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Quality Wholesale Homes aka DSH Housing GroupAre You a Victim of the DSH Scams?

ATTN all victims of these Con Artists:

We are finally going through an arbitration hearing with DSH Housing/Quality Wholesale homes. We have strongly argued for the Court to apply the decision for the benefit of all consumers/victims of this company's fraudulent business practices. We have appealed to the Court to declare all DSH purchase agreements unlawful, which will rescind all contracts and demand full and immediate refunds of everyone's deposits.

Also, we are asking the court to freeze all DSH assets until their victims receive full refunds of all monies they took as well as asking for punitive relief to help reduce the likelihood of DSH operating these types of fraudulent practices in the future.

We need your help to fight this case. Please send us your testimony as a signed and dated affidavit no later than next Tuesday, October 7, 2008, which is the deadline the courts gave us to submit all witness testimony. Please fax your testimony to: [protected] (attn Chris Wallace) or email to: [protected] If you would like us to send you a sample affidavit you can use to quickly complete your testimony, please call or email us as soon as possible. We apologize for this short notice, and hope to have some good news for everyone by the end of next week. We will post a copy of the outcome of our case here as well.

Take Care,

Christine Wallace & Clyde Gephart

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  • Lo
    LoveUSA Oct 04, 2008

    Below is a sample affidavit that you are free to use to help you submit your testimony.

    In the matter of DSH Housing Group, DBA Quality Wholesale Homes, DBA DSH Management Services, DBA Factory Wholesale Homes, DBA Forever Homes, DBA Superior manufactured home services, et. all. (Respondent)

    AFFIDAVIT OF ________________________________

    ___________________________________, being first duly sworn under oath, states:

    1. My name is ___________________________.
    2. I reside in _______________________________, _____________, _________.
    City, County, State
    3. Attached hereto and made a part hereof for all purposes is my testimony, all of which having been prepared in written form for introduction into evidence.
    4. I have knowledge of the matters set forth therein. I hereby swear and affirm that
    my testimony and assertions contained herein, including any attachments thereto, are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.
    5. Below is a summary of facts concerning my experience and dealings with the respondent.

    a) Respondent falsely asserted in advertisements and in person that they were a manufactured home factory, selling homes direct to the public at wholesale prices.

    b) Respondent used a variety of deceptive, misleading, high pressure and unlawful sales methods, including their “Preferred Platinum Program” to convince me that I could afford one of their homes and that I would qualify for financing.

    c) Respondent falsely stated that the prices of homes were going up by thousands of dollars within the next day in order to induce me to sign an agreement immediately, which the respondent also falsely stated, that the sole purpose of the agreement was to “lock in the price”.

    d) Responded failed to disclose, explain or even show me the back side of their agreement, evidenced by the lack of my initials at the signature line on the back page. Respondent’s agreements contain numerous hidden terms in small print hidden on the back page, including, NO CONTINGENCIES, NO RIGHTS TO DUE DILLENGENCE and NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS, among many others. Had respondent made me aware their terms existed, or had I understood them, I absolutely would not have signed this agreement.

    e) Respondent further used deceptive and high pressure methods to induce me into making a deposit on a home in the amount of $__________, on _____________, which I understood was not only contingent on financing and due diligence, but also fully refundable should anything beyond my control prevent me from following through with my purchase.

    f) Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was powerless to complete a home purchase. I requested the respondent cancel my agreement and refund my deposit on _________. Respondent refuses to issue my refund. Respondents continuously and unconscionably quote their hidden terms contained on the back page of said agreement.

    g) Respondent has threatened me with a lawsuit that would allow them to collect an additional 20% of the total cost of the home plus court costs should I seek any type of legal remedy.

    Dated this ___ day of ______, 2008.

