Racist Employer - Olga CadavalUNFAIR / RACIST


So the hiring Manager /Human Resources for this facility is Ms. Olga Cadaval.
I have applied over 2 years for all Administrative positions /Permit Clerk /Customer Service related jobs and several related jobs at this location. I have variety of skills and experience of over 10 years. Whenever my applications get there she always sends me a letter saying they cannot accept my application. I have even emailed her and asked her...what is it that i lack so i can better myself, she never even bothered to respond to my email. I was never even called for an interview.
I will take this complaint to a higher level, because someone needs to show her that other people should be given a chance too.
Someone that actually works there told me she (Ms. Cadaval) does not like black people AT ALL. If anyone knows of where she can be exposed please send me information. Her Assistant Jessica Lee is nice but that evil boss of hers.
This woman needs to go or change her attitude, shown off an example - other people need to get a chance too.

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