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Rayton Municipality License DepartmentRude & Unprofessional personnel

To whom it may concern,

My friend and I had the unfortunate pleasure to get our driver's license renewed at the Rayton Municipality. We went early, 7:50 and were first in the row.

At the first point of entry, we stood in a row waiting at the closed, locked doors. About 08:15 we found out the door had been unlocked in the meantime, without opening the door, nor inviting the persons in. We entered the building and there were no one in sight to help or direct in any way. After about 15 minutes of standing around not knowing what to do, the person behind the information counter arrived and we were given forms in an unfriendly manner to fill out and were directed to go to the eye testing side of the other side of the building.

We proceeded around the building to the next door. I was 2nd in the row. The door was still locked. We waited about 20 minutes for the door to be opened. A woman by the name of Sarah unlocked the door, looked at the row of people, closed the door again in an abrupt manner and went in again without saying anything.

After another 10 minutes, Sarah then opened the door again for a moment and shouted "come in !" in a very unfriendly manner, then turned around and closed the door abruptly behind her. The first person went in and came out. ... We waited about 10 minutes ... Sarah opened the door again and shouted "next person come in!" and quickly closed the door behind her. So I went in. Not in all my life have I come across a person so rude and ill mannered as Sarah. She was unprofessional, curt, rude and abrupt in her way of talking to me and others. It seemed as if she had an excessive dislike in me or White people in general, and showed it openly.

After sitting through a very uncomfortable, humiliating eye test, I left the office - the rest of the row was still waiting outside the door, waiting anxiously to be called in. I stood there waiting with my friend to be called in. We waited another 10 minutes before Sarah stormed out and shouted in a very angry way and on the top of her voice: "COME IN, I CAN'T COME OUT AND CALL EACH OF YOU ONE BY ONE EVERY TIME !!!" There were only White persons in the row.

My friend had an even worse experience than me with Sarah and was very shaken and traumatised after her encounter. The rest of the people in the row experienced exactly the same appalling treatment by Sarah.

I can't help, but to come to the conclusion that Sarah is very unprofessional and an utter racist who doesn't mind showing it openly to the White customers.

I don't feel that any law abiding, tax-paying citizen of South Africa should be treated in such a manner by an officer of the municipality.

Although we were first in the row and very early, it took almost two hours to finish the route of getting my driver's license renewed.

I trust that this letter will lead to staff training and ultimately better customer service by the Rayton Municipality in future.

Kind regards



  • Iv
    Ivor Makofane Oct 19, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On the 18th October 2016 I went to collect my driver's license after I've received a message stating that my card is ready for collection. I went there after two weeks of receiving the message. I got there and produced my ID and my temporary license. The lady at the window went to check for my new license card and came back to tell me it hasn't arrived then. I was so furious as she advised me to come back again some other time. Thinking I had to drive back home without it, I asked to speak to the Supervisor and that's when that lady went back again to check for it and came back with it. These people are so unprofessional and very rude. I mean I took a day off from work just to sort this out only to get this kind of behaviour. Really, something should be done about this. There are so many people looking for jobs and some people tend not to appreciate their jobs. So, so disappointed indeed!
    Ms. Ivor Makofane

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  • Rb
    R Bot Jul 07, 2015

    My father is 81 years old and to proud to asked to be helped. instead he waited in the line and waited and waited.Hhe first had to stand in line for more than half an hour, then the a seat opened up. after that he waited for another 3, 5 hours. I don't even care about rude, but not to reach out to an old man is ridiculous! he is still very fit and able but really! my mother is has dimentia and we cannot leave her alone or with an unknown person, so I could not accompany him to try and speed thing up, and it is impossible to try and take her with. really these people just don't care and have no empathy for seniors. What is more upsetting is that he went a week ago, after waiting for a similiar time of 4 hours they told him that his eyesight is not good enough. H left and went straight to an independent optician, which gave him a compliance certificate immediately after testing. Then he had to go back today and stand in the line again. iIam mad as hell at the moment! I won't even start about my experience there which was just as frustrating when I had to renew my licence. it is clear that it is not a once off crisis but a constant problem. (He also tried to collect my licence or just tried to find out if it was ready - i supllied the neccesary documents copies etc, - but they just refused.) it is an im possible situation.