    By: ___________________________________________

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  • Re
    REBECCA Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ev
    Eva Nov 10, 2008

    We placed an order for a home on July 17, 2008 and paid a deposit of $5, 000.00. The model that we chose was listed at $48, 588.00. We were told delivery and set up would be another $10, 000.00. We could upgrade the carpet for $400.00. The extras were not written on the contract, these costs were given verbally by a Senior Sales Consultant Rex Springer.
    The most recent addendum that we have been sent via email now has our sales contract totally over $88, 000.00. The home has not been ordered from the factory but they have sent an addendum for interest and handling charges.
    We have requested that our contract be canceled and the deposit be refunded to no avail. The cancellation requests have been done verbally, in emails and registered mail.
    I would love to be part of any court action if we can be heard and get fair treatment.
    I can be reached at [protected]

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  • Lo
    LoveUSA Nov 20, 2008

    We finally received a decision from the Arbitrator in our case. To obtain a copy of the arbitrator's decision, please email us.

    The Arbitrator agreed that DSH encourages dishonesty by designing their contracts to guarantee their sales force commissions will not be lost when customers rely on their undue assurances to their detriment. He also agreed that DSH contracts are unconscionable, unfair, and unfavorable to consumers, and that it's highly credible that no one in their right mind would sign such an agreement if they truly knew what they were signing.

    Although the arbitrator's decision resulted in the judgment that DSH must give us our deposit back, unfortunately, the decision was not applied to all the victims of this fraud. As we feared, the arbitrator stated that this type of judgment is beyond the province of arbitration.

    We are disappointed that the arbitrator could not make his judgments apply to all the victims, nor apply punitive damages to deter this type of fraud in the future.

    We strongly recommend you don't give up. File your own complaints through the BBB, the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. You are welcome to use our case as precedence to help you win your's.

    The BBB offers arbitration services at no cost, however, their cases are so backed up, you may have to wait more than a year to get your case heard by an arbitrator. If you were scammed for less than $5000, it may be quicker and easier for you to take your case to the small claims court.

    Clearly, there's still a lot of work to be done to stop this type of fraud and help protect future consumers. Plead with as many politicians, consumer protection agencies and lawyers that will listen, to do something to warn consumers about this type of fraud.
    Send your complaint with a copy of ours to your local representatives, asking them to enact laws that will force DSH and others like them to change their contracts, requiring deposits be escrowed for all manufactured homes, and financing contingencies mandatory on contracts.

    If there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Clyde Gephart & Christine Wallace
    Las Vegas, NV

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  • Lo
    LoveUSA Nov 20, 2008


    So far we have a database of more than 129 victims that have come forward to tell us their stories. These are the steps you must take to get your money back (lawyers won't take the case on a class action, because they believe DSH pockets are not deep enough to justify their fees). So basicallly, we're all on our own. The good news is, YOU CAN GET YOUR DEPOSIT BACK!)

    Step 1) File a complaint at the Utah Better Business Bureau:
    When you receive an answer from DSH, unless you are offered a full refund (and you actually receive a check) let the BBB know you wish to use their NO COST arbitration service to settle your case. No matter how long it takes, DON'T GIVE UP or settle for anything less than 100% refund. DON"T SIGN ANY AGREEMENTS or SETTLEMENT OFFERS with DSH, even when they respond with threats to sue you! Don't let them victimize you again. Be sure to consult with an attorney prior to signing ANY documents sent by DSH.

    Step 2) Report the Scam to the BBB at:

    Step 3) File your complaint with Utah Attorney General, Office of consumer protection here:
    Most likely you'll receive a response stating that your complaint is a private contract issue. Sooner or later they'll wake up and start to pay attention to this scam when all the victims submit their complaints. Focus your complaint on the deceptive, misleading, unconcionable and unfair nature of DSH business practices, especially the fact that their refund policy and pricing was not disclosed to you until after you gave them your money, and that once they took your deposit, you didn't exist to them anymore. Send us an email to o obtain a copy of our complaint that may help you write yours.

    Step 4) Send your complaint to your State Attorney General (locate your state Attorney General at: )

    Step 5) File your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission:

    Step 6) Post your story on the Complaints Board, The [redacted] and the Manufactured Housing Forum, encouraging others to come forward and file their complaints against this business.
    /link removed/ (Forums)

    Step 7) Send your story to Kerry Kinsley ([protected], an investigative reporter for ABC news, Utah He may decide to investigate and do a news story to warn others about these scams. It may require some negative press to force DSH to be honest and decide these deceptive practices are no longer profitable. If it doesn't, then they need to be forced out of business so consumers stop falling for these scams.

