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Quicken Chase VisaIllegal Business Practices

So here's what happened to me. I have a total of 3 chase accounts. Two I have had for years, they are set up on auto pay for min since they are at 3.99% for life. The third I got to transfer a balance off another card that had a higher rate. Well, I go in and set it up for auto pay. Apparently, I made a mistake and it did not set up correctly. I figured this out 3 days after the payment was due. I made a payment of $1, 000 - min pay was about $200 (plus the late fee which I did not contest). Then I went in and checked auto pay again and set it up again. A week later, I go in and check again to make sure it is set up for autopay - min due. I check autopay status, all seems fine. Three days before the due date, make one last check to be sure. All looks good. Only option on autopay is "Cancel Autopay" So the day after the payment is due (min pay $206), I check and a payment has been drafted from my account for $175. What the...? So I call Chase. They tell me that my account is not set up for autopayment, and that I set up that payment when I made the $1000 payment the month before. Now why would I risk a $39 late fee for $31? They give me some song and dance about confirmation numbers and what not and then offer to walk me through set up of autopay. Fine, whatever. They tell me to go to autopay, check the account, and then click next. The only option I have is "Cancel Autopayment." So the operator tells me that I set up autopayment the same day I called to gripe about the $175 and the remaining $31. Fine. I'll pay the $31 but I want their guarantee that they won't charge me the late fee or hike my rate since this was THEIR fault. Nope, can't do that, then the same song and dance about confirmation numbers. Fine, then what about the $1000 I paid the month before, surely that must count for something? Nope, because is posted to my account before the closing date on my statement. Yeah, the SAME day!

You ask me, sounds like someone is pulling something. If I'm assessed a late fee, I'm reporting them for fraud, and if they hike my rate, I'm paying off the card in full (like I'll let them take my money) and file reports for fraud with every company I can find.

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