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  • Ja
    JA Harvey Jun 01, 2015

    On the 1 December 2014 I applied for my Renewal of my Driving Licence at the Rayton Traffic Department, I have to say that it all went very smoothly and quickly. However on the 29 April 2015 My Finance and I drove to the Rayton Traffic Department to see if my new renewal driving licence was ready. Thinking that this would be a quick and simple procedure, we waited in the queue outside the office, we were there at 08h00, eventually got inside the door to the closed information counter, where nobody was assisting but we were told by the public if you are here to collect your divers licence you need to hand your receipt in here at this counter, just a pile of receipts when eventually a gentleman came towards the counter and took the receipts - my finance and I waited and waited and waited, I approached the closed counter to enquire as to what as happening and was told rather rudely to sit down and wait we will be called when it is ready. Its 12h00, lunch time you could see all the staff sitting at the back office having lunch and drinking 2 litre cokes, while so many people were queuing at the closed counter, I was one of them standing at the glass once again to enquire about my drivers licence. Eventually Adam approached the closed counter, he was very rude and when I asked him what was happening with my licence as it has been hours that I have been waiting and if they could not find it he can give me back my receipt so that I can leave, he just stared at me, ignored me and helped someone else and disappeared once again. By this time my patience was wearing thin, I am a very patient person but by the way the officials within this office were treating the general public was disgusting, nobody to complain to and no telephone numbers for complaints, once you handed in your receipt you were stuck as without this receipt you can not obtain your driving licence. Clearly there was no system in place, personnel (one) going through boxes and boxes of applications and only one person on the counter. It was almost closing time and I was still waiting - over five hours waiting for something that should have only taken about half an hour to obtain. Eventually a lady by the name of Joey came to assist and I enquired to her what was going on as I had handed in my receipt for collecting my renewal of drivers licence at just after 08h00 and I am still awaiting. She had a look at told me that they could not find it and I would have to re-apply, she took me and my finance into the back room and took us through to the eye testing centre again to have my eyes tested and then got Adam to stamp my Receipt. Joey apologised for the inconvenience caused, she said that they are so understaffed and there is no system in place and that I should wait about three weeks and when she receives my New Driving Licence she will phone me as she took down my details, she also gave me a telephone number where she said that I can call her. I have been trying for several weeks now on the number that she gave to me to enquire if my new licence is ready for collection, but once again the phone just rings and nobody answers. I personally feel that this department should be looked into. Clearly there is not enough competent staff, the attitude of the staff is rude to the extent that they make you feel useless and there is nothing you can do except WAIT ... I would suggest that in order to better the services you have more counters and more competent staff who are willing to assist the general public. I can not believe that we are all treated so unfairly, so rudely - something should be done as everybody that day was complaining. An elderly lady wanted a form from the information counter and she was told that they don't have any forms and that she should go and print it off of a computer, to which she replied that she does not have a computer ... truly disgusting not to even have forms that people can obtain, nothing available for the general public to just obtain, some forms were behind the glass information counter which people waited hours just to obtain a simple form (the ones that they did have)!!!

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  • Ja
    Jaco R Jul 22, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can only lay a charge of malicious damage to property. Though you will be wasting your time, you should do just that. The official was clearly angling for a bribe. The only route to go is to record everything as you go along next time

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  • Te
    Telgie Brink Jul 22, 2014

    My name is Telgie Brink and we had a very bad experience, today. My nephew had an appointment to be tested for a drivers licence at 14h00 today. He had an official computer printout confirming his appointment and the payment made on June 3rd. After the test was concluded he was informed by the official, K.L. Sebothoma, that he cannot be issued a licence as he was not on the system. The said official, then proceeded to tear up the computer printout and told my nephew to leave. I phoned the Rayton Traffic department, spoke to a Mr.Coen Maritz who was extremely helpful. He checked the system and my nephew's detail were there. After trying to get hold of K.L. Sebothoma for quite a while, I called the Rayton Traffic Department again. I got through at 15h50 and was then informed that my nephew failed his test. I smell a rat!!! I intend laying a charge of fraud at the SAPD. Some formal investigation is required here.

