QPIS QLD Property Investment SolutionsVery Poor Service

The service of this agent is so poor. All the staff there are not friendly. I am a tenant, I should do full-time job. I want to make an appointment with them or want to check the property, there is only one time available every week. " Unfortunately, just this hour is available for you these week, otherwise, the same time next week..." Their answer is always like this. I rent a house from them last month, I paid the deposit, but they changed the available date several times. It's lucky that I have a friend here so that I can live in his house for two weeks. If just myself here, how can I do with the two weeks? Live in a hotel???

The staff of this agent is not polite to the customers, they always mention that they can not do anything about this issue, that issue...It is your responsiblity to do this to do that...Actually, what they do is just ask me to pay the deposit and bond and rentals and give me a form.

When my contract ends, I will not renew it. I will never rent or buy a house from QPIS(QLD Propery Investment Solutions) in the future, no matter how good the house is.


  • Ax
    Axle420 Mar 12, 2010

    I rent a house through them and I never had a problem which property did you move into?

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  • Fr
    Frank Tee Apr 08, 2010

    The first poster is correct. Their service is poor, their staff are rude, they have no idea what is going on with their rentals and until they work out what is going on they blame the tenants for their office miscommunication (when the tenants know exactly what is going on).

    They seem to forget that they are a business that relies on rentals and tenants for income, and any other commercial transaction in which a customer is handing vast sums of money each week to a company normally requires at least an average level of customer service.

    I appreciate they can afford to do this because there is currently a rental shortage however this will not be the case forever.

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  • Mr
    Mr IGNORED Jun 17, 2010
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    We signed a lease on 16/03/2010 with qpis and have found them to be arrogant, ignorant and totally incompatent when it comes to performing simple repairs to our air conditioner.They falsely advertised the unit as air conditioned, when we have been informed by the repair staff that it has been broken for a long time before we even signed the lease.They also advertised the rent at $400/wk, but bumped it up to $425/wk on the day we viewed the open house and took an application form.We were under the impression that everything was in working order, so we went ahead and signed the lease.BIG MISTAKE!!!It is now 3 months and counting since we asked for the air con to be fixed.Getting hold of somebody that can help us, is like chasing your proverbial tail(...sorry he's not in, unreturned emails, sorry he's in a meeting, leave your number and I'll get him to call you as soon as the meeting is finished...NOT!!!).We served them with a breach notice(Form 11 downloadable from the RTA website www.rta.qld.gov.au)when they performed our first routine inspection, on 27.05.2010.By the way, they were very happy with the condition of our unit after the inspection, so we are not bad tennants.I hope this issue does not have to be taken to the RTA for a resolution, but our options are being exhausted... along with our patience!!!

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  • Ae
    aem7 Sep 06, 2010

    It sounds like Mr Ignored's real problem is with an owner who isn't getting back to / won't give permission to the real estate to get the air-conditioner fixed to be honest. They'll never admit that though. RTA RTA RTA

    I'm pretty sure their problems are probably caused by the fact they do student accommodation as well as normal stuff, and then have 2 periods of about 2 months each per year where they try to rent everything out. Overwhelm themselves and that's what causes the lack of communication and/or issues with only 1 inspection time per week that they are not willing to change easily.

    I've worked in a similar environment and that's my guess from experience.

    Oh, and I do know that they have many newer / younger staff, which probably doesn't help as I doubt some of them know all the rules and procedures.

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  • Di
    dingo90 Jun 18, 2012

    I rented for twelve months with QPIS and would never rent with them again. When I moved in I had a large amount of problems getting the place up to scratch (broken locks, missing keys, broken furniture that is supposed to be included in the room) even though I returned the condition report accordingly. Not to mention that the place was a complete mess, the kitchen cupboards contained food scraps that had been left for long enough to allow a large amount of mould, cockroaches and other vermin to live in the area. It took a total of two months to get these issues fixed.

    Secondly a smoke alarm fitted in the house (too high up to be reached or inspected by tenants) began beeping due to low battery. QPIS were informed and although a smoke detector technician came to the premises (unannounced), he failed to even inspect the faulty device. About one month passed before the issue was fixed.

    Thirdly, one tenant was accused of not paying rent and was issued with a breach notice accordingly. QPIS refused to accept that the rent had in fact been paid on time until the tenant was able to present QPIS with a bank statement proving that the rent had been paid on the allocated date. QPIS refused to acknowledge any blame for the incident and no apology was given.

    Lastly, electricity was lost to the premises without warning. Tenants checked all safety switches/fuse boxes and found no faults. QPIS was notified of this immediately. It was however 48 hours before power was restored. When asked about the issue it was stated that due to a "computer error" the power bill for the premises was not paid on time.

    When attempting to deal with these issues tenants were spoken to rudely by general staff as well as agents. Tenants, when wanting to speak to agents regarding the issues were constantly told that agents were "unavailable" or "in a meeting". Tenants were always treated with discourtesy.

    On top of all this it was very unusual for tenants to be given the correct paperwork advising them of entry to the premises whenever an agent was to enter the building. 90% of the time agents came and went as they pleased without even informing tenants of their intent to enter the premises.

    I will never consider dealing with this agency again and would not recommend them to anyone at all.

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