caliber of direct care professionals that this organization employs.

I am requesting that administrative/managerial staff receive some type of remedial training because they have not communicated changes in my father's care to me at all.

The customer should not have to rely on hear-say regarding issues about care and possible interruption of services.

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