Rekotours.comI have 3 words for you, DON'T DO IT


If you think you want to book a tour with Reko Tours, I have 3 words for you, DON’T DO IT! I was booked on a Reko tour that got canceled in February of 2011 and have been trying to get my money back ever since - 16+ months as of this writing. I have been promised checks, which have never come, as well as lied to over and over. At least 3 people booked for this same trip told me Reko had the colossal nerve to recharge their credit cards the exact same amount of the original trip after they each had already received credit card company credit for their original expenditure. Worse still, one ill-fated passenger to whom that happened told me when the credit card company checked with Reko about this second fraudulent charge, Reko provided them with falsified documents that had he and his wife’s name typed in on a list of people who had supposedly gone on a replacement trip, a trip this couple never made. How on earth this company remains in business is beyond me. Stay away from this company!!!


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    Baviltoste Nov 21, 2011

    Stay Away. They sold 72 airline tickets in advance and then only provided 47. They will not pay me back the money I had to spend to buy the last minute tickets. They will not even try to work with me. I have tried for almost a year. If you have had problems with Reko Tours then please let me know at [email protected] I am going to have to sue. They owe me 27, 000.00.

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  • Co
    Cogarte Jan 30, 2012

    Does bad business, dishonest and unethical. Have a legal proceeding for a bad deal (won case in small claims), which we now have to enforce at the next level (too much to post here, just beware)!

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    Gem64 Sep 11, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I am writing to I inform you of illegal and fraudulent actions that a Travel Agency that has a current IATA and/or TRUE number and does business as Reko Tours/Sunny Vacations/Caribbean Holidays as well as the websites listed below at the end of this email. The agency is currently located in Brooklyn New York. It's " managers " are George Tsapelas and Vicky Stephaneau. I had a contracted with Reko Tours for 26 rooms at the Riu Palace Aruba Resort May 24-28, 2012. After being in constant contact with the agency and the reservation specialist at Riu corporate and after making full payment of over $43, 000.00, I was assured everything was in place for my group. Upon arriving at the resort and shortly after my group began to check in, I discovered thru numerous phone calls, emails, text messages, and faxes that Reko Tours' check payments to the Riu Palace Aruba for my group had bounced and my entire group had been canceled for non-payment. I paid Reko Tours in full and they never paid the resort. I was made to secure the group's stay that weekend using my personal American Express Credit Card for which I am disputing, for the second time. I was in a foreign country with 48 clients, a wedding ceremony, and a anniversary celebration with the threat of being locked out of rooms for non-payment..
    I have emails, text messages and voice mail from George Tsapelas indicating he was having trouble with the resort, but him making payment to Riu Resorts on behalf of my group has nothing to do with me.
    I have since retained an attorney, contacted the Better Business Bureau, the Brooklyn Attorney General's Office Consumer of Protection Affairs and the Attorney General's Office of Internet Fraud.
    I wanted to make the public, travel agent/agency/consortium/host agency community aware of this criminal activity. He continues to do business using the above names and has also scammed others. I am in contact with an agent who also had to repay once she arrived at the Riu Resort in Mexico. She and other agents were on a FAM trip booked by Reko Tours/Sunny Vacations/Caribbean Escape. They too filed with American Express to retrieve their money back.
    A Vice Principal from Tennessee booked air travel using Reko Tours for a group of students traveling to Europe. He was scammed out of $25, 000.00 due to the agency not booking the flights/changes to the flight. He has filed a complaint with the Tennessee District Attorney regarding the agency.
    The agency is still doing business. I am still pursing a civil case as well as a criminal case. I am seeking to involve the US District Attorney since he has scammed people using the Internet and across state lines. His information is below, PLEASE WARN AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN about his criminal activity.
    The $4, 000.00 check that he sent to me bounced!
    I can provide documentation and other proof of the above charges. Please contact me if you are willing to help me with my case or need additional information to ban this agency from doing business with you or your clients.

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  • Al
    Albusse Jan 07, 2013

    It was terrible, Never again!

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