RC Willeyfloor installation


I purchased some laminate flooring from RC Willey and also had them install it. After the first installation the entire floor squeaked when you walked on it. They came out to inspect it and decided the floor needed to be re-installed and glued down. After the second installation the floor still squeaked and continued to get worse as time went on. They inspected the floor again and said the floor needed to be re-installed and should never have been glued down, apparently the installers did not leave enough room around the edges to allow for movement. After the third installation (new product this time) the floor still squeaks. I wrote a letter to the corporate office and all I got was a call from the local store manager offering me a $200 gift card. How this is supposed to make up for a squeaky floor is beyond me. Needless to say, I am not a happy customer, will never buy anything again from RC Willey and will never recommend this store to anyone.

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