    If there's anything we can do to help you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Christine Wallace & Clyde Gephart
    Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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  • Je
    Jennifer Johnson Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was also ripped off by DSH Housing Group in Irving TX for $5, 000 in 10/07. Company is being evasive, can't get small claim yet served by Deputy. Yes, friendly until they get your money, refuse to refund. Class action needed!

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  • Ka
    Katherine Apr 03, 2009

    I am the victim of this same scam, and I am from California. Hey, isn't this considered a federal offense, when money is wired across state lines? Is there anyone from California that has been ripped off by these people too? Thanks so much, Christine. My email is [protected], and my phone is [protected]. Thanks.

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  • Tg
    TGUY Jun 11, 2009

    Thanks to information like this I was spared giving DSH my money. I was about to ...but I started doubting them when I realized everything is done online. I require seeing a human being during a sale, and they have no lots to go see their homes in save you money of course. I was already suspicious...thanks for the info. it helped finalize my decison and go to a legitamate business.

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  • Da
    Davis C Jul 08, 2009

    Wow. I feel like crying. They just screwed me out of $2500.00. I'm not giving up though... I will fight, that was all the money we had.

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  • Ma
    Mark and Jean Thompson Sep 30, 2009

    We're from California and we too were ripped off by QWH (DSH). In August of '09, we had gotten our permits to build, done the grading, set the septic system and formed the foundation. When it came time to order we couldn't get any communication from QWH. We had a cell number for the sales rep, but when we called him he told us he had been laid off in July '09. He also told us that QWH had been purchased by Gold Built Homes and that they would be closing the order. They too were unreachable.
    We did find out that the home we had placed a $5000.00 deposit on was actually being manufactured by Fleetwood Homes in Oregon. When we contacted Fleetwood's customer service in Texas, they said that they had stopped supplying QWH with homes last April (09).
    We're going through all the complaint processes we can. Where have all these people's deposits gone and is there any real chance that these frauds will return any of anyones money?

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  • Fj
    fjt226 Dec 09, 2009

    We are also victims of QWH DSH. Please see below the letter we sent to them, at their request, prior to getting our refund, which we have not. It pretty much tells the story. Feel free to contact me as I too am starting down the long legal process.

    "In 2005 my wife and I purchased a five acre lot in Pioche, Nevada, with the intention of eventually building a vacation, or second, home there for our use. As we have relatives there it made a lot of sense to us. The following year we had the utility lines run onto the property. We then began the research for the type and size of structure we would place there. After a lot of travel, talking, and research we decided to place a manufactured home there. Again, after much research, we decided to deal in earnest with your company.

    The first salesman we dealt with in the Spring of 2008, unfortunately I cannot remember his name, worked with us for a few weeks, mainly answering questions and supplying us with the necessary information. Then for reasons never defined to us, he was no longer with your company and we were referred to Dave Diegleman. Dave was a professional and easy to work with. An agreement was made via the phone and we arranged for a trip to your office in Utah to observe your models and make the necessary interior and exterior choices, settle on the floor plan, etc.

    Prior to the trip to Utah, Dave advised us that we had to submit a deposit prior to getting the credit approved for this deal. I asked Dave what would happen if the credit was not approved, or more specifically, would we get our deposit refunded. Dave was very vague on the subject and this did not make me happy, but we did like the product and proceeded with the project as we could see no reason for not being able to get financing anyway.

    The deposit, $5000.00, was submitted, the trip to Utah accomplished, choices made, and Dave connected us with your primary financier in Utah at the time. We were advised that, on the basis of our credit application, the money down payment, our other assets, and that we owned the property upon which the home was to be placed free and clear, that this was a done deal. The appraisal was scheduled and paid for. Many weeks later we were contacted by your financier who advised us that they would not fund the project. There reasoning was that there was a change in the way funds were being lent and because this project was not in Utah, was a secondary home, and that there were no recent “comps” for the first appraisal we paid for, they would not approve the loan. We were advised this was not an issue of our personal credit but these other concerns.

