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CB Cleaning Services / Laundry Review of Red Hanger Cleaners
Red Hanger Cleaners

Red Hanger Cleaners review: Dry cleaning table cloths.

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Red Hanger Cleaners on Wynn Drive had been cleaning our table linens for our HOA the past 2 years. after each event, I bring all 8 of them in to be dry cleaned. When I was setting up tables for our Christmas Event, every tablecloth had scorched marks on them somewhere. I immediately called and spoke with the only person available. She asked that I send photos, which I did. After the Christmas event, I took the table linens back in. The person who operates the pressing machines came out and immediately said it wasn't scorched, only dirty because the lady who helps her run these through the machine is shorter than her and must have dragged them on the floor, and then she ironed the dirt into the large linens. She promised that the staines would come out, and so I left them.

I went to pick the the 8 large table linens (4 are 80"rounds and 4 are 90" X 132"rectangular). There were notes on all of them, stating that they had tried and tried, but the stains would not come out! I asked what we were going to do, cashier did not have an answer, so I asked to speak with the manager. Seems he was getting ready to leave the premises but she was able to speak with him and ask that he come talk to me. He refused and drove away while we both looked out the window as he drove away. The cashier said"you don't to talk to him anyway, he would eat you alive, he is not a very nice person"!

I left with the table linens and I hope you can help with this problem.

Desired outcome: Purchase new table linens. 4 Rounds @ $20.39 each, and 4 rectangular at $18.37 each.

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