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CB Car Dealers Review of Range Rover Orlando
Range Rover Orlando

Range Rover Orlando review: My car is a lemon

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2017 Range rover Sport

My Range rover has been in the shop 3 times in the last 2 months for the same problem. Twice to Range rover on orange blossom Drive and once to range rover on Destiny rd. here in Orlando Fl where I purchased the car They fix the problem, and it breaks again 1 week later. My truck is making a clicking sound again for the problem that has been fixed 3 times this will be my fourth time taking it back to the dealership. What a major inconvenience. This has to be a lemon. also, they sold me this car with wrong tires size which is very dangerous due to weight. When I went to buy new tires tire kingdom would not replace them because they said the dealership, I purchased the vehicle needs to replace them of course the dealership is not replacing them without purchasing new tires. I'm going to contact an attorney about these problems that I have informed the dealership, and nothing has been done as of yet.

Desired outcome: Fix the problem that last and does not break a week later!!! Put new tires that are the correct size because if something happens to me with these tires I know my daughter will have a major lawsuit against Range rover

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