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CB Internet and Software Review of Rain Networks
Rain Networks

Rain Networks review: Terrible service

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I logged a call with Rain on the 14/12/2022 the router and sim card was not working for 3 days already, I asked the consultant to inform me when the replacement device was ready I will collect, fast forward to the 12/01/2023, I call into Rain only to be put through the call centre in India, after 30 mins of trying to make the agent understand what was going on, I put the phone with no joy: (Today 16/01/2023, I call in again and im told nothing was done on my replacement and the account is now unpaid and I cannot be helped. its a month later from my call logged, the router and sim card has not worked for over a month, I had to buy data throughout the Christmas period, they wont refund me and neither would they supply me with a new router and cannot cancel until im paid in full.

This network is shocking, the service is shocking, no offence to the ppl in the call centre but they dont know what goes in South Africa, they sitting in India.

Please dont tell me to reboot the router when im telling you the unit has not worked in over a month, you can also see that on your system and do not tell me to make sure the power cable is plugged in, we freakin live in South Africa that has stage 6 load shedding if you lived here you would know that an not ask dumb question. sort the issue out!

Desired outcome: cancel and credit so i can get a better service

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