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I do a lot of surveys qh is in most, they changed my answers, now I read vern you've reached this offer because you told us I have, pseudobulbar affect? Ms, thyroid cancer, crones, lung cancer, Parkinson's, psoriasis, both kinds, diabetes and I told them my newborn child has something I never heard of. If they did any real checking, they'd know my young east is 30 years old. Plus because I do not lie on my surveys so I get trapped on a page of sign up for qh. I don't want anything to do with a business that puts lies in my mouth and because I'm stuck on their sign in or I have to leave the survey completely, which I had to do because I'm not signing up. Now I lost my commission. This has happened on a lot of my surveys, it's a very good amount. Now I have to look harder for sites who don't deal with quality health.

Desired outcome: The removal of a business that involves themselves in any misinformation, blatant lies,causes harm,damage mental-physical anguish to future customers and the partners they represent.

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