    It should be noted that by this time I had located, and obtained the services of a local contractor for the project. The contractor has worked with your company before, thought highly of you, and seemed like the logical choice to complete the installation.

    The search was then on for another financier. Dave got us together with a different lender out of Utah and after completing the application, submitting the documents, arranging for another appraisal, we were advised that they would not fund the project either. There major concern was that they did not have an office in Nevada and therefore could not fund this project. Again there was no mention or issue of our personal credit and were advised that if they had had an office in Nevada, the project would have been approved.

    Dave then told us that he would continue to try and find us another lender. We then took it upon ourselves to locate a lender as well. I started with the Clark County Credit Union, where we have other accounts. After the application and other docs were completed, and after a few weeks, we were advised they would not fund the project because of a lack of “comps” for an appraisal and that they would not fund a manufactured second home.

    We then contacted a bank located in Pioche, Nevada Bank and Trust. By this time the country was well into the economic meltdown. Applications were submitted and after several weeks we were advised that they were not funding this type of project at that time.

    Throughout this time we kept in regular contact with Dave who then advised us that a representative of U.S. Bank was at your office, a Mr. Demille as I recall. It was now the early part of 2009. He had reviewed our file and based on that he stated that they could fund this project as a conventional loan. Yet another appraisal was arranged and paid for, application completed and submitted, and any other information requested supplied. We were advised that the loan was approved and received, signed, and returned, the loan documents. Finally it looked like this project would be completed, however, without Dave Dieglemen, who no longer worked for you, for reasons unknown.

    Then approximately six weeks later I received a call from Troy Hadley, U.S. Bank. Troy advised me that the prior representative we had been dealing with had been terminated due to deceptive and/or illegal practices and we would have to start the process from scratch. After some discussion we did just that. I will tell you that the customer service supplied by U.S. Bank in this situation left a lot to be desired, which Mr. Hadley admitted. Then end result was that U.S. Bank now also refused to fund the project. We were told, “if this was a stick built house we would have been done already”. U.S. Bank gave this, and a number of other reasons why they would not fund the project.

    Our latest QHS representative, Justin Kerns, then suggested that we call Ron Smith, Land Home Financial, reference this project. I did so and after explaining the details Mr. Smith stated that nobody was funding second home projects anywhere at this time and that it did not matter what the loan-to-value ration was, there was currently no programs available to fund our project.

    All of this brings us to this. It is apparent to us that under the current economic situation we are not going to get this project funded in the very near term. It is a shame in that if we had started this project just a couple of months earlier, we would now be enjoying our QHS completed home. We have done everything your salesmen have asked us to do. We cooperated with each financial institution, yet no financing. My wife and I are still determined to complete this project but it appears that until the economy turns around we will be unable to get funding.

    We are requesting the return of our $5000.00 deposit so I can place those funds in an interest bearing account until funding can be arranged. You have our assurance that as soon as we can arrange for funding we will contact you again so we can purchase the home from you. We appreciate all the time an effort your various employees have spent with us and we are hopeful that in the interest of good customer relations you will return our deposit and look forward to a future relationship which should be in the summer of 2010 at the latest. Please feel free to contact me at [protected] or [protected], should you have any questions or need any further information. Thank you for your consideration in this matter."

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  • Fj
    fjt226 Dec 09, 2009

    Silly me. My name is:

    Fred J. Thompson
    Henderson, NV 89015

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  • Ka
    Katewood Dec 09, 2009

    Dear Fred,

    Have you been following the story? DSH has shuttered, has a Department of Justice fine and judgment against them, and you will need to contact your State's Attorney General to see what can be done for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [protected],


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  • Be
    Betty Walker Apr 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was ripped off $5, 000 and when I ask for my money back a lawyer send me a letter saying they would send a part of my money back if I signed a buyers note, needless to say I would not and have yet to see a dime of my $5, 000

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