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  • Ja
    Jaco R Apr 23, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the racist attitude, and have experienced it as well. In my case the worst of it was just being ignored for 30 minutes...Every 2 years I go through a major mission to renew my PDP (Public Driving Permit) I still go back to Rayton though, as I can"t deal with standing 8 hours in a queue at Watloo though.
    There is a solution for all this attitude - it will take a decade and great participation from the public. Video the transgressions, then take action in the equality court. Add a civil action in the Magistrates court where you start at the bottom of the ladder ending with the relevant minister as the 5th respondent. If 10 000 people all do this, then these racists will be in court every day...the alternative is just to go live in Canada or Oz - 1 less taxpayer...
    I want to add that I've tried to get though on the phone to them for about 2 hours now - they just don't answer. If my memory serves me right you can only apply for your PDP on Fridays between 8 and 12

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  • Fh
    fhdefh Jan 10, 2014

    The problem is that they are very important people now, corruption and a careless, selfish attitude is genetic, the attitude of "Its not my problem, why should I do anything to help" is whats running this country down. There is no thought of "This is my job and my contribution to society, so let me do it to the best of my ability and make a difference for the better" All African countries have gone the same way with the same lack of responsibility by its people.
    The US and Europe do not seem to have these problems, sure they have their few that are corrupt and careless but on a much smaller scale whereas in Africa it is the way of things, its a poison that is bringing this country down.
    My personal opinion is that if each person takes responsibility for his job and does it with enthusiasm and friendliness we would have a vast change in South Africa.
    There is a saying "PRODUCTION IS THE BASIS FOR MORALE", when a person produces in his/her job he/she tends to feel good and ones morale is high, its so simple but so true.

    I was at Rayton licencing dpt this morning and I got the same cold, rude attitude from people not doing their jobs and ended up leaving without doing what I needed to do.
    If they did their jobs in a way that I just explained, their customers would be happier, they would be happier because it rubs off on people and they would find that their work load would become easier to manage and these complaints would cease.

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  • An
    AnnelieJacobs Aug 30, 2013

    I also had the same bad experience, but with the cashier. I had to stand and wait for my change, till I asked what’s happening. Then only told me that he doesn’t have change. laying on his back in his chair with a real don't care attitude. My mother lost it, and raised her voice a BIT as to where he responded by saying “I’m not your garden boy”. I’ve got no idea where he came up with this. After standing there waiting for 15min, we eventually left without our change. I really think this is a scam. I mean, really you’re a cashier and you don’t have change. He’s attitude stinks! He’s pocketing a lot of money! We left there without our R28 change.

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  • Ni
    Nico from Rayton Sep 06, 2012

    Spot-on, Marie Coetzee. Ask around and you will soon find that this traffic department has become a byword for "Hotbed of virulent anti-white racism". As your common-or-garden liberal and fully supportive of the new political dispensation, I've twice had the astonishing "privilege" of experiencing this at first hand.

    The general attitude of the testing officials, their body language, the brutal treatment of white applicants as opposed to blacks, shouting and threatening them as if they are the lowest vermin - I had to experience this personally and to observe it several times right before my eyes - make it obvious that they are well aware of having you firmly by the short and curlies and that they are empowered to make it very difficult if not impossible for you to pass the test, let alone obtain the license, if you dare to resist. The fact that they aren't even attempting to hide their scorn is further evidence of this.

    Seemingly they have been hand-picked by the powers-that-be for their hatred of whites. And if you are an Afrikaans guy, so much the worse, for you have nowhere to openly and effectively complain without risking victimization. Letters to the press? Don't make me laugh.

    And a new phenomenon has reared its ugly head. An acquaintance of mine who recently thought he had passed the eye test with flying colors, was sneeringly informed that he had failed and ordered with the greatest contempt to have his eyes retested at a specific optometrist nearby. Which he did after paying through the nose, again passing with ease and so managing to renew his license. People tested before him were ordered to do the same.

    No first prize for guessing that some hanky-panky must be going on somewhere.

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  • Jj
    JJ Dreyer Mar 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fully agree with your statement and have sympathy for you unfortunate experience. Service at the Rayton Municipality seems to be very far and in between. On the 5 December 2011 I have applied to the Rayton Municipality for Electricity to be connected at our new home. As I am writing this it has been 3 Months since then, with all excuse upon excuse, but no electricity connection has been made.

    We started to do inquiries, by telephone and in person as of January 2012 and continued to do so throughout the whole of February 2012 as well. The application to have electricity connected to our house has either "been held up at Pretoria" or "a Computer Fault" has caused a delay.

    The feedback we constantly receive from a lady by the name of Estelle, working at the Electricity Department, is that she is checking on it daily. That is to say if she is not on leave or sick, which has been several times, since December 2011.

    In the mean time we are running a Generator in order to have electricity, costing us a small fortune and making our neighbors freak out every now and again, although they do seem to understand out predicament after explaining our situation. Having said that I do not think they will be so forgiving after a few more weeks.

    It is now the 7 March 2012, and I am hoping with fingers crossed, that this too will soon be a bad memory.

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